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color adjustment mesh feet

I bought some nice mesh feet. They look so much better then the default Linden feet....but to get the skintone of my feet matching to my skin is a real pain...I spend hours on it. With the feet came a color adjustment hud but I can't get it right...and when its finally reasonable the light changes in SL and it looks awfull again. Woman Mad

I was wondering why are there no skinbuilders who make their own feet that match to their skins ?  
Even knowing the exact RBG of your skin would de a great help ! 

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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Sighs .... I have the same nightmarre than you.

And even after spending a looooot of time to settle the color, one person will come with another windlight setting than you and tell you that your feet are not the same color than your main skin, even if you see them fine.

So well, i gave up and i mostly wear boots lol.

But i agree with you on the idea that skin's merchants should put a nc with the skin, with the exact RGB settings. so it will be easier to use these damned color huds.

ive also planed to make the same style of shoes with feet and to add a hud for the color for adding with the clothes i design and sell. But when i saw the mess it was, i prefered to give up. :-(

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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You can set the viewer to show the RGB values of whatever your cursor is hovering over. It's extremely helpful. In Phoenix it's Advanced > UI > Show Color Under Cursor.

ETA: Of course the color will still look different depending on lighting, but at least then you -know- you got it right, so you can tell other people to shut up ;P

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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One thing that helps is show color under cursor.

You can hover your cursor over the area of your skin where it meets the feet and enter those rgb values.

As you have experienced, light changes are going to change how they look.

Since skin is not one solid color, I recommend trying to use the rgb values of what appears to be the most prominent color on your legs, and maybe a slight variation.

Hope this helps a bit, I know it can be frustrating.

Develop > Show Info > Show Color Under Cursor

> Show Color Under Cursor - Show the RGB color values of the pixel the cursor is on. (Note: The fourth number in the sequence shows the opacity values for UI elements, and for post-process effects such as glow. This number will remain at zero unless the cursor is over such an item.)

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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There is one problem that you can run into using the color picker. There is an excellent discussion of the issues here:

"Another problem is the texture used for skin. A white texture allows one to use the Build Tool’s Texture Color and use meaningful RGB values. ONLY when the texture is white (gray scale) can the Show Color Under Cursor give usable results. (SLV: Develop->Show Info->Show Color…  – Phoenix: Advanced->UI->Show Color…)

If a texture is the color 106,70,43 (a skin color) and the Build Tool color is white (255,255,255) then Show Color will return 106,70,43. If you set the color to 100,100,100 (medium dark grey) then Show Color will return 41,26,18. The resulting 41,26,18 is a useless value for trying to match colors. What this means is you need to check the demo to see if the maker is using a colored or gray scale texture. (What happens is: 100/255 x 106 = 41) Or at least make sure their coloring tool works well. Color problems are another reason to only buy Mod-OK stuff."

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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You could shut off a number of things like shadows and keep the environmental settings the same day/night.  Of course, even if you get it perfect for your viewer, it probably will look bizarre to many of the rest of us since we run different viewers, graphics cards, settings, operating systems etc. Not to mention the number of people that probably wouldn't see your feet in the first place because of not using a mesh viewer.

People can at least see my feet.   I don't like the add on feet and the hassle of dealing with changing them all the time.  I  am more worried about others seeing half  of me as being missing wearing mesh than I am with the color of my feet.     Plus, SL feet don't contribute to lag in a sim. You an always tell the guys that are using non-mesh viewers, they tend to avoid women with mesh items on because they can't really see half of her.

So many people are use to the SL default feet that you would probably have less comments just using the default.  A nicely made pump minus addon foot is just as gorgeous.  You can also wear stocking or socks that will minimize bad looking SL feet.   Personally, I wouldn't worry with it if I were you...set it till it looks good for you and heck with anyone else.

Something  you could try if you have a good hud that allows you to store a number of skin tones.  Set up a skin tone for each of the differnt light setting...when the light changes, pop on the hud, change the skin and done till next light change.



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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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Well, I had almost given up. I did a last search on the Marketplace and found that feet of Skifija...there are feet in the package optimized for laq and redgrave skins.

And they look perfect...well almost perfect because the toes are a bit 
Wearing them now and they look good in any kind of light  Woman Very Happy 

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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Ether skin makers put in a texture with the skin that goes on hands feet and elf ears gauged and non gagued and other... things. Or foot makers atlest help us by makeing thair feet so they are bone white with shadeing so people add the color to that and it looks good ish or just plain bone white. I get irritated by foot makers thinking that the person thats going to wear thair feet will be some shade of brown or pink. I have a lovely dark purple skin I want to match feet to.

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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My wife wears mesh feet from GAELINE and they always match, no matter what the light settings. I dunno what Gael is doing different from the rest but whatever it is, it works. Plus, her HUD is the most sensible and easy to use I've seen. Unfortunately she only makes female feet. I tried the female demo and was able to match it in no time but, of course, the sizing isn't right. I'm currently trying to convince her to make a set of mesh feet for men... help me out, you guys out there, if this is an issue for you too Smiley Happy)

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Re: color adjustment mesh feet

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I wish I knew how you were able to match these Gaeline feet.  I'm having a heck of a time with it.