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Deploys for the Week of 2011-02-14

by Linden on ‎02-14-2011 05:09 PM

Hi I'm Oskar Linden, your friendly Lead, QA Engineer for the Core Team. I will be making these posts for the time being. Please be kind, this is my first forums post and this software behaves oddly.
This is what we got going on this week:
Second Life Server (main channel)
We have a lot of Display Names changes moving up from BlueSteel to the main channel.
Second Life RC BlueSteel
We are updating this with a fix for a crashing bug in the IP Management tools that was released last week.
Second Life RC LeTigre
Kelly's mono2-aware project grabs this slot. This branch paves the way for upgrading the Mono virtual machine that runs scripts in Second Life. This branch ensures that scripts continue to work as we upgrade.
Second Life RC Magnum
This is the same "Maint Server" as last week, with integration of the Display Names project. "Threaded Rez" is enabled.

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Deploys for the Week of 2011-02-07

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎02-07-2011 04:14 PM

UPDATE: Due to a bug affecting scripts in Linden Homes regions, we will need to restart all Linden Homes regions on Second Life Server and LeTigre (the other channels will have already been fixed.) This will happen Wednesday at 10:00pm Pacific.

Hey all, here's the line up for the week:

Second Life Server (main channel)
We'll  be promoting the Interest List project from BlueSteel to the main grid.  The Interest List is what determines what objects to send to the  viewer, and this modification is aimed at sending more relevant objects  to the viewer faster.

Second Life RC BlueSteel
This  channel will be replaced with a "Content Management" project. It  provides some back-end updates and bug fixes to our Intellectual  Property (IP) tools.

Second Life RC LeTigre
The "Display Names" project will pull in Interest List and be re-deployed.

Second Life RC Magnum
"Maint Server" will stay here, integrating the Interest List project. It will also be re-enabling "Threaded Rez," which made an appearance a  few months ago, but was disabled because of some non-thread-safe code.  That code has since been fixed, and we're going to flip T-Rez back on.

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Deploys for the Week of 2011-01-31

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎01-31-2011 04:37 PM

Hey guys, another week, another deploy Here's the lineup:

Second Life Server (main channel)
The  "Viewer Metrics" project is going to be promoted. Nothing glitzy is  coming to the grid with this deploy, but it will help us better  understand how the other, glitzier, things we deploy affect things like  viewer frame rate.

  • 2011-02-01, 5:00am: Second Life Server channel deploy (release notes)

Second Life RC BlueSteel
The  "Interest List" project will be merging in "Viewer Metrics" and making  another appearance on BlueSteel. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • 2011-02-02, 8:00am: Second Life RC BlueSteel channel deploy (release notes)

Second Life RC LeTigre
We're gonna move the "Display Names" project from Magnum to LeTigre. It will also be merging in "Viewer Metrics."

  • 2011-02-02, 9:00am: Second Life RC LeTigre channel deploy (release notes)

Second Life RC Magnum
This is going to be another "Maint Server" project: some more crash fixes, and a resolution to SVC-6678 (Changing Regions Very fast Causes "No Valid Agent ID").

  • 2011-02-02, 10:00am: Second Life RC Magnum channel deploy (release notes)

As always, come to the forums for Q&A about this deploy!

Deploys for the Week of 2011-01-24

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎01-24-2011 11:30 AM

Hey all, it's a pretty standard week as far as deploys go. One note:  we are bumping up the roll time for the main channel by an hour, so  hopefully it disrupts even fewer people. The RC channel updates will  continue to happen at their regularly scheduled times. I've updated the  calendar on the status blog to reflect this change.

Second Life Server (main channel)
We will be promoting the Encroachment project, which allows parcel  owners to finally do something about those pesky prims that might be  sneaking into your land.

  • 2011-01-25 5:00am: Rolling Restart on Second Life Server channel (release notes)

Second Life RC BlueSteel
After Tuesday, this channel will be freed up for a new project:  Interest List. The Interest List is a server-side algorithm that  determines which objects to send to the viewer next. For example, it  sends you the stuff that's in front of you before it sends the stuff  that's behind you, because it's more important to render first. This  project tweaks that algorithm in the hopes of getting the objects you  want to see rendering more quickly.

