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how can i become a dj on second life?
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Not recent,t but best tutorial ever:

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You can start here >>> .

It also helps to have a good understanding of how music is handled in SL.  Try these wiki pages....

And this basic Knowledge Base article, with its embedded videos .........

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You could look in the Employment Category, or place your own AD in Employment.


You will need a DJ booth of some kind, visit Market Place to view a variety of booths.

Your Profile page has several locations to share information about your Avatar. You can use your Profile as advertising.

There is an Inworld Classifieds system in Search, place or respond to AD's there.


Be friendly, be willing to change or adjust your DJ style to suite the needs of the Club or Residents you play music for.

Keep your Mini map open when DJ'ing, welcome new visitor, do your part to include the Guest you entertain.


Visit some Music events, clubs, and observe some DJ's in action. Learn from them.



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I would differ with Knowl on needing a booth.  Most clubs have a spot for the DJ already.  But you DO need a good music collection and a Shoutcast stream.  Most DJs do their "patter" in voice, so it helps to have a "voice for radio" and a microphone.

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