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How to enable RLV

How do you enable RLV viewer in Second Life Viewer

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In the official SLviewer, you don't. There is no such feature. Use Firestorm or other TPVs as others said. In Firestorm, you can enable it in Preferences > Firestorm. 

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You don't.  I'd go with Singularity over Firestorm any day, though, if only given the issues with trust and the lack thereof the Firestorm/Phoenix/Emerald/Whatever-they-call-themselves-this-week team have had over time.

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You can't - it's strictly a third-party viewer feature and probably always will. If you want to use RLV and stick with the basic Viewer 3 look you can try Dolphin or Catznip.

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Firestorm also offers a V3-like interface.

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