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Found 7 results

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MISSION: PHENOMENULL 3 - In Your Dreams ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Mission: Phenomenull 3! This year's theme is 'In Your Dreams'! -- The POPSTARZ sim opens Sunday, June 26, 2022 -- You must be 18+ to enter. Come wander around the sim to explore your wildest dreams...or maybe even your scariest nightmares! In addition to daily bingo games and weekly fishing tournaments, the sim is loaded with many interesting areas to explore. FREE to play games and activities are scattered around and some of them will even pay Linden Dollars to winners! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/POPSTARZ/129/137/23 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DESTINATION GUIDE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No directions will be provided to help you locate these areas, you will need to find them yourself: - (L$) WEEKLY FEESHING TOURNAMENT with LINDEN PAYOUTS FOR: GOLD - SILVER - BRONZE - BIGGEST FEESH - (L$) DAILY BINGO with games held TWICE A DAY (at 9:00 a.m. AND 4:00 p.m. SLT) - (L$) HIDDEN PRIZE BOARDS - (L$) WORD SCRAMBLER - (L$) TRIVIA BALL - (L$) SECRET WORD GAME - arcade - basketball - blood wrestling - bumper buoy game - one-on-one or create teams - bowling alley - bubble breaker - bubble ride - rez a bubble to fly around the sim - can't stop - cards against humanity - cheesy - chess - deduction - dominos - dragon ride - gogomodo trivia - greedy - hammerhead - hand and foot - hungry rat - ice skating - margarita pong - maze - mechanical dinosaur ride - mistressmind - mugshot photobooth - paparazzi photobooth - shark attack - squazzle maze - stix - sun versus moon - thirty one - trivia - tug-o-war - ufo - water slide - watercraft (able to drive off-sim) - wordle and...DON'T FORGET...the MAIN EVENT: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MISSION: PHENOMENULL SCAVENGER HUNT PARTY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The official Mission:Phenomenull Scavenger Hunt Party will ONLY be held on Sunday, July 24, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. SLT. L$ 100,000 in prizes will be split into various predetermined payout amounts. There will be multiple ways to win! This is not your typical scavenger hunt...it is a Phenomenull Scavenger Hunt Party! INSTRUCTIONS ARE REQUIRED and yes, it will take 1 hour for me to go through the instructions. You will be glad I did. Participants will have two hours to complete the scavenger hunt and then there will be an after party to announce winners. NOTICE: Dream theme costumes are strongly encouraged! 10 AM SLT - INSTRUCTIONS (required) ** If you want to win, do NOT be late for instructions! ** 11 AM SLT - SCAVENGER HUNT BEGINS 1 PM SLT - SCAVENGER HUNT ENDS 1 PM SLT - THE PARTY BEGINS 2 PM SLT - THE PARTY ENDS *************************************************** ***** Scavenger Hunt Participant Requirements ***** *************************************************** -- All participants are required to join the Mission:Phenomenull experience. -- Will need the ability to take photos in SL during the hunt and send them to Phenomenull Popstar. -- All participants must receive instructions before they can begin hunting. -- All participants must have registered and touched ENDGAME before 1 p.m. SLT or they will be disqualified. SCAVENGER HUNT TIP: It will be in your best interest to thoroughly explore the sim BEFORE July 24. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPONSORED BY: PHENOMENULL POPSTAR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MAD PROPS to a most creative builder, Nelly Swindlehurst, for bringing the Mission:Phenomenull 3 dream sim to life! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mission: Phenomenull Group: (copy the following URL into nearby chat, then click on the group link to join) secondlife:///app/group/99be845c-db4a-b245-b9b2-1c78e9d12e7a/about ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Join us today in the lounge at Ravenfall for two back to back sets of musical chaos, creativity, and fun! 2-4pm SLT: DJ Folly & Host Risk bring you musical mayhem! What will Folly play today? We're not sure she even knows! But it'll be a blast! 4-6pm SLT: DJ Vicious & Host Neylinn will be bringing out the sexy dark EBSM tunes today! Phew, it's gonna get hot! TP: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sushene 1/185/80/2244 www.ravenfall.net https://linktr.ee/ravenfallsl What is Ravenfall? A place lost in time, buildings reclaimed by forest magic. Explore, relax, and join your Queer peers for fun social club events! LGBTQIA+ Positive, Allies welcome. (18+ only)
  3. Ravenfall, an LGBTQIA+ community venue is having a grand opening weekend on June 25th and 26th. We have 3 sets back to back on each day, and all of our spots are filled but TWO! We're looking for two friendly chatty hosts who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community or allies to host for this major event. The available shifts are Sat June 25th from 12pm-2pm SLT, and Sun June 26th from 10am-12pm SLT. Please check out our website to get an idea of what we're about and send an IM inworld to Nyxx Nova if interested.
  4. I’m a 25yr f looking for a regular group of friends to hang and chat with. Maybe go to clubs or events together. I also have a home to hang out at too! My style is between gothic and Kawaii
  5. You've seen her sweet side while she saunters around the club greeting you and your friends, bringing you fun and flirty. But, are you prepared to see a darker side of that sun-kissed beauty? Does the thought of peeling black latex off her supple skin tempt you? This angel has a devilish side, and she wants to explore and show it off with you. Join Kiki Farrah at The Monarchy on Thursday October 21st 2021 for a special striptease and pole performance. Kick off spooky season right with the seductive succubus, you won't want to miss it!
  6. We are having a grand reopening! Thank you for your interest in Midnight Sins! We offer a wide range of people that dance, strip, and Escort. Text, voice, cam, and lovense are all something that could be offered by people that work here. Midnight Sins is LGBTQ+ friendly andstrictly 18+! Things to consider if you are interested in working here: * Allows all two-legged to work. Exp: Male, Female, Andro, Trans, Furry. * Enforces consent. * No mandatory hours. * No mandatory boards to purchase, but there are some available. * Private rooms provided. * Escort section and preapproved Dream Team Goddess lounge. * No mandatory avatar requirements. Come make your home with people that just enjoy the fun side of things. What you might expect as a client: Everyone looks for a place they are welcome to come play. Are you? A bar, dancers of all walks of life, private rooms, lovense and more. Try out the place and pop in today for a peek at what it has to offer? Looking for a Domme? Check the Dream Team lounge of preapproved Domme's that play here at Midnight Sins.
  7. Hello! I'm Faith diaz-noble or (cyb3rdo11) I am currently looking for a new job in SL or just something to do while I am here! all tags that have been included in this. I have 5months or more previous experience with. I enjoying exploring different part of this shared crazy world we're in and being surrounded by different groups of people. i'm not at all for anny sorts of drama SO! if you dont have any and your interested in talking feel free to IM me @ the name given above! hope to hear from you!
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