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About Me

Found 14 results

  1. Im a SL single woman ( mid 30s) I dont date in SL. My family consists of a few siblings ( 2 of which are most active and may end up being the only ones ) We had a discussion recently about expanding our family because we honestly would love more positive people in our lives. We are a family of open minded and caring people. We are very chatty and friendly as well. We would want anybody to feel very welcomed. Sorry to say though there is no family home or any huge land anywhere.we just usually end upon a platform above my studio or in an empty sandbox. I have never had parents in SL before but am open to it. I don't have any children at all, but open to the idea currently of adopting an adult kid as long as they are younger than my RL age. Heres our pictures. If you want to know us more we can all chat via FB and see how things work out.
  2. RUBY'S CLOUD CASTLE AUCTION Tuesdays at 12 pm Noon SLT KittyCatS Auction ♥ Raffles ♥ Prizes & Gifts ♥ KittyCatS Shop & more http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mul/193/9/614 ♦ RAFFLE KITTY: ♀ CHATEAU CAT - BLACK & WHITE No. 1 ♦ WOW!!! ==> Tickets Only 50 L <== On Sale Now! Check it out! https://gyazo.com/8250ae00383023daf22323bc0e687145 Auction Panel Set Up: http://cat.kittycats.de/lsstage.php?id=69 FlowerChild Dylan, Teacup, Golden Ticket, Kiwi & more to come!
  3. I am currently looking for a male or female submissive for casual play on weekends and sometimes evenings. I am looking for someone who enjoys roleplaing different scenarios and scening. I am also open to friendship and spending time together like shopping, exploring, or going to events. (love spoiling my pets!) If you are interested, IM me inworld! 5+ years of rp experience
  4. I am currently looking for a male or female submissive for casual play on weekends and sometimes evenings. I am looking for someone who enjoys roleplaing different scenarios and scening. I am also open to friendship and spending time together like shopping, exploring, or going to events. (love spoiling my pets!) If you are interested, IM me inworld!
  5. Prettybri00


