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Region Rebake

Recently,on arrival in a new region, I have been getting a pop up window saying I should rebake the region, which I then do with the helpful button that appears at the bottom of the viewer screen. It doesn't actually affect my view of things or my movements and takes like a few seconds to complete. I did see an earlier answer to this referring to Pathfinder, but I didn't find anything in that information that gave any reason for this.

It really isn't an issue for me, but as it is a new thing, I was just wondering what it is all about.

One other question - If you rebake when entering a sim, would you get the "need to rebake" pop up again in the same sim?

Thanks for any info given on this.


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Here's the best short answer that I have seen on this subject, from a response that Nalates Urriah gave in one of the forums :

"if you or anyone move anythng that touches the ground or rez or delete any prims at ground level, the Navmesh will attempt or at least plan to update and give you a notice the Navmesh is out of date. This is only a status change where a flag is set. You can ignore it. It should clear in 10 minutes or so.

I am not certain whether the flag is set when you move things at altitude, like in a skybox.

If you do not have AI Characters running around, the Navmesh being out of date is moot. It just does not matter."

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