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  1. Aura NRG Dance Club is looking Live Mix Djs and outgoing energetic Host/ess. The club will be in operation Thursday to Sunday with hours and music genres listed below: 4pm to 12am Thursday -- Latin Jueves (All Latin Djs) 4pm to 12am Friday -- Freestyle (rip it up with go with the flow) 12pm to 12am Saturday -- EDM Day (all EDM music) 12pm to 6pm Sunday -- Funday (Dj battles, creative contests and more) Important information: 1. All staff is tip/gift/donation. No salary. 2. All staff is required to promote their set. 3. Addition of Club to picks is required. 4. One and/or two hour sets available. 5. Fill in sets available. 6. Djs must have own stream. 7. All staff must have a translator or the ability to understand multiple languages. Club location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Dreams/190/207/3502 DJ Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEvqMiSdSu6X-UPb_4tZcQBQrpfBn6tcTL67m18Vls1yMWvw/viewform Host Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdvmDSCTUSaJZL1Qo6rNdBS3otPLd0KMDdAt0mpcygaeevFkQ/viewform Club Facebook: (20+) Aura Entertainment Venue: Club Aura, Aura Live, Sensual Vibes & Vibes Beach | Groups | Facebook Aura NRG VIP Group: secondlife:///app/group/3d7cf781-7841-da54-b565-229c66a35580/about
  2. TCD is a quality community and lifestyle for Gay, LGBTQIA+ & friends in SL. Live, work, play, shop, & hang out with us! TCD location TCD Discord TCD SL LGBTQIA+ Directory TCD Facebook TCD Rentals TCD Official group on Flickr Clubs, shops, bowling, beach, mini camp, meeting places and hot sex. Inexpensive rental of commercial and residential premises. Variety show. And much more. Visit our sim and make sure that The Castro District is a place you want to live! Great new residential area in The Castro District, Sunsets Homes. Beach. Coffee & Ice Cream shops around the corner. And, TCD's new, smaller club "Cheeks" is nearby.
  3. 🌟 BE PART OF OUR VENUE FAMILY 🌟 We are looking for energetic, fun, and outgoing DJs and Hosts to join our family! All genres are welcomed! CLUB INFORMATION ⭐ Open every day 10 AM to 10 PM SLT ⭐ DJs earn 100% tips & Hosts earn 100% tips ⭐ DJs must have prior experience as well as use mic on air, have their own stream, and take requests (unless Live Mix) ⭐ Hosts can be trained, must love to party, be able to learn quick and have a willingness to improve ⭐ All genres allowed, we play it all - LIVE MIX DJS WELCOMED ⭐ Adult Avatars ONLY - We are on an ADULT SIM A MINIMUM OF ONE (1) SET PER WEEK IS REQUIRED, WE ARE NOT HIRING FOR FILL-INS AT THIS TIME. 👉 Host Application: https://forms.gle/qEoXvwVKwkUfPeJr7 👉 DJ Application: https://forms.gle/e2iaL5mQqjbRtMgs9 Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/Za7JMTpKhv Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight Oasis/93/82/41 Stop by and check us out! If you have any questions feel free to contact: ☎️ SaraLee Emerald - The Venue Nightclub Host Manager ☎️ AriannaAddams - The Venue Nightclub Host Manager in Training ☎️ Cherry Huntsman - The Venue Nightclub DJ Manager ☎️ Kelly XOXO - The Venue Nightclub DJ Manager in Training ☎️ Addison Sassypants - The Venue Nightclub Owner & General Manager ☎️ Babs Fallen - The Venue Nightclub Owner
  4. Club Strato is looking for you! We are hiring DJ's and Hosts! We are preparing for our grand opening on New Year's Eve and we want you to be a part of it! If you: Love dancing, talking to people, listening to live DJ's and live mixes, enjoy a cozy club with excellent and atmospheric lighting, seating areas and a VIP section... Come apply! Are you new to Second Life? That's okay! We can train hosts! Our rules are pretty simple! Don't violate the ToS and don't be a dick. What kind of club are we? Live mixes, Live DJ's, chill vibe, cyberwave themed where you can bring your friends and dance or just chill. Furries and humans welcome in! DJ Application Host Application
  5. Wednesday, September 29th 6 PM - 8 PM DJ Dark & Host Teigan - LIVE MIX 8 PM - 10 PM DJ Mac & Host Ariana - LIVE MIX ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO... We have several unique party locations, the party will never get boring! As well as a variety of areas to lounge on the beach or snuggle up with that special someone, even an area to enjoy a variety of game tables with friends...and MORE! Ad Boards for rent at 50L$ per week and Shops for rent at 50 prims/150L$ per week. Always hiring awesome DJs & Hosts, applications are available at our landing point as well as in the main club! See you soon! Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost Beach/93/65/16
