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Found 21 results

  1. HI, I have just finished my second model: I am loving the new Blender 2.92 with the new 'shader' even I can add textures to models and its as simple as selecting the vectors and presting CTrl + add to add a texture from the Texture menu. You simply link the boxes up . However I have added a bento skeleton as my Avastar only had a female character and got the armature again from work bench Using the information on how to add automatic weights in 2.8 that @Aquila Kytori helped me with i selected model and then armature and pressed Ctrl +P to get the menu and chose 'Armature Deform with Automatic Weights' this gave odd spurious message : "Bone weighting failed to find solution for one or more bones." I am now wondering if this is the same option or whether I should have gone for 'Armature Deform' which just did nothing. Does anyone have any idea what this message means please and how to fix it . P.S I also have same model in previous generation not linked, in another collection could this be causing the problem. I move Avatar into 1st collection but this has not solved the problem. I also removed 2nd collection but this made no difference . Does anyone have any another ideas please ? Hugs D x
  2. Hei there as you can see in the video i've rigged some new bones to my character head, the mfacejaw works correctly, but the ear bones actually dislocate the mesh, i don't know what i'm doing wrong
  3. Hello, I use Cinema 4D to do my work, alas I tried to import both the classic Skeleton and the Bento one. Both are tinier as a grain of rice, how can I enlarge them to work better? By what factor? cm? m? I am working with diameters of 0.0025mm and that is not very optimal. The Bento Skeleton has an issue in some Formats that the Spine and the arms are hanging 90 degrees backwards. Nothing happens when I put them back, although the body responds to feet and head movement. Are these bones commonly bugged? Thank you for your help.
  4. Kaiilaniix

    Legacy Rigging

    Hi! I'm creating some mesh nails and I want to rig them for the legacy body. I'm currently using the legacy devkit provided on mighty ginkgo's website as the rest of their devkits have done the job. When I open the legacy dev kit theres only two bones (a main hand bone controlling the 4 fingers, and a bone controlling the thumb). On other devkits they've had 3 bones in the finger for each section. I'm wondering how I could rig mesh nails to the body with the bones provided, looking on MP it's possible but I;m not entirely sure how. Any tips/advice at all is appreciated! :}
  5. Hi everyone you be please as i am have no errors shown import screen with mesh uploader however the thing is sis a mess and looks like a crumpled bag with no pose working is there something i am missing please as am still learning about bones and such thank you for looking I am wondering if this is something to do with the weight painting as when i turn it of its normal I am not sure if i got this wrong :
  6. Hi everyone hope you are all well, I am getting this error Warning error: bind shape is not x forward orientation and the following lines in the log: LOD3 Model Circle.001 loaded non-identity bind shape rot. mat is { -0.00184739, 0.98352, -0.023854, 0; -0.718584, -0.00283397, 0.0144517, 0; 0.0043182, 0.011366, 1.75656, 0; -0.236098, 0.565306, 0.92719, 1 } bind_rot { 0.00772389, -0.00937261, -0.70818, 0.705928 } non-identity bind shape rot. mat is { -0.00184741, 0.983531, -0.0238543, 0; -0.718584, -0.00283398, 0.0144517, 0; 0.00431819, 0.011366, 1.75656, 0; -0.234056, -0.52004, 0.953525, 1 } bind_rot { 0.00772388, -0.00937261, -0.70818, 0.705928 } non-identity bind shape rot. mat is { -0.00391972, 