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  1. Little Moon is a haven catering to your romance, social needs & beyond. Meet people, explore the beautiful nature-meets-fantasy environment & connect with new friends & old. LGBTQIA+ Positive, Allies welcome. Furry Friendly. 18+ Avs Only. Visit the sim at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avalon Shores/37/219/31 We held our Grand Opening event on January 1st and are looking to add more sets and activities. If you're interested in being a member of our team, read on and then visit the sim prior to filling out an application. -DJs- Looking for fun engaging DJs who can greet new arrivals, interact with the host and guests and keep people coming back for more. 30+ days prior DJ experience is required. Microphone is encouraged, but not required. Music is open genre unless otherwise stated for themed sets. DJs may choose to do a regular set or act as fill in on an as-needed basis. DJs earn L$1K per 2-hour set plus 100% of tips. DJ Application: https://forms.gle/C2qkCC5EJyvRi6xDA -Hosts- If you've ever been described as a social butterfly and you love meeting new people and getting people talking, Little Moon is looking for you! Fun hosts that can get people engaged in the conversation and and make them feel at home are a very important part of any set. 30+ days prior Hosting experience required. Hosts may choose to do a regular set or act as fill in on an as-needed basis. Hosts earn L$1K per 2-hour set plus 100% of tips. Host Application: https://forms.gle/3vt5XHrASLNpLHAm9 -Event Runners- Event runners will be in charge of running special events in different areas of the sim. These special events include activities such as board game nights, trivia parties, running a movie night, etc. We are also interested in people who enjoy reading stories on voice, running discussions, and maybe running a book club! Event runners are not expected to be prepared to do *all* of these special events. Staff will be selected for their specific areas of interest and skill. Event runners earn L$1K per 2-hour event plus 100% of tips. Event Runner Application: https://forms.gle/f6fWi3z59uoRpK167 -Advertising & Media Manager- The ideal advertising and social media manager will be well versed in using various social media outlets for the purpose of advertising the sim and it's activities, and regular and special events. Photoshop skills a big plus, but not required. Must know how to post events, photos, videos, etc. to our Facebook page, advertise in appropriate advertising groups on Facebook, post event photos to our Flickr page, post to our party on AviCrowd, send notices to the inworld group to give guests a heads up about upcoming events, and post to our announcements channel on Discord. This is a paid position, dependent on skills, experience, and the time you're willing to invest. Salary negotiable. Ad & Media Manager Application: https://forms.gle/SmfrkeamHpizZgyc7
  2. Fox Hollow RP Community. Available Rentals Today! We have everything you could ever need to enjoy the most immersive modern community role play in second life! Join our community and enjoy all the amenities that Fox Hollow has to offer: Hospital & EMS Fire Department Police Department Car Dealership Court System School System Postal Service Small Businesses Restaurants State Park Community Pool Single Family Housing Multi Family Housing Apartments Movie Theatre Arcade & Bowling Roller Rink ⛳️Mini Golf Free Stables Weekly Events Orphanage Gym & More! Visit our website for more information: www.foxhollowsl.com Check out Fox Hollow today: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlight Ridge/83/183/30
  3. Hello lovelies, I wanted to start by introducing myself firstly. I am Dahlia and am UK based. I am a game playing, shopping obsessed ginger! Myself and my friends who are also based in non-US time zones have noticed whilst there seems to be a lot of the grid logged in from 12am SLT onwards, most places are empty in SL (or at least the places we are looking!) so this has peaked my curiosity, and I wanted to ask the following questions; - What do you do from 12am - 8am SLT? - What kind of places do you visit? - Would you go to events during this time? - What kind of events would you go to? - Would you be interested in joining an inworld group that is strictly non-advertising, but more of a community to link people in non-US timezones together? - Are you already a member of a group of this nature? - Do you have a business that would benefit from attracting avatars from non-US timezones? I'm not sure as yet where I will go with the answers to these questions, but it's certainly something I've spent a lot of time thinking about, and wanted to see if there was a way we could come together and help! Thank you
  4. Just wanted to say something about the spirit of Mainland. This week has been full of wonderful memories of Mainland. I have met more people than I have in my entire Slife living on private land, just on the road, doing every day things. I met a random guy who visited my parcel and we struck up a nice conversation about orbs and ban lines. He said he and his wife were looking for land to be able to enjoy flying and boating without excessive navigational challenges and I shared with him some land landmark NCs I had and he thanked me, and off he went. I met my neighbor and his girlfriend, and it was such a nice, intelligent conversation, that spanned different topics. He invited me to use the public strip of land between us and I invited him to come to the premises and enjoy the view any time. He recommended a nice "Flexible" security system he uses, and I used his recommendations to purchase such security system. We swapped small talk later on as well about some funny issues in our neighborhood. I work with a couple of landlords and they are all so pleasant, professional, and considerate. One especially goes out of the way to be concerned for me. I met yet another neighbor on another parcel, and it was so sweet to meet her! She loves horses and loves running around as a Dinkie, same as I, and we ran around hanging out and exploring all levels of her large parcel. We are now going to collaborate on a building project together. I met yet another neighbor on Bellisseria (still part of Mainland), who acquired my Bellisseria House (still keeping my houseboat but left the house in order to buy more Mainland), and we had an awesome convo about decorating, and her wanting a Bellisseria house so badly, and I offered to decorate for free for her, and now I've got that project and that connection. I met Asadorable Delightful and we had an awesome conversation about mainland and now I will help her with some stuff for LRC. And of course there's Profoky Neva who is as bad-ass as he is on the forums, who advises me time to time and who I shared a prototype of the DiscoverMain HUD with, and with whom I will work with closely on the Mainland Appreciation Society project. Here's some pictures that, to me represent the spirit of Mainland: Collaboration, Passion, Neighborliness, and Friendliness. Meeting my neighbors on my land ❤️ Showing my new Dinkie neighbor the set up of a parcel I'm currently renting. ...And here is us, by the roadside of her land Prokofy touring my Bellisseria house before I abandoned it to free up tier for Mainland. A delightful GTFO hub...Very nice to see a different style of a GFTO hub! Atmospheric shot of one of the beaches on the outskirts of Bay City, isn't this pretty? No matter what corner you're in, Mainland is where a bigger family is.
  5. We have several fully furnished cabins available starting at L$200/week on a beautifully decorated forest themed region. By renting with Magic Moon you will have access to the following: An active community Low lag region optimized for performance Beautiful scenery Virtual Fishing, Magic Fishing, Seven Seas Fishing Owners and Managers Live on site Community events for entertainment. Here is the best part. If you do not like your cabin and want to switch out to something else you can! You may exchange the cabin or any of the furniture with anything you want as long as it remains within the prim allotment + the Land impact of whatever you are changing out. You can view our lovely cabins inworld as well as our beautiful region by going here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Salvation%20Isle/58/119/22 Our region-wide teleporter allows access to the cabin areas, and our vendor keeps an up to date listing on all available cabins! Need assistance? You can message me inworld or reply to this post.
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