  • 2011-01-26 8:00am: Rolling Restart on BlueSteel RC channel (release notes)

Second Life RC LeTigre
We'll be merging in the Encroachment project and re-deploying the viewer metrics code. Nothin' fancy.

  • 2011-01-26 9:00am: Rolling Restart on LeTigre RC channel (release notes)

Second Life RC Magnum
Surprise! We will be doing a Magnum roll. There's a project that  contains some Display Names bug fixes that will be rolled out here.

  • 2011-01-26 10:00am: Rolling Restart on Magnum RC channel (release notes)

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Deploys for the Week of 2011-01-17

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎01-14-2011 05:17 PM

We've got a full plate for next week. Here's the plan:

Second Life Server (main channel)
Due to the mishap with the Encroachment project on BlueSteel, we'lll  be promoting the "Simulator Shutdown" project from LeTigre. From the  preliminary tests during the Release Candidate update last week, we're hoping that the roll will be about 30% faster. It should also reduce the  number of inventory problems that are encountered on region restart.

Second Life RC BlueSteel
BlueSteel will see a return of the Encroachment project... now with less bugs! As a reminder, this project helps parcel owners deal with foreign prims that extend into the boundaries of their parcel.

Second Life RC LeTigre
LeTigre is getting new project, "Viewer Metrics." This is intended  to help us get better viewer-side metrics, letting us know if changes we  make actually improve the user experience.

Second Life RC Magnum
Magnum is going to keep "Centrals Supreme" for another week, with Simulator Shutdown merged in.

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Deploys for the Week of 2011-01-10

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎01-07-2011 06:19 PM

Hey all. Another round of deploys next week, barring any disasters

Second Life Server channel (main channel)
We'll be promoting the Encroachment project to the main channel this week, as well as enabling compression on the entire grid.

  • 2011-01-10, 11:00am: Enable Compression grid-wide
  • 2011-01-11, 6:00am: Rolling Restart (release notes)

BlueSteel RC Channel:
This  project, "Viewer Metrics" is intended to collect data on Viewer  performance, specifically around asset download speeds and frame rate.  This will help us know if what we're deploying actually improves the  user experience.

LeTigre RC Channel:
We'll just be updating the project that was already here, "Simulator Shutdown," with the Encroachment project merged in.

Magnum RC Channel:
Since  we're also enabling compression everywhere, Magnum will be freed up for  a new project. I'm calling it "Centrals Supreme," because it is a  bundle of a 3 updates to our "central servers." The Centrals, as we call  them, are all the various machines that do things besides simulating regions. The three updates are:

  1. Mapserver: a minor update to the machine that generates the region images that you see on the World Map
  2. Inventory API: you may remember that this service was deployed a few weeks ago. We've  since had to disable it due to conflicts with older viewers. This deploy  is to add a version number to the API, thereby making it only  accessible to newer viewers that can properly interact with it. Older  viewers will use the legacy inventory protocol that has been on the grid  since the dawn of time.
  3. Region Conductor: this  is the services that decides which simulator to put regions on. When  your region is down, either from a restart, crash, or whatever, the  region conductor finds an empty sim to start it up on. The changes here  are to improve the efficiency of how regions are placed on sims.

Please bring questions & comments to the forums.

Deploys for the Week of 2011-01-03

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎01-03-2011 04:29 PM

Hey guys, we'll be having the first deploy of the new year next Tuesday. Here's what's on our plate:

Second Life Server (main channel)
We'll  be promoting the "Compression" project to the main grid. The main  feature here is that region crossings and teleports now compress avatar  data as they happen, which results in faster completion times. This  feature will be deployed in a disabled state. Magnum will have it enabled for testing.

Second Life RC BlueSteel
BlueSteel  will be getting the "Encroachment" project. This aims to address the  issue of objects encroaching onto a parcel you own (more details here). This will depend on a future viewer interface before it is fully usable.