    Hi My avi name is Miya Aoki (prettybri00) and I'm looking for new friends lol I'm 22 in RL .. I been on SL for almost 4 years I like Anime, Video games, KPOP, and all kinds of Music (Alt, Punk, Pop, HipHop, R&B and etc...) I'm a lil shy lol but just send me a msg I'm a nice person
  6. Hey there my family and i are looking to bring a dog into our family. We have tried a bunch of adoption places and havent had much luck, hence why ive decided to post here. We are a large family of 5 adults and 3 kids living in a rp sim. We have plenty of room for a large breed dog avi and free prims to place any personal items down. This is our looking to adopt form we have been posting and if you think you might be a good fit please let me know ✧ What is your name: NeridaKai ✧ How old are you? (RP AGE): 27 ✧ What type of pet are you looking for?: Family pet good with children ✧ How often do you play SL? Days/Times Also what timezone are? What times are you online at, SL hours?: The whole family is on all days of the week minus a few of us here and there. majority of the family is on around 8pm slt but we are all on at random times during the day. ✧ Are you very adamant about the type of pet you are looking for? example You only want a dog?: For now we are only looking for a life like dog. ✧ Is there any type of pet you absolutely do not want?: shape shifters ✧ What time commitment can you give to your pet?: We are a very loving and drama free family looking to bring a furry four legged friend on adventures and have lots of cuddle and care time with. ✧ Do you want your pet to live with you in your house? If not where will your pet live?: Yes we would love to have our new pup living with us! ✧ Have you discussed you getting a pet with your family?: Yes ✧ Is your family ok with you wanting a pet and have they agreed upon living arrangements for said pet?: Yup ✧ Will you plan to offer your pet it's own room or do you have a place designated for your pet (ex: your room, living room etc..) Please specify: We have an area next to the kitchen for our new pup that we cleared but they are allowed to sleep and go where ever they please in the house. ✧ How much time do you expect to spend with your pet a week?: As much as possible we are looking for an active new family member. ✧ Do you mind if your pet has other owners? Will you mind sharing your pet?: We would prefer to be the only owners but that can be worked out at a later time. ✧ Do you mind if your pet has activities it participates in?: Nope that is totally fine with our family we all have activities as well (ie: work, school for the kids, one of the adults is in an SL pageant) so we totally understand activities! ✧ Do you expect your pet to wait for you at home when you are not on or is it ok for your pet to venture about?: Absolutely not, if we aren't home they can feel free to roam and stretch their legs. ✧ Please briefly describe your typical day in SL, activities your involved in etc: Most days we just enjoy being with our sl family and hanging out. We have movie nights, a bunch of craziness (ie: kids being kids and getting in some sort of mischief) ✧ Please describe some things you would do with your pet?: Walks around the neighborhood, lots of adventures to fun places, general love and care (ie:that means baths too lol) ✧ IN Roleplay will you want your pet to "talk/type" or do you want a very strict non-speaking pet?: We would like a dog that acts like a dog in local chat but in IM's talk/text is more then welcome. ✧ Any other tidbits you feel that are important for your pet to know: We are a large family with lots of love to share we do our best to avoid drama and live a rather carefree happy sl life. If you have any questions please Send a NC so it doesnt get lost or accidentally closed. We are more then willing to do a week trial to see if our family is a good match for you ^-^
  7. Heyo, I'm Kai. Looking for a teenager or adult to adopt. I would really love to have someone apart of the family Wanna know more? message me, oncewasalways
  8. I have a brand new Funsies that I purchased several years back that I don't intend on using. The model is Jayla (Dark skin and blue eyes). I also have a crib and a diaper bag full of supplies that come with her. If you're interested in growing your family and adopting her please contact me inworld at PianoManDuet.
  9. Looking for my first RP Family<3
  10. Looking to try something new Looking for a Family. Ima Adult Player I work in real life Im online all the time except when im at work.
  11. I've been interested in adopting a son for a little while, but that pesky timezone difference is getting in the way. I live in East Asia, so I'm only really online after midnight SLT, long after most kids are in bed. I'm a single dad looking for a son, preferably school age or a younger teen. I am a roleplay but I don't have a character for this avatar yet, so if you're not much of a roleplayer or a little scared, that's ok. I mostly just want to spend time together and be a dad, so I'm up for whatever the son is interested in. I am an alt, so I probably won't be around much on weekends. This is part of the reason I'm looking for an older son; I want a son who wants a dad but also wants personal time, not necessarily a son who needs a dad at all times. I have looked at a few adoption places, but I wanted to cast my net a little farther. If you want to talk more, send me a notecard or reply here and we can see if we're a match.
  12. Hello, I would like to try role playing a child avatar in Pleasantville and Hardknock Elementary, anyone want to adopt me! I am not set on a specific character so you can decide what kind and age child you get! Send me a message if you are interested!
  13. Looking to Adopt Children between the ages of 2-5 Boy or Girl doesn't matter. Please message me if you are interested, would like to get to know you! Willing to join a family rp community Looking to adopt a pet dog one that uses an actual dog avatar (not a furry avatar). someone who would be willing to join a community, a dog that is kid friendly. send me a message if anyone is interested in either! @JunQueen
  14. Hello there, me and my man are looking to add to our family in second life but would like a baby that can talk and is their own person but would still enjoy being with a family and growing up with us. They would need to have their own linden but we can provide a little for them. You would be getting a brother and a sister so we don't mind if its a girl or boy - I think a little girl is probably preferable but boy is fine also. Our house is not big or flashy and we are not on all the time so you would have your own time as well and time with us. Please send me an IM if you are interested I will introduce you to my man and the kids and we can see how things turn out from there. Looking forward to meeting you whoever you are. Love Kez
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