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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. A friend asked me to come and help them on their land. An avatar is sitting outside her house, they don't rezz so they're an orange cloud and their avatar name reads (???) (???). We can't eject him as the land is a group rental, they don't talk, they have movelock on it appears. Has anyone ever seen this before?
  2. Hi there, I've been searching for hours to find a way to login to my alt avatar. I created her around the beginning of this year/end of last year, and since then I have switched from the normal SL viewer to Firestorm and have not used her much at all. I am now finding that the only thing I remember about the avatar is part of the name, "Elizabeth." I'm not even sure this is part of the username, and most likely isn't. I've searched through all my emails looking for "Elizabeth" and "Second Life," all 8 emails!!...but to no avail. I'm so confused as to what happened. I even tried searching through all the Names with Elizabeth on the Firestorm viewer, but I can tell they are only usernames...Lastly, my web browser history is gone after having to wipe my computer and forgetting Mozilla login info...ugh. Is there any other way I can find this avatar? I've really been trying for a long time here and I'm willing to search through every case of "Elizabeth" popping up on SL if there was a way. I even used my main avatar and tried to search L$ transaction history because I believe I gifted between the two avatars at one point....but it is only stored 30some days! :(( The only thing I have left is a picture of what she looks like I snapped from my phone. Jan. 4 2017. Taken by SL photo first.. Could that help at all? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, here's one fur ya vector origin = <7.180, 31.280, 51.265>; // origin is lower left corner of the 3D Map's ground square ((0, 0) vector detPos; // detected position of avatar(s) vector newPos; float scale = 0.01; integer scanning = FALSE; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { scanning = !scanning; if (scanning) { llSensorRepeat("", NULL_KEY, AGENT, 96.0, PI, 5.0); // scan for all avatars (AGENT) with any name ("") and any id (NULL_KEY) within 96 mtr (the maximum scan range) in all directions (PI) // if any avatars are detected create an indexed list of them and raise a sensor() event llWhisper(0, "Scanning started..."); } else { llSensorRemove(); llWhisper(0, "Scanning stopped"); } } } sensor(integer total_number) // the sensor event is raised when avatars are detected, the number of detected avatars is passed to the script below in the parameter total_number { integer i; for (i = 0; i < total_number; i++) { //llWhisper(0, "Avatar name: " + llDetectedName(i)); detPos = llDetectedPos(i); if (detPos.x <= 63 && detPos.y <= 63) // limit to 64 x 64 mtr parcel { newPos = origin + <scale * (integer)detPos.x, scale * (integer)detPos.y, scale * ((integer)detPos.z - 52)>; llRezObject("AV detected*", newPos, ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, 0); } } } } Now this all works fine. The REZZED object is a small red sphere that appears on the map, which dies after 5 seconds due to an llDie command in the script within it. A new ball is then rezzed immediatly, so we can see where each avatar is on a 64 x 64 mtr parcel.. Now what I want is floating names above each red ball .. Any smart ideas? thx in advance
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