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Found 22 results

  1. How do you think it is possible to create a product demo through a browser like in an imvu game? Do you think something like this is possible in the future? Just imagine how much time and space something like this can save in your inventory. In IMVU there is something similar to the synchronization of the virtual world and the browser, the opportunity to try on a thing in a different way and look at it before purchasing the product. Is it possible in SL? I am interested in the opinion of each of you.
  2. just as the tittle says.. the first was double eyes and now.. I am building my LeLutka Evo X head and wanted some eyebrows.. the person on market place had a demo and so when I opened it there were BOM brows which add and done, there was another thing that was a HUD that had the same brows in it except it was point and click, now how do I remove the eyebrows now?? they just say demo and wont remove when I take the skin off.. so now im stuck with demo eyebrows. help??
  3. Every time I click the "Get Full Version" link it doesn't redirect to the main item instead it goes back to the main page of the market place. How to make the link work?
  4. This might have worked as an addition to the thread https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/459047-sellers-you-are-losing-sales-because-of-timed-demos/ , but since it has been inactive for quite a while... A shop that shall remain unnamed gave away a L$ 1000 giftcard for Christmas, in other words: a perfect opportunity to stock up on clothing for various alts. Just that: Visible countdown and auto-vanishing plus additional demo textures on various mediocre template items. Giftcards and demos went to trash. Too tacky for my taste, even for free. 🙄 Please take note: this is definitely NOT Exile. The character just happened to wear a perfectly fine hair demo and the logo was in sight.
  5. Hi! ...Alright, I'm not trying to be nasty in any way, honest. I am kinda frustrated, tho, and I truly and genuinely would like to understand what is with some fashion creators that choose to purposefully NOT provide demos? If I cannot find it inworld, I will try to find it on MP. If I can't find it anywhere, I'll ask politely (sometimes via NC), explaining that it is NOTHING personal, but I have several special things going on with my avi that I want to make sure their wonderful creation will flatter (and of course, mutually/respectfully vice-versa). Maybe not that detailed, but enough to schmooze and presume that if they are smart enough to design mesh, they also possess some customer foresight. ...I have LONG mesh hair which will alpha glitch with a few mesh dresses or pants or whatever and have me end up giving everyone a free show. Yeah, I guess I can alpha out the Maitreya where my butt is to prevent this, but isn't the point of this short dress, where I would've really liked to have tried a demo on with first, to see if that can actually be done in a flattering way?? ...And yeah, if I can cam around and this dress doesn't cover some very important parts of my breasts, I want to know just how much failing alpha-ing or tattoo underwearing I might be doing once I have unsatisfactorily prevented having dropped L$ on this regret, all because they would NOT let me try a demo! And I get it, if they simply do not have a demo because the outfit is new or whatever and they just wanted to get the sale out ASAP, okay, fine. Thank you, anyway. I still think you're a hero. But when I ask very nicely and politely if I may try a demo... Why do some creators think that their creations will be absolutely flawless with every avatar creation, as they tell me, "We do not do demos." ...Excuse me?? ...Perhaps they don't care to sell their creations to those who nit-pick at how something would look on their avatar?? *confused* ...Are they suggesting that I don't be myself and change my avatar to suit their clothing?? *a bit angry* ...Are they honestly that afraid and paranoid of giving out a demo to a possible copy-botter? *rolls eyes* ...See, I would NEVER buy something in RL without trying it on first, or without having a good understanding of the return policy (and to my knowledge, there is no return policy in SL, you are on your own). It is not just disappointing to be told "I'm sorry, I can't have a demo for you in enough time," but really, to more so say, that they flat out, "do not ever do demos." ...I'm sorry, are you a SL God? -I beg your pardon?? Even the all star creators do demos, hun. *hint hint* ...You mean you do not actually want this money I'd gladly give you if I could just try on a stupid demo?? I'd even actually pay you a L$ or two for a #%^ demo! Come on. I've actually started to avoid whole shopping districts that statistically rent to creators who do this. But the problem is that more and more creators are doing this because they think this is okay? ...Is it? What am I missing here??
