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Firestorm chat logs saved or not?

In Firestorm, I have found in Preferences / Privacy where I can have chats and IM's saved to my computer.  But I cannot find anywhere on my computer where they may have been saved.  And I cannot find where I can choose where I want them saved, as in other viewers.  Is this one of the things that is not yet truly available in the Beta version?  Saving my chats is very important to me and if this feature is not yet active I will have to go back to V2 until it is.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Open Preferences (CTRL + P) >>> Network & Cache and look for Chat Logs Location: Shows the location of your chat logs. (Chat logging is enabled in the Privacy tab.)

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They are saved in your AppData. You can actually choose where to save them to if you want them somewhere more convenient to you, by clicking the "set" button next to the location in Preferences > Network & Cache tab. There is also an "Open" button, which opens their location for you.

If you have never opened the AppData folder on your computer before, it could stillbe  a hidden folder, which may be why you have not found the logs. You can un-hide hidden folders by going to folder options in your windows tools menu.

The other thing different about Firestorm is that the cache & logs etc are in a folder called Firestorm in AppData, instead of one called Second Life. This is so that Firestorm can be installed alongside other viewers such as Phoenix, without causing any conflicts from having the cache saved in the same place.

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