2.0868, -0.0506127, 0; -3.03033, -0.0119511, 0.0609442, 0; 0.00557627, 0.0146774, 2.26833, 0; -0.858715, 0.0207075, 1.03553, 1 } bind_rot { 0.00772389, -0.00937261, -0.70818, 0.705928 } Now I was experiencing problems with bento Angel armature as when auto weighted my mesh it put all the bones in all of the links and did not split them with regard to the parts they connected to this said I managed to select vector and use the vector tab in lower right hand area to select and delete bones with '-' button. This got me into mesh upload working with the above error and the armature makes the mesh look like a scumbled up paper or plastic bag: I did the obvious and placed the mesh in x orientation but this didn't solve it at all. I am still learning how to do this so please hep as its hard to learn thank you for looking have a great day D
  7. Hi everyone I have this error on the log of Second life Mesh import from my project in blender 2.93.2: LOD3 Skinning disabled due to too many joints: 133, maximum: 110 LOD3 Skinning disabled due to too many joints: 133, maximum: 110 LOD3 Skinning disabled due to too many joints: 133, maximum: 110 in 2.79 blender there used to be a feature on export to remove bones not wanting to be exported by the model . Nothing I have tried so far gets passed this and I am hopeful somebody more advanced has the answers of how to work around this please the mesh boning is based on bento angel mesh 'angel_2017-01-09.blend' from the avastar site. Thank you for looking Denise X hugs
  8. Im having problems with importing my rigged and weighted. Everything seems fine up until I enable 'weights' preview in the upload dialog: I thought maybe it was just the default animation that was causing it, since i have modified bones and thier positions to fit my model. I imported and played a custom animation that works within blender for my exact rig. But still fails, looking like the picture above, malformed and disfigured beyond use. Everything in the blender file is not scaled, all transforms are applied, and all bones and their corresponding vertex groups are labeled correctly. Even if i use Bento Female-2017-01-09 .blend from the Avatar Workbench without modification, it fails in the same way, having an incorrect deformation in the same way. I thought maybe it was a bug in the Firestorm Viewer, so switched to the legacy Viewer, but still, no change. From what i have heard, its common to have issues importing from blender, but nothing I have found has been successful or even useful. I do not have, and do not intent do purchase the Avastar plugin. Is there any way to import this model with bones and weight information successfully? Heres my blender file: http://files.arcanes-spoteh.nz/uploads/11-PonySecondLife.blend
  9. I have "Iliana" - standart avatar. I wanted to create own animation of dance, using Blender 3D. When I uploaded it, was the first trouble about (Root name must bee "hip"). I renamed root bone to "hip". And I see preview of my animation, when uploaded again. After this, I wanted to send ot for L$10. But there was problem again All names of my bones were "Unknown". Where I can get standart names of bones? Or full scelet? It is desirable for free. I heard about Avastar, but I don't want spend so much money just for fun.
  10. Hello! I'm trying to figure out the hierarchy of bones names in the SL. Here is the hierarchy of the bones of my model: and SL default model: As you can see on one "branch" I have 4 "branches" (or parent and children - I'm not sure), and on the other there are five. There is no such thing on default SL model. I start with mPelvis as root, but I don’t know what to do next. please, help! What names should I give to my bones so that the download is successful?
  11. Valeforania

