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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Hi I'm thinking about going premium to buy this plot/parcel on mainland. It's 1,120 sqm. I read about how a group can get 10% bonus, but how do I actually get it so that I won't pay any tier on that parcel? Do I... (a) buy it personally and then deed the whole parcel to a group, or (b) buy it personally and then deed 90% of the parcel, or (c) buy for group at the point of purchase? Thanks (I'm a little confused 😶)
  2. *** DISREGARD FORMER POST- THE MANAGEMENT POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED *** The Event Stage is hiring ALL positions (DJs, Hosts, & Dancers). We are a adult themed quarter sim, that welcomes nudity, voice, and adult activity. We have two event areas, a indoor industrial warehouse as our main club space, and a outdoor party deck. As of right now we have events 4 nights a week from Wednesday - Saturdays 4-10pm. As business grows we will have the potential to expand to other days or longer hours. If interested please post below or reach out to Samantha Chatouiller. We have applications at our main landing point and at both event spaces. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Temptations Dream/211/171/21 These are the positions we are looking for: DJ: Scheduled Sets (option to be a fill in only) 100% tips, plus bonus opportunities Dedicated host for each set time 2 hour sets Play whatever you want, no restrictions on music genres One themed event a month that will be discussed with management Host: Scheduled Sets (option to be a fill in only) 100% tips, plus bonus opportunities Dedicated DJ for each set time 2 hour shifts Post events in SL Events Post notice at the beginning of a set and at halftime Greet all guests Keep guests informed about group, club events, and social media Keep the conversation going (there are things to help you: trivia ball, truth ball, etc) Dancer: 100% tips, plus bonus opportunities YOU pick your hours Required to work one set a week, must work 4 in total per month, more is encouraged Keep crowd engaged Flirting is highly suggested EMOTE and STRIP
  3. SINZATIONS MALE REVUE IS HIRING Sinzationz is hiring 18+ Male Dancers/Escorts. We are a new club, but not new to the business. What we offer: **Up to 90% of your tips (details discussed at interview) **Professional Support from management **Weekly events **Hourly pay **A++ Advertisement and Promotions **Advancement Opportunities **Performance Bonuses Requirements: **Must be +18 and over 60 days old in SL. **Skilled in emoting **Updated avatar (mesh body and head) **Stylish **Fluent in English (spoken and written) **Team Player If you're interested in applying you can come by the club and apply or you can apply online at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NBiRyCeMJAHDXB3XVo_szUe6IbnWtSFUflPNUc84Mxs/edit?usp=sharing http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frumos/205/150/23
  4. So, I just purchased premium, and my account was changed to access it. I have never had premium before and noticed you're supposed to get a one time bonus of 1000 lindens. I didn't get that bonus. What's going on? I want to buy stuff for my house...
  5. Land for sale its on the canal and you just rez your boat and sail out of the canal to blake sea , its a very lovely location on Nautilus land size: 1024sqm prims: 703 price: 115000 L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus - Elissa/111/29/26
  6. ☻Marketing manager needed☻ Requirements: ☺Previous marketing/sales experience ☺Involvement in Anime/Furry/Kemono community ☺Event experience is a plus Payment: ☺10% commission ☺ Bonus 500L after every 5 sales *Contact αυвяεץ zαмαяι (angelaleigh93) or вяσηvүη zαмαяι (bronvyn) for application*
  7. Honestly I am just bored and want to type LOL. But along the way there is a message. Now that we have 1024 per premium account of free tier, that tier bonus is actually beginning to count for something. Most of you know I am in a land group. Some folks are premium, some not, some alts == yada yada. I basically provide money, the other folks provide premium status, a couple just use the land to set home and go off exploring. It has worked for likely eight years or so. We are RL friends so that likely helps some. BEFORE -- owning two or three 512 lots, that bonus really didn't count for much -- actually worthless is a good word that comes to mind. If we had an army of alts and half a sim --- then it would have counted. But with the doubling of the free tier we also got a doubling of the bonus and it really can add up. Last month I moved from a quarter sim rental to a 4096 plot (most of my items are made for LEA6 and so can be seen there and no real need for a huge demo area -- besides they look a lot better there in an environment). There was a fair amount a shuffling with someone volunteering to become premium again, some buying and then selling to group (didn't read the find print on the group buy thing) etc. We were all a lot smarter at the end of those few days. Recently a couple of the folks that had cheap rental shops found out that the shops were closing in a month. Nice landlady, month's notice. No complaints. But what to do? The group had 410 meters of FREE TIER. That seemed to be the answer. Looking through the land listings for small plots I didn't find much but I then did some scanning of the map -- actually a contentment that I don't look at often. Have no idea which it is, just one that I was not familiar with. There were a fair amount of 288 meter sized lots and such but that really is pretty tiny. Within fifteen minutes I of "great land karma" had found a 512 lot on a well maintained and landscaped (no ugly palm trees) linden road with respectable neighbors buffered by abandoned land and bordered by a half a sim of it (oh my). The story gets a little complex, but one of the member bought the land, sliced off enough to leave 400 meters (you can't actually make 410 meters LOL) and abandoned the rest which are along the road and tiny pieces and will likely stay empty -- more buffer. So for $1350 linden and $4 of tier for the time it took to transfer (30 minutes -- I really wish they would change that rule but see that it IS a money maker for The Lab), the folks will have a nice little shop for free ==== forever. So don't overlook that group land bonus if you have one. Things can be done!!!!!
  8. SKYY Games is hiring hosts for its Greed Multiplayer table. GREED is a fast pace social game 2 hour shifts 100% tips and per game pay weekly salary $500 sign on bonus (paid after 4 weeks) Basic Greed background is helpful Your avi must be at LEAST 30 days old in Second Life You must be able to read and speak English and have a working microphone. Must be over 19 (to visit a skilled gaming region) MUST NOT be in a gaming banned state (if in the US) Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee Join our team and dare to have a good time! Online application: https://skyygames.wufoo.com/forms/z14zuh3j1pup8jw/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyy Games/116/129/22 For additions question contact: Natasha Leckrone (Greed Manager) or Marina Sharpshire(Owner) If you are not familiar with the game Greed please click the following link and watch some basic information.
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