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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody. I play Linden Realms every week, a game with its own region that is accessed via Portal Park. Linden Realms has changed a lot within the past two years, and for a few weeks there have been problems accessing the region. When I attempt to enter the portal in Portal Park I often see an error message saying Dyna Mole's 'Linden Realms Portal.' No destinations available. Please try again later. It feels something like the traffic lights on a freeway on-ramp, the ones that allow a car on the motorway every twenty seconds or so. The portal sometimes requires a wait of several minutes though, as if LL is trying to limit the number of residents in the Linden Realms regions. Does anyone know the reason behind this? As with freeway traffic, this Portal Park error creates a bottleneck and residents get frustrated. My first thought was that LL is trying to reduce the number of game pay-outs, but the pay-out was already recently reduced from L50 to L25, such a small amount that the number of players seems to have been reduced greatly. I've also found in recent weeks that there are often "decoy crystals" - crystals that you can run over or click on, and nothing changes. The crystals do not enter your Linden Realms HUD inventory. It is as if these decoy crystals are there simply to frustrate players. To be fair, if I don't notice that my Linden Realms HUD has detached, any crystals I run over persist as decoy crystals there until my HUD reattaches. If the HUD reattaches after I have crossed a region border, the crystals persist unless I return to that region. If I return, the decoy crystals vanish. There is only one decoy crystal that is clearly intentional as a part of the game (in The Valley, LR 184 for example); the rest of these seems like errors. Are the decoy crystals I'm seeing the result of players once again using bots to clear all the crystals in a region? I enjoy Linden Realms; it's an easy retro game pastime and provides me with a handful of Linden Dollars that help with rent. But I worry that LL may be intentionally frustrating both access and play as a precursor to eliminating Linden Realms entirely. The only upside of this is that if Linden Realms were taken down I would no longer have to enter Portal Park - a fellow resident has made Portal Park 1 his home, and his avatar stands there staring at everyone as they arrive. Legal? Yes. Creepy? Definitely.
  2. Okay so I logged into Linden Realms today and everything is completely ruined. WHY? The entire game has been re-textured (inexpertly and *incompletely* re-textured BTW), to resemble some kind of "zombie apocalypse" making it really dark and UGLY with burning fires and pee coloured water everywhere. As well as being horrifically UGLY, DARK and VIOLENT, it has had the effect of keeping the good players out of the game and INCREASING the already large amount of CHEATING going on. I mean WTF Linden Labs? The fact is, that most cheaters are teenaged boys, griefers, etc. Anyone who's played Second Life for any length of time knows the people I mean. Go to any Linden Hub or help Island and watch the antics of these juvenile idiots. They RUIN THE GAME for everyone around them so smart, mature players who are actually *interested* in Second Life learn to avoid the and avoid those areas. Linden Realms attracts these people because you are able to CHEAT and make actual lindens for the effort. Everyone who plays the game is aware of these a-holes and we've even had to actively form our own defence groups etc. to call them out and report them for the harassment, cheating, theft, etc. SO WHY F*CKING REDESIGN THE WHOLE GAME SO THAT IT IS ATTRACTIVE TO THE PEOPLE WHO CHEAT, STEAL ALL OUR STUFF, KILL US, AND HARASS US? Almost every "normal" adult human person I've played Linden Realms with and talked about it with likes Linden Realms almost more than Second Life itself. We are housewives, business people and various other completely normal people spending a bit of our time in Second Life playing a simple, yet consuming game. The CHEATERS and the GRIEFERS are there but they are a minority. Why make the game "UGLY" to the good players so they will be discouraged from playing it, and at the same time make it ATTRACTIVE to teenaged boys who CHEAT?????? I stood there in the Portal Park today and watched as CHEATER after CHEATER, gave a huge "Hurrah!" to the changes and jumped right in, while all the normal adult players that I'm friendly with LEFT, their heads hung low. I do not understand why this has happened. Why not spend some time trying to stop the CHEATING instead? There might as well be a sign when you start the game suggesting that it's "just for teenagers" and "cheating is allowed."
  3. Hello! I've been playing Linden Realms and I finished all the quests, so I've just been collecting crystals, but I haven't been able to cash any of the crystals in! I know I have to have at least 50 crystals to cash them in, and I have more than 50 of each crystal, so I don't know what the problem is.
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