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Found 9 results

  1. It's been awhile since I've been any bit social in Second Life... along the lines of years, even. I don't really make content like I used to since selling my stores, but I still like dipping my toes once in a rare blue moon-- or doing the occasional commission/contract gig. I don't like visiting many populated places in SL much, as people are mostly silent or spamming gestures. So, are there any other socially awkward content creators out there who like to build/chat with friends? Mostly/sometimes, in silence, but with occasional sputs of conversation? I'm an old scool creator (16+years in SL). My creativity tends to work best when I can bounce ideas with other creative people, but in my SL absence over the years, my circle has shrunken down to a few, who are mostly on the other side of the planet to me. However, I see the forums are still active, so why not reach out and [figuratively] touch someone? Who knows who is out there? I used to make an okay-ish living from Second Life before I retired as an creator, now I'm [mostly] just creative for the funsies. I'm a jane of all trades; a generalist who can do everything from scripting to animation to 3D modeling to video/audio/sound production. Though, I often learn more towards scripting in SL; I've made everything from furniture systems to full on gaming systems in SL. I have considered putting my feet back in the game, professionally, but meh. Anyway! If you are a content creator and you like Dark Crystal, Fat Rat, Night Club, Marina and the Diamonds, Dorian Electra, terrible 80s cult movies, and wholesome LGBTQ memes (OneTopic fan anyone?)... send me a message in-world! Please, don't send a friend request out of the blue though, I reject them outright. I gotta vibe with someone beforeI make it official. Other less important things... I'm absolute ADHD/autism-sticken dork; 46, female, eastern Canada; and not looking for any sort of relationships [of any kind] beyond new cool, creative connections/friends. So, let's connect!
  2. We are a dynamic group working on both Second Life and real world projects. We are looking for talented and skilled content creators to join our team. Please apply via Google Form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GNpibJRTcP63ruCpmzw9GspsN9Zt1HuxlqIGXdijCK4/edit If you prefer to apply inworld, here is an Uber http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Community College/179/233/22
  3. I have made my clothing now what ? I'm not sure where to start, with rigging the clothing to the body so that it moves flawlessly with the avatar ! Like clothes you buy from marketplace. My question is where do I start and how do I rig the clothing so that it moves with the avatar without any pulling and tugging of the mesh ?
  4. Looking for someone who can create the mesh maps for my designs. They are not complicated designs and there is no texturing or scripting required on your end. This would be paid per project with many projects to follow, or possible partnership with continual income for the right person, Please contact Pinelapie Whitesong in world for more details.
  5. I'm having trouble importing the Slink body from blender into Marv D. Either it keeps crashing or I get an "Not in T Pose error. Any idea how to fix this ?
  6. Hello, I am currently looking for multiple personnel in different categories. I will be paying you for your time. - Photographers: To take and edit photos - Actors : To be props / crowds / etc - Models - Promoters: someone w/ a following to help me promote events , videos , etc - Content Creators: For collaborations / Custom clothes if your interested please message me in game @ (Zuwop) Zula Landgraab or on insta @Zula Landgraab Feel free to see my channel below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC79XaHFRN94M7awiLjRsh0w
  7. Hi everyone, I've seen one post before. Someone that rigs for 10$/body but can't find her no more. Well, I'm looking for a rigger for clothes (lowpoly and simple) that I made. I prefer a one time pay per body. Hope someone can direct me to the right person or if you can do the job let me know. This is for a long term job. Thank you **Please contact me inworld via nc. I don't really check replies here often. Thanks again. ☺
  8. There's a LL employee mass flagging all furry items put into the furry accessories, regardless if it's a furry accessory. Such as armor for a feral furry avatar, or eyes specifically fit to a furry head. It's not only myself that's getting flagged, many furry creators are having this issue. Several of us have contacted LL by submitting a ticket, and this same LL employee has replied to all of us and replying with the same generic response. But giving this examples of why there is a furry accessories category; because furry accessories don't fit normal avatars. This is the definition of all furry products. They do not fit human avatars or products. They are suggesting to put furry clothing for a specific furry avatar into the unisex clothing section. It's not unisex clothing, there are male and female options usually and for furry avatars and furry parts. Furry customers, for the most part, only shop in the furry accessories section for mods, clothing, eyes and addon parts. This is the only furry section creators can use to display their furry products, unless it's a full furry avatar, there is a section for that. If we're forced to put our furry products in human categories, where furries have to sift through hundreds of thousands of products to find their niche furry item or have humans having to sift through furry items they have no need of, it's going to cause businesses to lose sales. And if businesses lose sales, Linden Labs loses sales. Because they no longer get the MP percentage cut, or the Linden Exchange percentage cut because creators are no longer making enough money. And why now? We've been using this category for many years now and all of a sudden this one Linden, who is a furry, decides we can no longer use it for our products. I've just had this product flagged; Eyes for furry heads. And another content creator I know just had this flagged; digi-grade clothing for furry avatars. Having these items in a non-furry category will cause unwanted sales. If a human sees these products and purchases them, but does not know or realize they are specifically for furries (I've even had this happen IN the furry category) than that will cause bad reviews. This can only lead to confusion, loss of sales and more false flagging from humans who see furry items and believe they are in the wrong category.
  9. Hello, I'm offering services for custom mesh under a few guidelines and rules: - I have a few limits on what can and cannot be done (e.g. note 1), best thing to do is contact me and I can give you more than a yes or no. - NSFW is fine, I take pride in the work I'm doing regardless (Within TOS, Laws and common sense). - All items come with a full, final commission price, no more is paid upon agreement (additional requests made after payment are accepted as new commissions) - Exclusive items have an additional fee, otherwise all rights belong to me and I have the ability to do what I see fit with the item in question. - Be timely with our correspondence (Larger projects especially, you will still be charged for agreed hours) and make fair attempt to make me aware of any time you will be away for, as will I. Here's my Sketchfab Page and store front for examples of my work, you can attain a viewing by contacting me in world, details below on how to do that. What do you need from me? First of all, visit inzoxi.co.uk for pricing, if you're all set from there then go ahead and send me either a notecard in-world or an email with a basic overview of your project and any references (images) you can provide me with, we will work out a final total from there. I won't be responding to any messages on this forum, please contact me either via email (hello@inzoxi.co.uk) or in-world at Zoxin Resident. Thanks, Zoxin inZoxi Creator,
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