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rebake region button not visible

sometimes i see the path finding icon on the top bar on the viewer, pressing it it tells me to rebake the region, but there is no "rebake region" button anywhere on the viewer.


deleted the settings but i still can't see any rebake region button.


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There are some kinks to be worked out with region rebaking, we don't do it where I work after rebaking mucked up the terraforming and moved some objects around. Even if the rebake button does show up, it was my understanding that only the sim owner clicking it would do anything. Regardless, better to restart a region than rebaking it, IMO.

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You won't necessarily see the button unless you have permissions to use it, so it's a bit misleading for them to even put that flashing icon up there.  When it comes right down to it, it doesn't make any difference whether you rebake the region or not unless your sim is making active use of the pathfinding options.  If I were you, I would ignore the flashing icon.  It's not like your "Check Engine" light.

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