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Found 16 results

  1. HI everyone! So, my problem is that when i select to put my haibase or tattoos on my avi it didn't appear. I bought an omega system kit for Genus but even with that it don't works. So I can only use the genus project hairbase. i've a kupra body if it's needed. And i remember i retrart the avatar to make a different look and when i selected the haibase on the bitsy body, it appeared. But i put genus and nothing. I'M desespered please someone help me !!!😭 ty!
  2. Join us tomorrow from 6 to 8 pm slt, for a sexy Red filled menagerie of Playmates and Vixens! Enter our Red Light District, if you dare!!👄 Magna (227, 172, 4002) The Monarchy is an Intimate, exclusive, member's only. You don't want to miss the experience. Stop by and don't hesitate to ask for a preview. See you soon! --------See our girls TheMonarchySL.com-------- sex club strippers escorts ***** daddy bachelor party sexy *****s bad girls naughty ***** adult fantasy dom bdsm bondage dominance domination dominated submissive subs fantasies freaks high end gangbang threesomes bimbos bbc interracial cuckold adult advertising ad boards baby girl financial domination findom hiring work jobs employment earn linden baby girls barbie milf domme fetish voice cam text emote role play escort
  3. Okay so, I've been thinking about getting a child body. I was gonna try to make one with blender and I still might but that's eventually. So I'm here to ask you guys, what's a good child avi body that I can get? I've been thinking about toddledoo child body but, I unno. I saw the chonk body too and i've also KIND of been thinking about that as well but like, I'm not sure how much clothes it has yet. So, all suggestions are good.
  4. I am an experienced creator of Custom Avatars and Skins. I can make you rl avi on sl , celebrity one and any look you like. I also do Styling and Photography . Attached an image sample of a recent custom Avatar work of the real life Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Flickr and Marketplace below in case you would like to have a look. For further information contact me Inworld. Thank you https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150 https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any recent problems with firestorm viewer not working. What has been happening to me is when I log on I will be able to freely move for about 2-5 minutes and then my avatar won’t be able to move and I’m not able to write anything in chat boxes. After that I have to relog again just for it to happen minutes later. It’s almost like crashing but the viewer doesn’t actually crash. I tried to see if it was only happening at the land I own but it’s everywhere. Thanks for the help.
  6. I helped my brother get on SL and get a werewolf avi that he wanted and get it all set up and on and whatnot....the thing looks NICE!....but it comes with this ROAR that goes offlike every 30 seconds!! and I have no clue how to get it to stop!! He's driving me crazy and I cant take him anywhere. Can anyone help me shut him up plz??
  7. Hi everyone. I was browsing the marketplace for Kid avis and I've seen a few already, which are mainly TD Baby and Kid, as well as an Avi called Bebe. So, I was wondering if anybody kniew if Bebe was better than TD or about the same because, I saw that Bebe has a 5-10 body while TD had a 3-6 body with the normal baby one. I also noticed that Bebe was more expensive than TD I think and was wondering if it was worth buying or if I should just buy the TD Kid body and try to make it taller-ish or stay the same height. I've also noticed that TD has more clothes of course and I'm curious about if Bebe has a wide variety of clothing as well.
  8. What are the difference between normal and mesh body
  9. ChoiceRider


    Most all noobs (prefers "New Residents") start off with a system classic av. It was a month or so till I sprang for a Sig-Gianni / Catwa. To this day all I know about it is that I paid more for higher detail and a more realistic look, and with a decent human body-language animation-override (Oracul is my choice), you may have somethin. Would anyone want to explain for me in detail what the heck "MESH" really is and how it's made? Yes, I like particulars, especially how it's made. Did you ever watch HOW IT'S MADE on TV? I always loved that show. https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-its-made/
  10. so ive got this mech: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vaak-M7-Bento-Mech/14895837 and I fell in love with it. well, what I'm looking for is someone who can help make a cockpit for it, with a kind of stealthy look, where you cant see the pilot inside, this kinda look: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/4e/7b/404e7b8d8ac67a1e9a524e0f11b59ae3.jpg except with metal hard points on the top that look like neko ears, and maybe a shoulder mounted minigun that can have a script to be able to switch between the minigun, and the arm cannon? maybe multiple faces so it can be colored some too?
  11. VoltRyder

