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is it ok to use exodus viewer?

hi, i know about the third party viewers list on the sl website so i don't need a copy of the link, i just wanted to ask if its ok to use the exodus viewer?, since i've seen alot of people using this viewer in sl and i did not see it in the sl third party viewers list. it also says on the exodus website that exodus viewer is a specialized third party combat viewer for second life. i don't think this is a copybot type viewer from what i've seen in the exodus website so sounds to me like it is an ok viewer to use and from what i've seen others using it in sl as well, but i am not really sure if it is ok with linden labs to use it or not. thank you.

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I'm one of the Exodus Viewer developers, so call me biased for my answer if you wish. However I wish to point out a few things.


First of all, all viewers that connect to the Second life grid must comply to Second life's third party viewer policy. This policy is on http://secondlife.com/corporate/tpv.php - If we (developers), do not comply to this policy, Linden lab would be quick to block the viewer from logging in. If we circumvented the blocks, our Second life accounts would end up banned.


Secondly, listing on the Second Life TPV list is optional. Believing you are any safer with a viewer on the TPV is a false sense of security. TPV developers self certify their viewer's compliance (regardless of being listed) to the TPV, Linden Lab are not known to normally certify viewer releases on the TPV list. You should question all viewers regardless of being on the TPV.


You have to apply to be on the list, you can see LL's terms for applying here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Downloads#For_developers:_how_to_apply_to_list_a_viewer_in_this_dire...


Thirdly, at this time, we aren't seeking out to be on the TPV list, we're still in beta after all. We are however listed on Second life's wiki on, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Downloads#Exodus_Viewer - which makes listing on the TPV somewhat pointless if we're listed anyway.


As one of the developers of Exodus Viewer, I would like to say that I stand by everything that is written in http://exodusviewer.com/faq.html - Which pretty much references the fact we don't have cheaty, password stealing or any of that other stuff.