  6. Witch House is Now Hiring DJs Our current open times are Tuesday - Saturday, starting at 7 p.m. SLT. We run hour long DJ slots everyday between 3 to 4 hours playing dubstep, hard techno, industrial and underground genres. While these are our focus genres, we are open to others, pending approval from the owner. If you are interested in applying, please contact the club manager / owner in-game. Contact Information: laboratory or via UUID: 921ea14a-2a92-437d-93ae-3c7e77ebb94b. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Remus/185/191/21 Witch's Tit is Now Hiring DJs & Dancers Our current open times are Tuesday - Saturday, starting at 7 p.m. SLT. For DJs, we run hour long slots primarily playing metal and rock. While these are our focus genres, we are open to others, pending approval from the owners. If you are interested in applying to become a DJ, please contact the DJ manager in-game. Contact Information: laboratory or via UUID: 921ea14a-2a92-437d-93ae-3c7e77ebb94b. Below is the basic information and requirements for those who would like to be a dancer. There is more information in the official dancer application located at The Witch's Tit: Must be a minimum of 18 years old or older (as verified by Linden Labs). We do not hire club owners or managers from other clubs. Special circumstances may allow for another club owner / manager to apply. If you are currently part of another club please let us know in your application for consideration. We only hire human avatars that are both head and body mesh. Please keep your avatars tasteful! No furries, age-players, etc. You must have a reasonable understanding of the English language. We are an English speaking club. You must be able to understand local chat and contribute to the conversation both in text and verbally. You must not have an issue with removing your clothing for tips. We ask that all dancers work a minimum of 4 hours a week. You must use Discord for communicating outside of the game. Dancer applications can be found at The Witch's Tit inside to the right when you first walk-in. There are instructions on how to apply in the application. The most important thing is we treat our dancers and DJs like family. If you cannot get on board with this, please apply elsewhere. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Remus/63/197/22 ----- Questions? Contact Murphii in-game at murphiiadamis or by UUID: a162ca83-e1bd-4a1e-b327-26415331b754 or post below!
  7. NEW social club seeking reliable DJ's! We have a lax environment and love to have fun. We are looking for fun and flexible DJs and entertaining hosts! ***100% tips*** We are looking for DJ's to fill our themed sets and can accommodate various time slots. We need fun and entertaining people! So if you need something new or want to be a part of something new then we are looking for you! We're ready to turn it up! Are you ready to be a part of Frequency Force? We are ready for you! Contact msboku (Laney Katt) or Ϯ ηιcσle Reвel Ϯ (nikki.darkheart)
  8. Ahoy TRANCE FANS! Get ready for a HUGE SURPRISE this Weekend at Binary Trance Club as we prepare to Sail into another State of Trance Weekends!!... SAT, June 26: 10AM SLT - DJ Stevanno, 12PM SLT - DJ Yennefer (debuting), 2PM SLT - DJ Canta, 4PM SLT - DJ Joaquin, 6PM SLT - DJ Smilo, Featuring Binary Hosts: Nemo, Omar, Lyric, Janey, LordKarn. SUN, June 27: 10AM SLT - DJ Jessi Heartsong, 12PM SLT - DJ Joaquin, 2PM SLT - DJ Armando, 4PM SLT - DJ Venom Andretti, 6PM SLT - DJ Joanie Joubert, Featuring Binary Hosts: Roxy, Lyric, Omar, LordKarn, Mousty. Tune in live: streams.sohogroup.ca/radio/8070/radio.mp3?1620714122 Taxi: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prized%20Possession/210/20... ɮɨռǟʀʏ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ƈʟʊɮ - ɮքʍ ɨֆ ʏօʊʀ օӼʏɢɛռ!! օռʟʏ ȶɦɛ ɮɛֆȶ ɨռ ֆɛƈօռɖ ʟɨʄɛ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ʍʊֆɨƈ!! Summer Surprise @ Binary Trance Club | Ahoy TRANCE FANS! Get… | Flickr