Second Life RC LeTigre
LeTigre  is getting a set of back-end fixes that address the simulator shutdown  process. This will help make restarts (both rolling restarts and  individual region restarts,) safer and more reliable. This roll will  also rename all the LeTigre regions back to LeTigre.

Second Life RC Magnum
We  will be rolling Magnum with the same code that is going to the main  channel, the "Compression" project, and also enabling the compression  feature for the first time. This feature compresses data sent between  regions during teleport and region crossings, and should decrease the  time to complete those actions.

Bring questions & comments over to the fourms.

Deploys for Week of 2010-12-13

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎12-13-2010 04:30 PM

Due to a serious bug on the LeTigre and BlueSteel regions (objects failing to rez, SVC-6604,)  we won't be promoting either of these to the main channel this week.  Instead we'll only be rolling out updates to those channels that fixes  the bug. Also, barring any major issues, this will be the last roll in  2010.

The schedule is:

Come to the forums to discuss this deploy.

Deploys for Week of 2010-12-06

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎12-06-2010 08:55 PM

We've got a full plate for deploys this week. Here's the schedule:

Second Life Server (main) channel
We'll  be promoting a "Maint Server" project from LeTigre to the main channel.  It contains miscellaneous bug fixes, along with increased access to  script usage data.

  • 2010-12-07, 6:00am: Deploy "Maint Server" to Second Life Server (release notes)

Second Life RC BlueSteel
We've  got a new project called "Compression" that should speed up region  crossings & TPs. As the name implies, avatar data is compressed when  going from region to region, and our tests show this does speed things  up. We won't be able to enable this feature on an RC channel until the  code makes it out to all sims. If this code passes RC, we should be able  to enable Compression on an RC next week.

  • 2010-12-08, 9:00am: Deploy "Compression" to BlueSteel regions (release notes)

Second Life RC LeTigre
LeTigre  is getting a "Maint Server" set of bug fixes, some of which are also  going to be found on BlueSteel. The idea is that if the Compression  project has issues, we can still get these fixes out. See the release  notes for details.

  • 2010-12-08, 10:00am: Deploy "Maint Server" to LeTigre regions (release notes)

Second Life RC Magnum
We don't have anything new for Magnum, but it's a few versions behind the main channel so we're going to catch it up.

  • 2010-12-08, 11:00am: Deploy Second Life Server code to Magnum regions (release notes)

Head over to the Forums for any discussion.

Deploys for Week of 2010-11-29

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎11-29-2010 06:37 PM

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that BlueSteel was rolled last time, so we're going to roll MaintServer to LeTigre instead.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, this post is being written on AirTran flight 917 at 30,000 feet That's my excuse for being late & keeping things short, anyway.

Second Life Server channel
We'll be promoting the  Linkability project from BlueSteel to the main channel tomorrow morning.  We will also be turning on the new Inventory API that has been on  Magnum over the course of the week. That is done via a config change and  won't require an additional rolling restart.

  • 2010-11-30, 6:00am: Rolling restart on main channel
  • 2010-12-01, 9:00am: Enable new inventory API on 50% of Agni
  • 2010-12-02, 9:00am: Enable new inventory API on 50% of Agni

LeTigre RC channel
We will roll out a MaintServer project containing miscellaneous bugfixes to LeTigre.

BlueSteel RC channel & Magnum RC channel
It looks like these channels will be getting a break this week.

Head over to the forums for questions & answers.

Deploys for Week of 2010-11-15

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎11-15-2010 03:49 PM

Hey guys, here's the plan for this week:

Second Life Server (main) Channel
We'll be promoting the LeTigre project, "Threaded Rez." It contains a known issue (SVC-6528)  that makes it appear as if Linden Trees are not movable (they actually  are movable, but the viewer doesn't get the update correctly.) We feel  that this is a minor enough inconvenience to not delay the entire  project. We have a fix which will be included in the RC channels.

