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My face is ugly! How to fix?

Hullo everyone. I am new to Second Life, this is my...third day I believe. So I went shopping yesterday and bought some hair and skin and ...and...shape I think. I don't like the face on my avatar though! How do I fix this? Which part do I need to buy?

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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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More than likely the skin will be your issue. A good skin on a bad shape will usually look better than a bad skin on a good shape.

Also, if you start with the skin, you can shape your face to fit that skin where you can't change your skin to fit a shape. 

You may want to try some skins that come with shapes then modify the shape to suit your preferences.

Edited Note: Your skin is perhaps the most important component of your avatar and worth the little extra it may cost to get a good one.  Make sure you check out the better ones and don't try to find the cheapest option as this is something you will have to live with for a while.

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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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Thanks for the help!

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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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Shape and skin combine to create the look of the body and face. One trick to help out with faces, in particular, is changing your light settings. The default lighting in SL causes shadows to settle in the natural curves of the face, so you can end up with deep lines around your nose and mouth, in particular. This causes many users to hate the way they look, not because there's something wrong with their shape or skin but because the lighting is all wrong. Changing your windlight/environment settings may help. Check out environment settings (I think it's under "world"), then advanced. (I don't know exactly how to do this on the official viewer, since I don't use it, but perhaps someone else will chime in?) You can choose a preset, or create one yourself. I know .salt has a free set of facelights that includes a notecard for environment settings to remove those shadows.

If that doesn't help and you still don't like your face, if your shape is modifiable you can choose "appearance > edit shape" when right-clicking your avi and play with the sliders to see if you can find something you like. And/or buy a new skin. There are TONS of skins out there, and any good skin has demos available. Definitely try the demos before you buy! Skins can be a big investment. The good ones are often quite expensive, but worth it. Often, the skin makes the avi, but it's worth the price.

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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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Post a screenshot, and we can give you the brutal but helpful tips to improve.

But in so doing; tell us what you'd like to look somewhat like; age, ethncity, kinda like a favorite celeb, or whatever else...

Skin and shape make a combined deal that has to work well together. Even if both are great, if they're out of sync it will look off... By contrast two merely ok ones will look great if they happen to harmonize well.


Note also that shape is probably the best thing in SL to do on your own, rather than buying. Its just editing appearance dials, and its a great way to experiment to get exactly the look you want.



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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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Ball peen hammer?

No, just kidding.

You need to put on a new shape and/or skin. Try demos to see how it looks before you buy, or get a cheap or free one. You can make them too but if you're new  you might want to go with premade first.

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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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O.o I want to see!! You will go through a lot of looks hair, skins and shape( plus adjust your avatar a billion times so dont worry about it too much)

 Just ask people when you see avatars you like to help you... lots of people like to give newbies a make over =)

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Re: My face is ugly! How to fix?

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No skin looks exactly to your taste until you modify the face and can make such a big me if you need help

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