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Found 6 results

  1. I'd just like to take a second to complain about Second Life's search engine. In a word it, sucks. It is the main conduit for entering locations and connecting with people outside of your personal networks. And in every aspect, it has design flaws. People flood their sim descriptions with tags to get picked up by it and so can't give a proper synopsis about what they are about. The search engine gives equal priority to any words in that description. Modern search engines have evolved far beyond this kind of searching and are intuitive. There is no personalization or thought in the advertisements as a result, just people scrambling to get caught by the engine. Each sim puts down the same 20 tags, and the engine croaks as a result because it sees the same thing over and over. It does spit out information, but its illogical, messy, and misses a lot which leaves the user to scroll through it endlessly to hopefully find that needle in the haystack it has provided. Its nice that we got a new environmental system to play with, but people make the place. An influx of people coming and going is needed to keep any place alive and without a way for them to get there... It all dies. It doesn't matter what toys you put out if the people aren't there to appreciate them. Second life has got to make more bridges between communities to keep itself alive, and the search engine is the biggest bridge of all. Creating more land does make more money, but people with money to buy it are typically smart with how they use it. No people, means no place, means no reason to keep investing in that land. Money is made off of keeping people in secondlife since the money they spend initially is likely offset by the advertisement costs that it took to get them there. People still play board games, they still use text based games, and mmo's have been riddled with microtransactions and self destructive power dynamics aimed to lure in whales that will destroy them. Second life still has its place in the world as a massive online community, there is still nothing that competes with it. 😎 So basically, fix the dumb search engine please. 😎 ❤️ What? It's my annoyed kitty face! ❤️
  2. okay im really pissed off right now. i been trying to use firestorm and because of it i got many blue screens to where i had to factory reset my laptop i followed all of firestorms advice and got more BSOD after that now after finding out the stupid thing caused my hardware to be corrupted and now ill have to send my laptop away to be fixed...im done with firestorm...is there any other rlv viewers out there? ps my laptop is a gaming laptop and i had no issues before discovering firestorm.
  3. There's a LL employee mass flagging all furry items put into the furry accessories, regardless if it's a furry accessory. Such as armor for a feral furry avatar, or eyes specifically fit to a furry head. It's not only myself that's getting flagged, many furry creators are having this issue. Several of us have contacted LL by submitting a ticket, and this same LL employee has replied to all of us and replying with the same generic response. But giving this examples of why there is a furry accessories category; because furry accessories don't fit normal avatars. This is the definition of all furry products. They do not fit human avatars or products. They are suggesting to put furry clothing for a specific furry avatar into the unisex clothing section. It's not unisex clothing, there are male and female options usually and for furry avatars and furry parts. Furry customers, for the most part, only shop in the furry accessories section for mods, clothing, eyes and addon parts. This is the only furry section creators can use to display their furry products, unless it's a full furry avatar, there is a section for that. If we're forced to put our furry products in human categories, where furries have to sift through hundreds of thousands of products to find their niche furry item or have humans having to sift through furry items they have no need of, it's going to cause businesses to lose sales. And if businesses lose sales, Linden Labs loses sales. Because they no longer get the MP percentage cut, or the Linden Exchange percentage cut because creators are no longer making enough money. And why now? We've been using this category for many years now and all of a sudden this one Linden, who is a furry, decides we can no longer use it for our products. I've just had this product flagged; Eyes for furry heads. And another content creator I know just had this flagged; digi-grade clothing for furry avatars. Having these items in a non-furry category will cause unwanted sales. If a human sees these products and purchases them, but does not know or realize they are specifically for furries (I've even had this happen IN the furry category) than that will cause bad reviews. This can only lead to confusion, loss of sales and more false flagging from humans who see furry items and believe they are in the wrong category.
  4. Hi there, Can someone point me in the direction of something discussing Linden Lab's official complaints procedure / escalation procedure, or who I can contact along such lines. I have been through support, for 3 months, and am beyond unhappy with the service, i asked support about complaints/escalation but they did not answer the questions, so I need other routes. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I'll try to explain and be brief... I'd like to know if there is anything one can do, like a complaint, or if there is any other way to solve this issue, or LL simply does not care at all about such things. Here's the issue: A friend of mine has a homestead since years. Recently the one who used to rent it to him has gave it up, or just dissappeared, and now it's owned and rented directly by a company. This all happened without any notice. Problem is, not only he was not notified about this change, he stopped receiving notices about rent that was about to expire all together, until one day the land was for sale, with NO NOTICE AT ALL. He wasn't online but thankfully it got "saved" by a commune friend who visited and saw what's going on, The company got in touch with them both and apologized. Said they didnt even know that land was occupied, he was not listed as a customer. They said it will get fixed. But it's not. The land is still on another name (on the one's who saved it), he is not able to pay the rent that is due tomorrow and no one answers as no one from the company seems to be online. Also, no notice had been sent to anyone, yet again, about the rent being about to expire. Any advice? Other then move.... That place has history being there since years... Plus, moving would be extremly difficult and time consuming since it's full. Is there anything that can be done?
  6. I have reason to believe an official, hispanic and spanish speaking sim's administrator is harassing female avatars through alternate accounts. The individual has bots to increase traffic in the sim, and I suspect creates and changes the names of numerous alters that he maintains. Is it possible to have LL investigate this, or do they not even care if one administrator of an official, LL site breaks the rules in such a blunt manner?
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