  • 2010-11-16 6:00am: Rolling restart on the main channel (release notes)

BlueSteel RC Channel
We've got a new project called "Linkability" that makes some  optimizations about how objects are linked together, along with some bug  fixes.

  • 2010-11-17 9:00am: Rolling restart on the BlueSteel channel (release notes)

Magnum RC Channel
We've made a few updates to the back-end systems for the Inventory  API and will keep the Magnum sims configured to use the service. The  Magnum sims will also be rolled with the latest release version to keep  them up to date (Threaded Rez).

  • 2010-11-17 10:00am: Rolling restart on the Magnum channel (release notes)

We don't have another project for the LeTigre channel right now, so it's not likely to see a roll this week. Also, due to the upcoming US holiday Thanksgiving, we won't be having any rolls next week! Enjoy the break.

Questions & comments over on the Forums.

Deploys for Week of 2010-11-08

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎11-08-2010 10:03 AM

Howdy everyone. Here's the lineup for this week:

Second Life Server channel:
BlueSteel (an internal tools project) will be promoted to Agni this week.

Second Life RC LeTigre:
Last week we deployed the "Threaded Rez" project to LeTigre, but  with the threaded rezzing part disabled in the configuration. We're  going to enable that feature this week to see what kind of difference it  makes when objects are rezzed. What you should look for is lag (or lack  thereof) when really complex items are rezzed in a region. We also need  to integrate the BlueSteel project since it was promoted, and roll that  update.

  • 2010-11-08 11:00am: Threaded Rez feature enabled on LeTigre (this is not a rolling restart)
  • 2010-11-10 9:00am: LeTigre rolling restart with BlueSteel project integrated (release notes)

Second Life RC Magnum:
The new Inventory API will remain on Magnum this week while we make  some adjustments to the backend services that support it. We will also  need to integrate the BlueSteel project here and re-roll.

  • 2010-11-10 10:00am: Magnum rolling restart with BlueSteel project integrated (release notes)

Second Life RC BlueSteel:
As of right now, we don't have anything to put on BlueSteel. It gets a break from the rolls.

Join the converstaion over in the forums.

Deploys for Week of 2010-11-01

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎11-01-2010 12:19 PM

Hi everyone, it's gonna be a busy week:

Second Life Server channel:
We're going to promote the LeTigre as well as Magnum channels. This contains the TCMalloc project, Display Names, and a known issue (SVC-6399).  We have a fix for that issue, however we were unable to get it out onto  LeTigre early enough last week to have it qualify for today's roll.  That fix will be incorporated into this week's Release Candidates for  full deployment next week.

  • 2010-11-02 6:00am: Rolling Restart on the main channel (release notes)

BlueSteel RC channel:
The same project will remain on here, with the addition of a fix for SVC-6399.

  • 2010-11-03 9:00am: Rolling Restart on the BlueSteel RC channel (release notes)

LeTigre RC channel:
A new project, "Threaded Rez," is going to be deployed here. The main  feature, as you might have guessed, is object rezzing is being moved to a  separate thread. This should reduce lag events when complex objects are  rezzed in world.

  • 2010-11-03 10:00am: Rolling Restart on the LeTigre RC channel (release notes pending)

Magnum RC channel:
Another new project will be debuting here, Agent Inventory Service,  or AIS. This is a new central service (it does not run on the sim hosts)  that provides a cleaner API to inventory management. The sims will be  configured to use this new service instead of the old inventory  management system. As of now, only inventory reads will be using this system, not writes. This means that failures in this system will not result in inventory loss.

  • 2010-11-03 11:00am: Rolling Restart on the Magnum RC channel (release notes)

Questions & comments on the forums.

Deploys for Week of 2010-10-25

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎10-22-2010 05:42 PM

I'm gonna try to start posting these on the Friday before the  deploys. I'll have less specific information, but hopefully it makes the  week-of a little less hectic for people. As you know from last week,  the two updates to LeTigre and Magnum were delayed. Both of those  projects will continue to move forward next week. Here's the plan:

The internal tools project deployed here last week will likely see an update on Wednesday due to a minor bug.