  6. IS THERE ANY TECH GOD TO SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL?! okay this just started to happen and i don't know when or why, just want to fix it ASAP! i am using firestorm viewer > gone into some store > everything loaded right (i'm not laggy and stuff, my internet network is working right, okay and fast) > clicked to buy the demo > "buy button" greyed and content of the demo don't load > interestingly some load but most don't > interestingly other people are not having this problem because they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND ARE GETTING THE DEMO WITHOUT ANY DAMN TROUBLE. here are things i've already did: * my SL is fully patched (Firestorm 64 bit, 6.3.9 [58205]); * i tried logging in the SL viewer to see if it solved the problem but no; * i tried uninstall & reinstall... * i cleared the cache straight from the directory (my computer, C:, etc...); * already reloged many times; * this is not happening only on this store or this sim, it's everywhere, the demo content don't load and i can't buy; * i did turn off my modem or take a look at my internet speed and stuff and as i said at the start, it's all okay, everything loads well inworld; * buying on marketplace is working fine, but there are some items that aren't there, only inworld, so i need to fix this issue. HERE IS THE PICTURE SHOWING THE HECK OF PROBLEM: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/h1-W9Ak
  7. I'm curious to know how many of you charge for a DEMO and why you charge for it. More specifically why you charge for a DEMO. Do you only charge for one online or do you charge for them inworld as well?
  8. Hi everyone, I hope this topic is appropriate here... I just want to share something I discovered. I am relatively new in this incarnation and don't have much (or any) Lindens at the moment. I'd like to find free stuff in Marketplace but when I do so I am spammed by a ba-zillion demos. I found that I CAN do this in marketplace by using the same syntax as in Google searches. For example, if i search in Marketplace for 'Gifts' and then sort them by price, lowest to highest. I get spammed by a ba-zillion demos. However, if I change my search to 'Gifts NOT demos' (the capital letters are important), then i get rid of the demo spam. (Some still do sneak in but this gets rid of most ) Happy shopping!!
  9. So putting up some new items in Marketplace, I know the first item you use a demo for is linked. But forgot at this time and linked it by accident to an Adult item I really did not want it linked to. Do I have to delete and make a new demo item? Or can you reroute the link at all? Thanks
  10. LiddoPandoria


    So i bought a skin demo, Liked it so got the full version, Now here's the problem, I can't get the demo off, I tried to wear the new skin did't work. This happens to me a lot to the point that i won't bother changing my avi. I have a Maitreya body and a laq head.
  11. Hello, I’ve been away from Second Life for a while and returned to a world of mesh heads - the Bento type ones seem the most up to date. I have 2 questions I'd appreciate some advice upon: (1) I've got got a couple of demo skins that I like (one from Nylon Outfitters & the other from Mynerva). Both skins and their demos have Omega appliers. Next, I wanted to demo some Bento heads. But of the heads I’ve tried (e.g. Genus, Catwah, LAQ, Logo, LeLutka etc) only Logo seems to have the ability to trial their demo heads with existing skins via Omega. I know it’s important to try out heads via demos, especially important to me as my skins choices are more quirky & not a ‘glam’ look. So .... - are we only meant to trial the heads with the skins provided in the demos? - or do I need to get a universal Omega applier Hud and use this to trial demo heads, if it works? (2) Could someone recommend a Bento mesh head with smallish lips? With the lovely Logo head that I’ve trialled with my skins, even when I adjust my mouth with the sliders, the upper lip becomes like a shelf! And the head looks better with larger & more protruding lip shapes.) Thanks everyone ☺️
  12. Hello! help please to sort out! I'm trying to create a script for the 10 minutes demo rezzed object. what is better to use llSleep or llSetTimerEvent? and what's the difference basically in this case? llSleep seems shorter and simpler. thanks! default { state_entry() { llSleep(600); llDie(); } } or default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(600); } timer() { llDie(); } }
  13. I've started this discussion on Flickr which might get me banned somewhere for opening my big mouth but I would like for someone to give me a good reason of why I should pay for a demo. And is there anyone that agree or disagree with this? It's not the first I see that at events. I passed on a pair of boots because they were L499 and I had to pay for the demo. I also came across a store once that had all their demos set at L$1.
  14. I have had this happen a few times and was curious to see if anyone else has had this type of activity on the MP as well. Someone gets a demo from my store, then every 3 minutes, they get another and another and another. this goes on for up to an hour and sometimes more. All demos and all 3 minutes apart with single items. I can only assume its a bot but not sure why anyone would do that esp since it seems most items are random. Like getting both male and female, or grabbing old stuff that rarely sells with new stuff, nothing coordinated etc.