  9. Hey all, just in case it was buried before people had a chance to see, want to remind everyone that Volcano Dance Club is hosting a party today, with a live DJ open to requests! We're starting at 1pm SLT and going on until about 4pm SLT roughly. We hope to see you there! Come dance and chat with us! Second Life Maps | Cool Atoll
  10. THE VENUE NIGHTCLUB is BACK! 🥳🎉 We are a nearly 10 year old open beach Venue with a well established VIP list of well over 9500+. Hours of Operations are Thursday through Sunday: 6 PM - 8 PM, 8 PM - 10 PM, and 10 PM - 12 AM shifts. We are looking for energetic DJs and Hosts to join our family! DJs are required to voice on stream and take requests (LIVE MIX DJS DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE REQUESTS). Training can be provided for Hosts! Why should you be part of The Venue Family? ➞ 100% TIPS ➞ ADULT CLUB ➞ ALL GENRES ALLOWED ➞ TRAINING PROVIDED TO HOSTS ➞ LAID BACK ATMOSPHERE & MANAGEMENT ➞ WE ARE A FAMILY, ALL STAFF IS TREATED AS SUCH ➞ FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING - ONLY 1 SHIFT PER WEEK REQUIRED ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE 30 DAYS OR OLDER IN SL, ADULTS ONLY! Stop by the club for Applications: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dolphin Bay/70/151/21
  11. (Before anyone panics, the sim WILL be changed to M ahead of time for the event, and access to the A parts will be closed off.) ^^^ Volcano Dance Club! Pop Hits, Classic Rock ^^^ We're back with our newly remodeled Volcano Dance Club! Now you can dance the night away with a beautiful city landscape for the view. Our DJ is ready to grant your musical wishes, so stop by so we can heat the place up! Starts at 1pm SLT until 4pm SLT on Saturday, June 5th , but don't be afraid to come in a bit early to chat while we set things up! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cool Atoll/149/60/2412 Hope we'll see you there!
  12. THE VENUE NIGHTCLUB is BACK! 🥳🎉 We are looking for DJs & Hosts to join our family, hours/days of operation are 6 PM - 12AM SLT Thursday through Sunday! We are a nearly 10 year old open Venue with a well established VIP list of well over 9500+ DJs must provide their own streams, be able to take requests, and use voice on air. All genres are welcome. Live Mix DJs are welcomed and NOT REQUIRED to take requests. Hosts must be energetic, willing to party, and be able to learn quick...training is provided if needed. If you like to work in a family type environment and make 100% then we are looking for you! ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE 30 DAYS OR OLDER IN SECOND LIFE. ADULT AVATARS ONLY. Stop by the club for Applications: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dolphin Bay/70/151/21 If you have any questions feel free to contact General Manager Addison Sassypants or Owners Lord Lavradorio & LittleMiszCantBeWrong Resident!
  13. Club Paradise brings you a new majestic look to the grid. We are currently Hiring for DJs, Hosts, Dancers, Bartenders, Manager . Permanent shifts and freelance available Friendly and Fun staff Genres include but not limited to: Dancehall, Reggae, Hip hop, RnB, Reggaeton, Electronic dance,Techno, dance music. Opening 24/7 A place to relax in a beautiful atmosphere Night Club and Adult Club area Rent this club for your event or show Please come by and check us out, Any questions please contact Khiasaimya inworld. Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScGMxv8tu3PddR2jdpLQXkOPf2nF90lJ-PCkdSHnPJi4AmrVg/viewform Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ormone/59/188/2223
  14. Grand opening On October 1st of Extreme Kink BDSM Dance Club and Haunted Brothel is hiring now. From October 1st - 31st there will be a haunted mansion with 4 tours and scripted scenes. After the tours at the top of each hour will be a 2 hour dance party. The party will have contest and prizes. This is a huge event to market my new club. I only accept reliable and motivated hard workers. The brothel is on the second floor while the dance party is downstairs on the 1st level. There is an application box at the club door. Feel free to tour. There is still work being done for the event. You can also request an application via IM at LydiaDee666 or email lydiadouleur@gmail.com with position requesting in the subject line. i look forward to hearing from you!