    a request

    so ive got this mech: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vaak-M7-Bento-Mech/14895837 and I fell in love with it. well, what I'm looking for is someone who can help make a cockpit for it, with a kind of stealthy look, where you cant see the pilot inside, this kinda look: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/4e/7b/404e7b8d8ac67a1e9a524e0f11b59ae3.jpg except with metal hard points on the top that look like neko ears, and maybe a shoulder mounted minigun that can have a script to be able to switch between the minigun, and the arm cannon? maybe multiple faces so it can be colored some too? of course we will discuss a price
  12. hi all so on sl.. i need help wit fining the baby mesh body,i try looking in shopping, could anyone give me the link of it? it would elp alot. im tryn do a baby avi^^ happy monday :]
  13. Please grant the following, both your attention and concern. I'm hopeful this report will be forwarded/circulated, to help bring more swift and effective actions in resolving the matter. ********** has been attacking residents with debilitating viruses and for no reason attacked my avatar, rendering it useless. I've had others tell me about resident ********** and how he infects their avi with directed viruses. It's my understanding that these attacks have been reported with no action taken. Please waste no time stopping **********. I have never had any contact with this resident, ********** before. He attacks anyone he pleases, without provocation. Teleporting out of that area ended the assault. I was wrong about the attack(virus) ending when teleporting out of that area. My avi won't stop walking/running while standing. I have deleted the HUD folder and changed avi. No solution found. I have two problems needing help with: 1) ********** needs to be stopped. Please report your individual attention to this matter concerning ********** attacks against random SL residents. 2) My avi is essentially ruined with whatever script ********** attached to it. Please help me figure out how to correct this aggression. Thank you, ChoiceRider - SL Resident
  14. Ok so after years on imvu I decided to try SL and see how good it was. To fully appreciate it I need to sort myself a decent avi and this is wear I am struggling at present. I have done a bit of reading and research and am slowly getting to grips. It is so much more complicated than IMVU in every way. But i'm hoping its worth the effort. I am prepared to throw some money at it within reason and want to get my avi looking as realistic as possible (the whole thing I love about SL is the realism of the avis the textures etc). So I'm currently thinking - Male Mesh Body (Signature Gianni? over Slink as I want it muscled) Male Mesh Head (although I read somewhere don't get a mesh head as you will look identical to everyone else - thoughts?) - if i go mesh then Catwa Bento looking favourite or do i go with Signature Gianni head to match the body or doesnt that matter. I'm after a black avi (Tredente/Stanley Bento style)or a muscled hipster look (Volkstone Eric style look) Eyes I've been told to try - L'etre - Suicidal Unborn - Mesange Shapes I've been told - Speakeasy - [indigo] - strong men - aetherian shapes - Tredente - RM store - ascendant Tattoos - speakeasy - identity - letis tattoo Skins - straydog - VYC - Derme - Avenge - amias ANY TIPS, ADVICE, ASSISTANCE is all very gratefully received. Also keen to meet friendly folks who need more friends! I'm a Virtual World addict. HELP ME SEE HOW MUCH BETTER SL IS THAN IMVU - CHEERS! Vinny
  15. Alright, I am a 19 year old girl. I'm weird I wish I was able to be gay, or bisexual as a guy. As a gay man. I feel weird about it anyways. I'm feeling worried to try being a guy in second life. I don't want to offend anyone but I also don't know exactly how that feels. I seen a Buzz Feed article of what gay guys want to tell their heterosexual women friends it makes me sound my idea of having a male avi on SL sound terrible. I been into anime, yaoi a bit at a time like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I've also been in my head a bit. I get, tingly? It might be weird but I'm confused I don't know how to say what I get. I'm a late bloomer at the most part, just am. I've been putting myself in shows and movies like Family Guy in general not just for gay stuff, I just do when I'm tired, alone, or about to sleep. I feel like I would at least get it out of my head if I can do it here or something. I want to act like being a guy and be good if I do be one in SL without any important guys knowing that I'm a really girl. The feel would be gone. I would kind of do it for entertainment, for fun. Not just that just the point of it kind of. I don't know .
  16. Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017 From Daria, MBA blog: Hi As you all know, I like to run Surveys every 6 months or so on this blog to find out what Mesh Bodies and what Mesh Heads you guys are using. The reason I do this is two fold really – firstly I’m interested to know what’s trending, and secondly I know designers find the information useful when deciding which bodies to include sizes for in their items, what heads to make skins for etc etc. So with that in mind, welcome to the first Survey for 2017! The survey shouldn’t take longer than a minute or so to do, and it’s designed to find out some key information: What bodies most people are wearing What bodies most people prefer; and What mesh heads most people are wearing Obviously the survey can’t encapsulate all the possible responses, so I’ve left the option for you to select ‘other’ and provide me with details if there’s not an option in the list that describes you or the body/head you wear. Please share the survey around, the more people who complete it, the better our data will be. One difference you may notice is that I’ve asked for your SL name in this version of the survey. This is purely for data verification purposes and won’t be published, so don’t worry! Do the survey here
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