    Blender Issue

    Hihi Everyone, My Blender (2.8) seems to be incapable of exporting rigged mesh/animations properly. Animation: I can import a base skeleton to Blender, model around it, animate it, and everything is fine. When I upload the .bvh to SL it either animates backwards, upside down, or completely deforms my avatar. Mesh: Everything works perfectly in Blender. The mesh moves with the bones and I can animate it without problems. When I upload the mesh it looks okay in the uploader. When I attach it to my avatar, it is deformed horribly - sometimes inside out. If I have it set to include joint positions it deforms my avatar. If I check an animation from 2.79 in BVH Hacker, it looks fine. If I open the same file in 2.8 and export it, BVH Hacker just shows a blob of red that has some motion around the edges. I've tried every different XYZ setting to try and fix it but nothing has worked. Is there a new plugin I am missing? Or maybe I have overlooked a setting somewhere?
  12. I have been told by numerous people to never touch, resize, or move any of the bones of the base skeleton if you don't want it to break with animations. I know that can't be true given the sheer diversity out there with proportions. I wanted to know if there's a "safe way" to move bones. For example, these leg bones up?
  13. Okay so I took Signature Gianni Rigged body and exported it as .dae file , including armature and checked "deformed bones only" , then I imported that dae file in Marvelous designer and when i move the bones the mesh does not move with them, it seems unrigged. Please help me figure out what I'm missing what I'm doing wrong. I checked Forums and Youtube but nop no answers related to this issue
  14. Hola a todos!. Me estoy iniciando en el diseño en bender y actualmente termine un modelo riggeado para el cuerpo NAM Chibi. A mi percepción el peso de la piel esta perfecto, el cuerpo base fue proporcionado por el creador y el modelo gris creado por mi. Eh Exportado el modelo gris como collada.dae, y al momento de intentar subirlo como modelo a SL. no puedo incluir el peso de la piel No tengo idea como resolver este error, No tengo idea si tiene que ver con las dimenciones del modelo en Blender o en la forma en que debo exportarlo, alguien podria ayudarme? muchas gracias por su atencion
  15. Greetings. I have a question regarding mesh avatars. I'm following instructions on the rigging instructions page but would like to know something not mentioned there: To what extent are custom bones supported? Is the builtin animation skeleton the only one we can use, or can you import a mesh containing your own armature granted you use custom animations for it? I have several characters not using the builtin rig and bone naming scheme (L_UPPER_ARM, R_HAND, PELVIS, etc) for which I'd prefer to keep existing animations. I don't expect the appearance editor to work, nor things like the head turning around procedurally, but am hoping that with a custom AO I can still get it to animate the movement accordingly. Renaming the bones to match the current SL mesh isn't a problem, but I have special bones as well which I'd like to be supported by custom animations. Do I have any chance of getting that to work? Thank you.
  16. i am probally misunderstanding something here.. but why does Avastar 2 creates a rig for me with 159 bones if i can't get more than 110 inside SL ? I rigged my avatar and SL is not recognizing my weights.. It was working fine before trying out the Extended armature (bento) =(
  17. Hello! Lately I've been trying to learn how to make custom mesh avatars for SL, but I've run into a problem I can't seem to figure out on my own. As far as I know, it should be possible to do what I am trying to do, so hopefully someone can share some much needed knowledge about the subject. The issue I'm having is editing the SL armature to to fit my mesh, which possible, results in some weird bone deformation/offsets in SL on import. Judging from the picture i've attached, the problem seems to be the edited bones not storing rotation in world, where scale and position seems to function just fine. As a result of the bones not being rotated, it causes my avatars legs to spread out in a funny manner (which amusing, isn't very useful! ??) see second picture.
  18. Hi, To simply sum it up, I'm trying to make my first Bento tail. I want it to be longer and larger than the default bone set up for the tail and from what people have told me, modifying the bones is possible because when uploading, I can include joint positions. My issue is is that when I modify the bones, it deforms my mesh badly and the tail does not move exactly with the bones, even when I manually paint the weights for them. Without modifying the Tail bones and using automatic weights, it works fine. But then if I try to resize the tail, it does not bend correctly. Manually fixing the weights after I have resized the skeleton doesn't work either. I want to know if there is a correct way to resize the tail bones without this happening and if not, how to make the tail larger and longer. Thanks.
  19. Hello! <3 I'm working on updating an old bento body to work with more shape sliders, but I'm running into a couple issues. One of them is that the butt and belly shape sliders seem to both affect the PELVIS bone. So, although I need to use the PELVIS bone to weight the belly, this also means the butt shape slider will scale the belly up. I've also noticed that the BUTT volume bone doesn't work as I want it to (scales left to right rather than back), so someone recommended I use the PELVIS bone for the butt too, which works fine, but also means the belly slider would scale the butt up and vice versa. Is this working as intended? Thank you for your time!
  20. So, ever since the hype began about all the new features of ~Bento~ and we all sat with baited breath waiting for the big drop, there was one line I couldn't ignore: "11 extra limb bones for wings, additional arms, or extra legs." In the first bullet point under the headline, "Introducing Project Bento", my dream come true. Let's look again: "additional arms" *clutches holographic Machamp card* So I waited. Nothing. I waited some more. I inquired. I pressured. I attempted to learn mesh at a snail's pace so that I might accomplish my goals on my own. Agony. Today, upon closer inspection of the list of bones included in the Bento update, I am now confused. Are there additional arms or aren't there? Is it even possible to create independently moving bento arms for an avatar like...a Hindu god or a D'Jinn or some kind of fighting type pokemon? It seems to me that it would have been included but...I just don't know anymore. My question is whether or not this feature does in fact exist as advertised or if I'm wasting my own time by looking for it. If it -is- there, I can at least have what I want made custom.
  21. I've been doing some research for an avatar project and had a question: Project Bento's skeleton added a LOT of bones for making non-human avatars, but there still seems to be a deficiency in it for avatars with long, articulating necks, like dinosaurs and Dragons, being that there is only the single neck bone. What can you all tell me about the parameters of the limitation (or am I wrong about that)? Are there any "proper" (ie, supported) workarounds for it? I am not too crazy about deform anims, especially since I have read that LL fixed the uploads to disallow them as part of the Bento update. Thank you in advance for any info and suggestions!
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