  15. 💋🐓👑 Indulge & Cocky Present: Tonight 9/5 @6 Pm slt Karaoke Under the Sea in Siren Cove 👑🐓💋 Come sing your heart out with our lovely Cocks and Sirens! Come sing, rap, to your heart's content September 5th @ 6 pm slt... Come Indulge Yourself in Pure Filthy Fun! Find Us Here ---> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desert%20Shores/69/17/1363 🧜‍♀️➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge and Cocky: Nude Male Revue➤🐓 🧜‍♀️➤Now Hiring!➤🐓  🧜‍♀️➤ Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge Online Application➤🧜‍♀️ https://goo.gl/forms/cZQQ6lqqv2JUZdbs1 🐓➤Cocky:Nude Male revue Online Application➤🐓 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Lkv32EHbZOhpFEHimi_-ZCmVpOEZ_z1zVKfXNaeurBI/
  16. When there aren’t a lot of positive headlines, sometimes it’s hard to balance being an informed citizen and preserving your sanity. For those of you not familiar with one of the most epic TV friendships of recent herstory, Christina Yang and Meredith Grey had a tradition of doing an impromptu jig together when things got overwhelming. (via GIPHY) During moments like this, I think we could all benefit by following their lead. Especially now that many of us are more sedentary than usual, it’s easy to forget that dance is such a natural mode of expression; distinct forms of dance have developed in almost all human cultures throughout history. Second Life has an array of clubs and lounges, but when the virtual world is your oyster, you can dance wherever you want. Many animation overrides have a fun selection of dance moves to get you started, but don’t hesitate to peruse the Second Life Marketplace if you’d like a particular style. I’ve seen everything from ballet to reggaeton. Beginners, fear not, as some regions have dance balls that automatically put you in party mode when you stand on them. Our forums are also a great place to get the inside scoop from other Residents if you ever feel stuck when trying out something new. Feel free to take some inspiration from videos Residents have submitted to our Flickr. (Photo by Belinda Newell) An inworld dance party is a safe and relaxing way to have fun and just be in the moment. Everybody deserves to let go of their worries every once in a while, so dance it out!
  17. January 6th 2020 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/147/94/42 The Dynamic DJ Duo Al & Bobbi whose performances are always sexy, fun and full of amazing music. They love taking requests, Their music style is various going from fast tempo, hard-driving beats to slowing it down just enough to let you catch your breath, then bringing the beats right back up. No contest as they do not do them but they do love themes soo expect fun, sexy themes. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/djs-al-bobbi/
  18. Looking for reliable females to work with in our decade old Pink Velvet ♥ Our Events team needs filling. As hostesses as DJ's. I hope you are capable of keeping hold of your own schedules, and show up when it's your time. You don't need to be professional, you can be also in beginning of your DJ/hostess journey, we're here to help you out. But DJ's have to have their own stream. You are free to play what you desire, exept heavy metal or gospel, they don't really work in strip club atmosphere What we want from you is awesome attitude and open mind. Event this is a stripclub, our DJ's dont' have to strip if they don't want to, they can decide their own, but therefore hostesses are bound by same rules as our dancers (stripping nessessary). We want you to take one permanent event per week (that's 2hours), but we won't force you for it. We also take so called freelance DJ's on board, from them we require one freelance or fill-in set to be made per month. So it is pretty casual, but ofcourse the more active person you are, the better you will thrive with us. Pink Velvet is all female runned club, so therefore everyone who wants to work here must be female by birth IRL and SL. If you're curious about it, give me, Events Manager (falwip resident) IM or leave offliner if i'm not around, and i'll get back to you. You can also ask for more info from hostess manager Tanya (tanya1979) or DJ manager Zuzu (evilzuzu). If you visit the club, you might find other our staffers there, so feel free to ask from them! Here's the landmark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prime Treasure/11/254/25 Hopefully see you soon ♥ ~Fal, PV Events Manager
  19. Sunday 🎧 December 8th 🎧 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/129/180/42 DJ Naughty Kitty Josie 2-4 pm slt Host: Sneak DJ Naughty Kitty Josie and her host Sneak are going to light you up. Josie is bringing those hot tunes and her own blend of classic rock, rock, 80's and 90's to rock you just right. Bring your requests because they love them. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/dj-naughty-kitten-josie-2/ ♪♫㋡♫♪ The Music Maestro♫ DJ Masters 4-6pm slt Host: Caitlynn ♪♫The Music Maestro ~ DJ Masters♪♫ What "The Music Maestro's Formal Masquerade Ball & Contest" When ♪♫ 4-6 pm slt Where ♪♫ The Collarsseum Club $Lindens on the board. Plus other prizes. Top costume wins a Windmaster BDSM Sofa. Sponsored by Windmaster Productions & House in the Sun. DJ Masters plays R&B, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Romantic and mixed genre depending on the day and his current mood. https://collarsseumclub.wordpress.com/the-music-maestro-dj-masters/
