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stuck in sim

I am stuck in a sim.  I can fly around it and walk , but when i try to get out of it i get logged off.  My mini map only shows the

sim I am in.  I can't teleport out of here either.


Any ides?

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Log into a different sim.  Just go to Me - Preferences - General tab and check the box next to the Startup location that says Show on login.  That way you can choose the sim you wish to login to.  Try Pooley, Smith or Aqua as they are low impact.  Then see if you can teleport from there.


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Hello Micky and welcome to SL Forums. Try to relog in a different region like Smith or Lime and after being sure at first that your inventory is fully loaded, try to teleport. If this doesn't fix your problem, try the solutions described at the following link:

Good luck.

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