  15. After a frustrating morning shopping I just want to give a little dig/reminder to merchants. If you move your store please change the slurl on the marketplace to the demo! Today I have - landed in someone's house, underwater, had to search profiles to clues as where the store has gone, fallen out the sky and landed inside a fountain Another thing that came to mind because by now I am on the point of giving up and I know it's a marketplace default but "See item in Second Life" sucks when you actually get there and only find a vendor and no item at all to see (in this case a full perm mesh object)
  16. Hi everyone. I've been in and out of SL since 2007. This time around I'm finding it really difficult to find the type of building that I'm looking for. On the MP it's taking me days to trawl through thousands of listings only to discover most of them don't have in world stores for me to view their designs. I won't buy anything unless I can purchase a demo OR I can see it rezzed in world. I know that you can't recommend specific designers in the forum here, but I was wondering if there was a blog which might help me? Or an in world group where I can join to find out about current building designers? Thanks for any help in advance.
  17. Wondering what people's thoughts were on these. When they should be listed if ever, how other people have used them, what people like to see out of them, and strategies for giving them away. L$1, L$5, L$10 "freebies." I noticed a practice of people selling items for L$1, which I don't entirely understand or agree with - I've decided not to "purchase" things simply because I did not want to navigate the L$1 deals after scouring actual freebies, and I never looked into L$5 "freebies" at all, partly due to attention span. Is there a benefit to L$1 "freebies" other than nickel and dimeing people or are they a mistake? Demo freebies. There's the case of things that are limited versions of full products, particularly eyes being given away in one garish colour to try to get people to purchase other colours. I like this idea more than the idea of linked DEMO meshes, since it can serve as free advertisement and doesn't really clutter the store. Group gifts. Not much to say. Often overlaps with the other categories. Encourages people to join your update and profile advertisement groups. Full featured freebies. In the case where there is no "superior" version of the product available, it's just a promotion for the store in general or a gift. Could be ethical or due to respecting licenses. Goes without saying why this is a good thing but it could cut into potential profit. Good use of "waste" versions of products that don't meet the standard there is for sale items.
  18. Desudesudesuka


    On methods of trial versions for items. - Time limited things which delete themselves after a period of time. As discussed in another thread this is common for rezzables. - DEMO labels to prevent misuse by making them impractical to use without looking dumb. Bleeds into the next point. If they like it, they will buy it to get rid of this. Hair and mesh parts generally have this. - Limited functionality items, crippled versions of full items. People may want to upgrade. - Sample items. Like at the grocery store these are examples of other products but without variety or quantity. I've seen this with eyes and some nomod clothing. This can paint you as generous and drive people to your shop. What do you prefer, for what type of item and why? Obviously only certain methods can be used for certain types of items. Secondly, strategies and logic behind demos besides just making a single sale. Pros. - A demo reaches possible customers who might not even be interested in your products, and gives better metrics on what is grabbing attention. - People see your item in the MP, click the page, and then leave. If there is a demo or sample you can avoid losing people here. - Promotes confidence and trust in your product, and possibly your shop in general. - Encourages returning customers to purchase more products, seeing that new items of the quality they expect are being released. - It saves the amount of description and display you have to do of a product by allowing people to model it themselves. - There is an advantage over shops who do not offer demos as you offer better service. - You could have the item message them thanking them for trying the demo, purchase if they liked it, link the shop, and ask for a review. They can contain landmarks and other ads for your shop. Feel free to add anything I missed. Lastly, cons. - There is a time and Linden investment in making good trials and samples. - Can be negative if not done properly. - You need to make it worth it. Metrics metrics metrics.
  19. I tried a demo and it wont come off I tried everything any ideas? I tried bringing up the hud theres no way to remove, tried deleting it all it just dont come off even when I have bought the product.
  20. Hiya, Before buying clothes i like to try a DEMO first, but i don't get a delivery? Anyone else have the same issue? or do i need to change something in my settings? Greetings Buum Jansma
  21. Hello everyone, I'm planning to setup a marketplace store. Just want to ask what do you use for creating a demo version? Like... having an avatar shape labelled/tattooed with a big DEMO on its body.
  22. Hi i am new to SL creation and i was wondering if someone could tell me how to add Demo Sign to my creations. Also it would be nice if someone could refer me to a tutorial about how to add bento skeleton to the Avatar i create in Blender. Thank you and hoping to hear from someone soon. Regards, Goldy
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