  20. Here at Poison Craft You are your own deadly Poison, Choosing correctly. We are the Outcast, The Misfits. We dont seem to fit to the bubble gum pop strips that are all over SL. But I promise you We take in all types of sexy women, Findoms, Femdoms, Goth , alternative, tattooed , kinky , The babygirls etc. I know what its like to not fit in and you cant seem to find a place to where you can call home, this is why Poison Craft has been created for you sexy Darkling women, But We understand even the girl next door cant even seem to fit in! So we take in all types of sexy women. We will NOT judge you , but help you grow, Experienced or NON. We Will help you grow into a better version of your self, as well connect and grow make a new family that is here for one another. NO composition . We help each other grow and succeed! Make Linden turn into real cash! ⛧18+ ⛧Mesh Body & head ⛧updated well dressed ⛧HIGH DRIVE TO WORK ⛧Willing to work [POISON CRAFT] Voice Txt Cam HIRING 30L-45L Hourly Wage - Tips 80% -85% DJs Tips100%- Staff 80% Tips HW- Managment 85% Tips ⛧100L$Ad-Boards (Pass Your Two Week Trail Get Another week free) ⛧Friendly Staff/Environment ⛧Open Discussions/Class ⛧Theme Days ⛧Monthly Events ⛧Club discount on " Bea Addams" Studio/Photography ⛧Exclusive Girl Benefits ⛧Lead Girl Benefits ⛧PC Girl Monthly with Benefits! AND MORE! [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empire/103/169/2999 POISON. CRAFT CLUB]
  21. [POISON CRAFT] Voice Txt Cam HIRING 30L-45L Hourly Wage - Tips 80% -85% DJs Tips100% - Staff 30L Exclusive 40L 80% Tips HW- Managment 85% Tips ⛧Friendly Staff/Environment ⛧Open Discussions/Class ⛧Theme Days ⛧Monthly Events ⛧Club discount on " Bea Addams" Studio/Photography ⛧Exclusive Girl Benefits ⛧PC Girl Monthly with Benefits! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empire/103/169/2999
  22. Now seeking a General Manager to take charge of a Dance Club, get it staffed, and functional. It was open a month or so ago, but closed for renovation and will have a Grand Reopening towards the end of this month. The perfect candidate will have: 1) Experience managing/owning a club in Second Life. 2) A Reasonable availability to be able to present when the club is open 3) Promoter experience able to send notices and promote Club Events If you have what it takes to get a new club up and running, Please send your resume to LilJessiLee Resident or fill out the application below for immediate consideration and an interview. NOTE: This is a Salary Based PAID position Thanks! Application Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZX9Q4VKsaAZw6DwpnX3FJzQyn6zAlCiwsAyk7Ab_7vwan7w/viewform
  23. ♫♪· CLUB ADDICTION ·♬♩ NOW HIRING!!! (DJs & Hosts) We are also looking for a new GM! Tropical-Themed Night Club Located on The Ehukai, Oahu / Hawaii SIM(s) Fun and Friendly Environment. Laid back vibes and the spirit of Aloha. All nationalities welcome. 60 Days or older only & 18+ yrs old RL No child avatars please. 100% of Tips. House, Dance, Electronica, Techno, Trance, EDM Contact our Club Director, Jayden Farron (Jayden420XX) for an application or stop by and pick one up! (Those applying for our GM position, please contact our Club Director) Cレυβ Ăddϊcτϊση: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oahu/65/28/32 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012456668930777 https://www.facebook.com/ClubAddictionOahu https://www.facebook.com/OahuVacationResort
  24. Cutie's Escort & Dance Club ? is HIRING NOW! Cuties, Lolitas and Babygirls We pay our employees. Interested? - EXPERIENCED MANAGERS NEEDED - 30l per. hr. + 90% tips - Voice Escorts - 20l per hr + 90% Tips - Cam Escorts - 10l per hr + 90% Tips *FREE ADBOARD 90% tips* *APPLY NOW!* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resurrection Coast/71/209/2125
  25. Limelight, an erotic social club is seeking energetic, upbeat and reliable hosts and dancers and DJs. We offer: 90% for Dancers and Hosts 100% for DJs NO minimal hours or shifts Playful Themes ~ Clothing Optional Perm slots available for hosts! Disbursement program for referrals- make money for referring your friends. If you are ready for some fun in a lax atmosphere without having to worry about committing to minimal hours, Limelight is THE place! Contact me, Laney Katt (msboku) or any staff member or tell them Laney Sent you http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweetest%20Sin/49/38/22
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