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  1. Happy new year to all ! Dj Queen💋 Your taxi : Vroom.. vroom ...!!!!
  2. The amazing DJ queen will make a selection of her 40 best songs performed during 2021 at the Rose-Club💋 Ladies dont' miss this!!! come have fun with us on the dance floor ! ! ! 🚖 Taxi is waiting...
  3. 🦇BOO !...The Amazing Dj Dark Heart will play a great mix for Halloween party.🦇 💋Don't miss this, and come on the roof of the Club and have fun with us ! ! !💋 🚖 Let's go to the Halloween Party !
  4. 🦇 Don't Miss this great event with our awesome Dj DarK Heart ! 🦇 your 🚖 Take me to the Fetish party
  5. *Women Only Event*💋 Take your cab in 1 Click !
  6. Djee Queen will spin great tunes of Dark music and your requests on the roof of the Rose-Club.💋 Don't miss this event and discover this new area ! Women Only...Your cab below : Let's go to the party !
  7. Bound Desires Lounge is looking for Hosts and Hostesses. Bound Desires Lounge is a Dominant, submissive, Daddy and babygirl meeting place. The club is CMNF, but not a sex club. Unsure of hours at this moment, but filling positions to get the club started. We are looking for hostesses (preferably subs or baby girls) to greet patrons and keep the general atmosphere of the club upbeat. Experience is not necessarily needed, but welcomed. Must be reliable, friendly, outgoing and fun. Hosts and hostesses will keep 100% of their tips. We request that you have been in SL for at least 6 months. Also, please take pride in your avatar and be up to date. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Galdonaldo or Bella Canning.
  8. The Amazing Dj Queen will spin a new set of Dark Music in the Rose-Club.💋 Don't Miss it ! ! ! you are all welcome Girls, Ladies, Tg, Herm, Boi, Shemales...💋 Take your taxi below \\\Take your cab in 1 Click ///
  9. The amazing Dj Queen will perform a new set of Dark music at Rose@Club. Don't miss it ! Join us for have fun and party 🥰 Click here to call the taxi
  10. Dont miss this great set of Dark music with our amazing DJ Queen ! ~For Women only~ Take your cab in 1 Click !
  11. NotPrxi


    Hi. I have been looking into Sci-Fi themed locations hoping to find ANYTHING that dealt with robots, androids, gynoids and all those cool things but at the same time, hardly even consider RLVa. So far, what i have found were AFK brothels, places packed with people playing dead or MMO sims which reserved the Halo 5 treatment. I had to read world lore, factions lore, backstories, guides, rules, ongoing events then, craft a character that makes sense and somehow make it fit into a massive roleplay that barely has players. Is there someplace, someone or some group that doesn't ask ANY of the above? I basically am looking for D/s ownership of sorts.
  12. 💋Love on the beach ! Ladies and girls take your cab https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little River/82/57/1717
  13. Don't Miss this great set by the amazing Dj Queen. ♥Girls Only♥ Dress code is Fetish as leather, latex, nylon, naked your cab is waiting : Bring us to the Fetish Party !
  14. Don't miss this party Ladies and Girls your cab : Pssst ....
  15. It's time to open the beach at Rose-Club ! Come with your friends and have fun and feel happy on this great mix of our amazing Dj Queen who will spin the best songs of Funky, Reggae and Soul music for our pleasure ! ! ! Come in front of the sea , your cab is waiting you --->>Go to the Funky Reggae party...
  16. Don't miss this great Mix with our amazing Dj Queen who will spin for you Dark wave, Synt wave, Electro music. Your Taxi is below for The Rose-Club, D/s Lounge for *Women Only* Click here for the Dark Fetish Party !
  17. Set of Dark Music for *Women Only* Grab your cab ------->>> Go to Rose-Club at the Fetish party
  18. Have party with us, dress in your fav fetish D/s outfit and take your cab with your friends !!! --->go to the Rose-Club
  19. Rock and party with with us Ladies ! Take your cab here
  20. Are you looking for that place where you feel free to be who you are? To release that control to someone, or take control of another? Fluidity may just be the place you are looking for. A place where we are looking to build a community of those that know the true need of BDSM and the relationship of a D/s. Mama Allpa, Deciduan, and Tantra vendors on site and free collars for those in need. But don't let that be the only thing this community is built for. It is built for everyone. Partying, Games, Hangout, Meeting Friends, and Shopping. Come see us today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun Dream/89/147/23
  21. Don't miss this ! Taxi for the Rose-club
  22. ~ Dance Party with Amazing DJ Mary - Vintage Pop-Rock Music from 80's 90's ~ For Women, Dommes & Sub, FemDom , Shemales, Tgirls Your Taxi : To the Rose-Club
  23. Fluidity is a small city that was build specifically for the people who enjoy breeding, forced breeding, BDSM, capture, long and short term pregnancy, milking, one night stands, and so much more. This is to be a location to create a community of breeding enthusiasts who are looking for a place to enjoy a spot built just for them. No matter what form of D/s, breeding, milking, etc. lifestyle you are into, Fluidity will be the spot for you. Come visit us and see what all we have for you, we think that you will enjoy your surroundings. The city has several key attractions to enjoy all your fluid exchanges and more. Fluidity Hotel comprised of 32 fully furnished rooms, Fluid Submission Station where one can come to be free of their control so one can be bred or milked at will, Fluidity Spa where you can relax with friends, meet new friends, and exchange fluids in one of the hot tubs or massage tables, Fluidity gamehouse & Bowling Alley where you can just kick back and relax playing games and even some sex games to get the juices flowing, AND last but not least, Fluidity Nightclub home to Rock, Southern Rock, Country and Blues to dance the night away with SL's best DJ's stocked with dancing tables and poles, fun games, and more. These attractions and so many more are here for your pleasure. So come by and check us out. Join the groups around the City and be sure not to miss out on party's, discussions, sales, and more. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun Dream/89/147/23
  24. Hello, I made another thread about general RLV. But we are looking for a specific one as well. A chastity one where she gets full control but I don't. Any cage that can do this is fine, I am willing to buy a suitable *****, but mention it as well. It is a big bonus for smaller one as I am a sissy.
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