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Found 10 results

  1. College Sorority AFK House is now looking for Ladies to work our new location 90% payout on all tips http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ashenlave/13/110/2100
  2. Vandermore University Is Hiring Professors! Vandermore University is hiring Professors for the upcoming Winter 2021/2022 semester which begins January 3rd, 2022. If you're passionate about just about any subject and would like to share that passion with others, perhaps you might consider teaching a class at Vandermore University, situated in the City of Port Dominion, which is part of the greater community of Fox Hollow, a 19-sim family roleplay community. Professors are welcome to teach just about any subject they would like, pending Management approval, and subjects can be purely roleplayed out or based around practical Second Life skills. If you'd like to see what we already have tentatively planned for next semester, you can see it here: https://foxhollowsl.com/vandermore-university/semester-courses/ If you're interested in the position, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/H1xDXqgrUPymdy9y7 To visit the Community, please visit our Welcome Center: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hickory Creek/156/37/1502 To teleport down to the ground, exit the train station and use the teleport sign to get down and feel free to explore! This is a family community, however, so please be sure your attire is appropriate for being around children. If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to reach out to Imogen Atheria in-world!
  3. Have a talent you'd love to pass on? Want to join a truly unique and fun workplace? Want to be part of college role-play experience like no other! COBE University is hiring for the upcoming winter semester! Inquire today! Link below or contact DeaBelaa iw! https://forms.gle/Qx7cFN2sev9ypmUF9
  4. Photo taken at the SL USF Health Campus While some of you may have just survived midterms, others might be just about to start the emotional rollercoaster that is trying to remember the year that Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire. You read it six weeks ago, remember? Maybe not, because in quarantine years, six weeks ago feels like when flip phones were the coolest thing since car phones. For many of us, midterms are a marathon that tests your physical and mental limits, and an experience that is made bearable by a sense of comradery with your classmates and vending machines filled with neon energy drinks. It can feel impossible to get motivated these days, even with important deadlines looming around the corner. Why not organize a Second Life study session with your friends? There are many universities, museums, and quiet places where you and your friends can gather inworld while you crack your notes open in the physical world. Library Land would be a great place to start: it has an actual library, and if you click on a book it gives you a link to an ebook like this. Plus, it's currently decorated for Halloween and has lots of space for both studying and hanging out. Here are some suggestions: -Set a time and place with your friends, and start by sharing your goals for this virtual study session. -It’s important to take breaks, so decide when to step away from your work to unwind. -If a region’s music is distracting, you can turn it down in the sound preferences, which are also available in the upper right corner. -Afterwards, treat yourself to a romp in a more lively region or stop by a club! This can apply to people outside of school as well. Knowing that other people are feeling the same way that you do is an important element of our social fabric, and accountability buddies are always helpful. So set up your power snacks and get in here, because adapting to these weird times does not have to be boring or lonely.
  5. I can imagine it.... Beautiful young women in skimpy clothes. Curmudgeonly old bespectacled professors clutching their books on their way to their lectures. A bunch of chads skateboarding and showing off their parkour skills. Palm trees and pool parties all around. Did I miss anything?
  6. Most of us have been to an abandoned campus that was impressive, but empty because the fad had died. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, and students and staff having to move off campus, and take online courses, it seems as though it might be a good time for universities to create virtual campuses again, not just classrooms, but quads and hangouts for students, which could also lead to them discovering more of Second Life. Thoughts?
  7. 23/11/2019 * 12PM to 1PM FLY - Live Violin Fly is a musician who has been playing violin professionally in RL since 2007. She took place in jazz and rock bands performing in many special places and Jazz venues in Istanbul. She also attended many open mic. stages in Seattle, experienced American Rock, Jazz and Blues music on stage with local musicians at jams in Redmond, Kirkland, West Seattle and Portland. She keeps performing live violin as taking a place in a jazz band in Istanbul. * 1PM to 2PM Oblee - Live Music Oblee is several disparate musical personalities behind one looper and a pile of instruments. You should be able to figure it all out by tuning in to the music. * 2PM - 3PM Afterhours - House Classics w/ DJ Ruy Freeman A DJ since his teens with a passion for a wide range of genres, Ruy promises a tribute to the icons of 1990s house music in a nice little trip back in time with a great party feel to the set.
  8. New Business Opportunity!!! New club ready to open, in need of a business manager and all staff to run. Looking for a trusted business manager who will oversee all business operations and consult with owner to work out best possible decisions on plans for improving the club and creating an enjoyable place for all, while discussing handling of any issues that may arise. This person MUST have experience running an escort / dance club. This establishment is adult and will only hire avis that are 18+ NO CHILD AVATARS. This establishment is a fun, laid back place, looking for fun, laid back individuals who want to work somewhere that doesn't feel like a job, but a place where they enjoy hanging out. If you are interested in knowing more please contact: MitchWillhelm secondlife:///app/agent/d00ee83b-524a-4c9b-a85e-f04dce32c8a0/about Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
  9. Did any of you end up holding on to some of the old college or university buildings from sims that ran when educational institutions were all over the place? Or have any of you created / are any of you willing to create something of the sort? The ones in the market just aren't all that exciting. I'd like to obtain a few to make a small campus. Please Notecard/PM in game - fathertheo. Let me know your price, and let's meet at a sandbox so I can get a look at what you've got. Thanks!!!
  10. Brazy University is currently enrolling students as well as hiring professors, along with other job titles (police, fire dept, etc) Brazy is a long standing name from its previous high school to now College. It is located in the Keystone community in second life. If you are looking to meet new friends while enjoying the college life in a friendly family oriented community, please feel free to come by and speak with a representative. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brazy University/142/54/43
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