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what is the best Viewer performance wise? Which Viewer lags the least?

I roleplay and sometimes have to meter fight, but lag almost always wins the battle. lol Which viewer would LL suggest i use for reducing my lag? Obviously they would want me to use the Official SL viewer, but can someone please let me know if there is a better Viewer performance wise? And I'm also new to these forums, how do I assign my signature?

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Hello there. More than anything what is going to affect your reaction time and lagometer is going to be your graphics card/video card. Your gonna want to get interested in having good graphics capabilities on your system and then maybe try out the different viewers, I personally enjoy the official viewer.
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depends on your computer (my experience)

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there are 3 kinds of "lag" you might be dealing with...

server lag (everyone rubberbanding, items not rezzing, etc)

network lag (high ping times, poor conection, low bandwidth)

local lag (slow computer, slow video card, high monitor refesh time)

only the last one will be affected by a viewer, and then there are other things that will affect it more than which viewer you choose..

first kill other running programs... if the computer is busy with those, it's taking time away from the thing you want it to be working on at full speed.

second, lower your video settings in the viewer... the less flashy special effects it has to proccess the faster it can do the main stuff

THEN, if you are still wanting to get a little free perfomance boost, try one of the lighter weight TPV's like Cool VL (snoglobe version), or one of THESE. consider one like Phoenix or Imprudence that has the option for a built in Animation Overrider, and do NOT enable the LSL bridge (those two also give you the option to "derender" items, so that they aren't drawn on your screen, which might help for a slow vid card)


things that cost money, but can enhance performance

-- use a wired connection instead of wireless (seriously, SL hates wireless)

-- get more computer memory (second bect performance boost for most machines, >4GB usually won't affect performance)

-- upgrade proccessor (anything >2Ghz shouldn't matter to performance)

-- upgrade video card (this is probably the bigest performance boost of all)

-- faster hard drives for your system, progams and caches (shouldn't matter for SL, but some claim a noticeable improvement)

- Farewell to your ports and good luck to you all
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Your signature is in Personal Profile which you can get to by clicking "Settings" at the top of the screen.

As for which is the best viewer, I`m not sure anyone could answer that for you because we all have different computers & connections and probably all visit different places in SL.

I use Phoenix and love it, but it might be hell on earth for you lol Best suggestion would be to try the different ones and see what works best for your setup. You can find them all here:


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i don't think any viewer will greatly effect lag it's more down to your hardware your net connection and LL's servers you can try toggling your bandwidth if your getting lots of packet loss which you can find out via the stat window (ctrl+shift+1) it can lag adjusting bandwidth in prefs can help that i know people that suggest using to test your connection then setting bandwith to 80% of download speed

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You already got some great advices that will help you.

I only can add, as katana-fighter in SL: we fight as very simple avatars..we wear no scripted items (other than our sword), detach (not only switch them off, but really detach) all HUD's, flexi-clothes and hair (it is possible to find non-flexi nice hair!) and lower the graphics. This may make us look less cool, but it sure helps with  speedy fights Smiley Wink.

You roleplay, so perhaps you are wearing a very detailed armor of some sort? If so, maybe try a less primmy outfit?

I use Viewer 2.5 and experience hardly bad lag in fighting, unless of course in a crowded sim or the occasional bad-SL-moments!


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