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Found 9 results

  1. GMA Mainland Investments Ltd. - Buy, Sell, Lease Protected Waterfront Parcels - This unusual very rare adult mainland beach terrain parcel is a must have for adult enthusiasts located in Zindra Continent, 2x Protected Roadside and Land with 2x bonus prims and water access to Linden Ocean Ursula Bay and Kama City along with roads all over the continent makes it an affordable and fair priced location. ➤ Type: 2x Protected Land with 2x Bonus Prims ➤ Surface: 1248 sqm. ➤ Capacity: 856 prims ➤ Location: Zindra - Garleon ➤ Price: L$ 99500,- 👉Teleport To Parcel👈 GMA Mainland Investments Ltd. ☎ Support: Taqessa Resident / sraprillia10 Streeter
  2. A full sim of space for only 1399/wk including landscaping (grass or sand) and 1500 prims to do whatever you want with. Completely private, with security and dance anywhere machine. Need more prims...no problem..just ask. If you would prefer to design your own and just want the empty space to create your fantasy I have empty spaces with changeable ground texture and sky walls for 1299/wk with 1500 prims. 1/4 sims, 4096, empty platforms, skyboxes and homes. Many different options from rentals to land ownership. If you don't see what you want..just ask Amari. Maven Rentals has been in SL since 2009 and I personally guarantee the best possible customer service I can give. I'll be here as long as you choose to stay. IM Amari Mavenwith any questions. Visit the rental office to view or see rental/land sale options or visit our website at www.mavensrentals.com Or visit the rental office at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maven Isle/214/116/24
  3. Are you wanting that fabulous beach home on a luxurious island with all the amenities, but without the huge expense? Come visit Lost Paradise Isle today! What We Offer: Gorgeous Beach Houses, Tiki Huts, Boat Houses, (some furnished & unfurnished), as well as Rental Rooms at Lost Paradise Inn Waterslide Zip Line Bumper Boats Bowling 7Seas Fishing Game Tables Dance Floor Relaxing and beautiful atmosphere Privacy settings for houses, huts and boat houses and so much more.... Come check us out today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Escape to Paradise/122/243/22
  4. Parcels for Sale/Rent at Darling Beach Darling Beach (M) is beautifully designed and landscaped. It has walkways and public areas, lots of water and beaches, with good sized for sale/rent parcels of many sizes. Perfect for personal use and for businesses. We limit the number of rentals in the Sim to make sure that there is no lag. We also provide a "skylands" area above the entirety of the Sim. You can use the land for one thing, the skylands for another, and of course create your own skybox above your parcel for even more space and more options. Below are some of the parcels currently available: _________________________________________ DB01 - Kor Beach [ 4000 Sqm / 1830 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB02 - Sonora Beach [ 4048 Sqm / 1853 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB03 - Tiki Commons [ 2944 Sqm / 1347 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB04 - St. Ives Beach [ 3056 Sqm / 1398 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB07 - Casa Senna [ 1824 Sqm / 834 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB08 - Mia Solera [ 2784 Sqm / 1259 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB10 - Casa Barbara [ 1776 Sqm / 812 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ DB12 - Destiny Island [ 2672 Sqm / 1223 Prims ] (Map URL) _________________________________________ * Availability Subject to Change without Notice * We have 5 other Sims with different layouts, landscaping, and design. Visit our Main Rental Office to all the available options available. Rental Lands and houses, Sale/Rent Parcels, Skyboxes, and more! Come find your perfect place today at Darling Beach, Darling Coast, Darling Estates, Darling Keys, Darling Paradise and Darling Resort (A). [ Facebook Page ] [ Main Rental Office ] [ Available Rentals in all 5 Sims ]
  5. We would love to invite you all to Winterspring to witness the grand opening of PixoSensual! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterspring/77/121/22 What is so awesome about PixoSensual? Now thats a big secret! But lets tell you what we have planned for the big day! We are starting at 12 noon and running for a straight 14 hours with some amazing DJs and an AWESOME live singer! You will love it! I promise! So what is the schedule? 12pm - 10pm we will have Live DJs ~ DJ FOREVER, DJ BUUM, DJ KATE, DJ BRI, DJ RIKKI ~ 10pm - 12am we will have a Live Singer KOKO INCOGNITO 12am - 2am we will have Live DJ GLITCH Anything more special? Of course we do! We have a BBQ with lots of delicious food, luscious scenery to enjoy with your friends, lots of space to roam around and hang out, dancers in the club, and most importantly AWESOME STAFF to keep you entertained for the whole event! Is there a contest? Absolutely! The friendliest avatar in PixoSensual will get a HUGE L$1,000L Is it worth it? Oh yeah it is! Don't miss out on a great time! Music? DJs take requests and are open genre! Look forward to seeing you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterspring/77/121/22
  6. We have a variety of homes available on a beautifully landscaped beach sim. With a range from small ocean facing cottages to larger houses available. The larger houses have been parcelled off to offer privacy and media settings. The rent is 2L per prim, with 300 - 500 prims available (more if required). It is an adult, LGBT friendly sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/South Beach Cove/49/182/23
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinister%20Fox/103/139/23 AMAZING FULL PROTECTED BEACH SIM FOR SALE!! GOOD PRICE GOOD VALUE! Asking price is $230.000(3.5/m2 Area 65536 NEGOTIABLE
  8. AMAZING FULL PROTECTED BEACH SIM FOR SALE!! GOOD PRICE GOOD VALUE! Asking price is $230.000(3.5/m2 Area 65536 NEGOTIABLE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinister%20Fox/103/139/23
  9. Full Sim size rentals starting at 1299/wk with 1500 Prims! Landscaped variations available with two styles of grass or sandy island beach. Prefer to do your own no problem..there is an empty full sim size platform ready to do whatever you would like with it. More prims are available to buy. Also available to rent/buy is land on the ground, home, skyboxes, 4096sqm and 1/4 sim skydomes, empty platforms and more. Vist www.mavensrentals.com to view available rentals and teleport to view or stop by the inworld rental office at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maven Isle/214/114/24
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