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Second Life Magazines

Does SL have any online magazines or blogs that keep up-to-date with events within the server, the latest fashion, or the newest furniture, and any other stuff like that? If so, which are the best and where can i find them?

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Re: Second Life Magazines

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Heavens, there's hundreds of SL blogs!   As it happens, someone asked about this recently over at SLU and we ended up with quite a good list there.   

I would recommend Nalates' Things and Stuff  and Inara Pey's Living In The Modem World  for news about the server and viewer updates and so on, plus Inara writes interestingly about interesting and photogenic destinations.   

I'm a bit reticent about recommending fashion blogs and so on, because my tastes probably aren't yours and, anyway, I tend to concentrate on designers whose work I know, supplemented by recommendations from my fashionista friends, rather than read the blogs.   There are certainly plenty of good fashion blogs recommended over at the SLU discussion, though.