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I am using Phinex firestorm viewer and it keeps crashing it says the Viewer is using to much graphec

it shows a chart and it shows a high usage Graphics for phinex Fire storm and when it gets to high it shuts down second life

and takes me back to my computer start up screen and a message comes on and says phinex has shut down and stop working so what the heck is the problem and also when I am on Second Life the screen freezes and it shuts down and I get the same message how do I fix this problem.

phinex viewer don't no how to fix problem

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It's almost impossible to guess what's wrong or how to fix it (it that's possible) without knowing more about your computer and graphics card.  To help, you can add important information by

(1) Logging in and going to Help >> About Phoenix

(2) Highlighting and cutting (CTRL + C) the information in that window

(3) Opening your question here again and selecting the Options link in its upper right corner, then selecting EDIT

(4) Pasting (CTRL + V) the information that you copied in step (2).

Do NOT start a new thread.  Just continue with this one.

When we have that information, it will be much easier to offer a solution.

For now, though, the general answer is that you are indeed demanding too much out of your graphics card.  Until we can offer a better solution, open Preferences (CTRL + P) >> Graphics, UNcheck shadows, and reduce your draw distance to 64.   See if that helps a little.

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