  • 2010-10-27 10:00am: Deploy update to BlueSteel regions (release notes)

We'll be rolling an update to the TCMalloc project for real this time : ) This will be on Monday to get maximum grid-time for this project. It has seen a number of set  backs, and in the unfortunate event that another bug turns up, we'd like  to be able to get a fix in early.

  • 2010-10-25 9:30am: Deploy udpate to LeTigre regions (release notes)

Display Names will be turning on here. Since these regions are  running code older than what's on the rest of Agni, I will do a full  roll of these regions to that same server version plus enable  the Display Names configuration option. I know there is much debate  about the DN project. All I can say is that the Release Candidate  process is available so that we can see the actual consequences of a  release, be they server crashes, griefing incidents, etc. The Release,  QA, and Support teams will review statistics (Jira, support load) from  this project before any full grid rolls.

  • 2010-10-26 9:00am: Deploy the current "Second Life Server" code + Display Names configuration to Magnum regions (release notes)

Join the fun over in the forums!

Deploys for Week of 2010-10-18

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎10-18-2010 03:59 PM

Hi everyone, we've got a busy week ahead. Both the TCMalloc &  MaintServer projects have been running smoothly since last week, and  we've decided to promote the MaintServer to the Release channel. Here's  the breakdown of what the RCs will be seeing this week:

Second Life Server (the main channel)
The MaintServer project will be promoted from the BlueSteel RC to the rest of Agni.

We're putting out a simple project here that contains a server crash fix, plus some updates to our internal tools.

The TCMalloc project is staying here for another week, however it  will be updated with an additional crash fix. The crash wasn't proving  to be a big problem on the LeTigre regions, but we'd decided not to risk  seeing what will happen when it goes to the main grid.

The Display Names project is going to be enabled on the Magnum regions. This is done without deploying any new code (the Display Names code is already in the  simulator.) We're just changing a configuration option to enable the  service. If it plays nicely on Magnum through the week, it will be  enabled across Agni the following week with whatever other project gets  promoted.

  • 2010-10-21, 10:00a: ~10% Agni (info)

PS. It's been a couple weeks since we started this new fangled  process. I'd like to get people's feedback on how things are going!  Specifically, are these "Deploys for the Week of..." posts telling you  what you need to know? How about the Release Notes pages? Suggestions  welcome.

Join the discussion on the forums!

Deploys for Week of 2010-10-11

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎10-12-2010 12:23 PM

Hi guys & gals. As you have probably noticed by now (erm,  sorry for the delay in posting), there is no Tuesday deploy this week  because the main project didn't survive 6 days without an update. There  are some exciting things in store for the RC channels, though. Details  below:


  • 2010-10-13, 9:00am: The current project ("tcmalloc," named after the main feature) will receive a small update with some bug fixes.


  • 2010-10-13, 10:00am: A new project will be deployed here, Andrew Linden's "Maint  Server." As the name suggests, it is largely a maintenance release with  some bug fixes. He covered some details of it in the Beta Server Office  Hours (transcript).

Magnum (NEW!)
This is the third and final (for the foreseeable future, anyway,)  Release Candidate (RC) channel. It will consist mostly, if not entirely,  of islands as the mainland is split between the other two.

  • 2010-10-13, after 5:00pm: 1,500 regions will be added to Magnum
  • 2010-10-14, after 5:00pm: 1,500 regions will be added to Magnum

RC Channel Additions and Removals:
A few people have been asked to be added or removed from RC  channels. The Support and Release teams now have a shared listing to  track these requests, so you can make your request to either of us. For  now, send me an IM if you would like your region added or removed from  an RC (note: you must be the region owner). Depending on the amount of requests this process might change.

Please bring your questions & comments to the forum.

Deploys for Week 2010-10-04

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎10-04-2010 03:27 PM

Hi guys! It doesn't look like we're going to have any code to promote  to the Release channel this week, which means no big Tuesday deploy.

Instead, we're going to update the code on BlueSteel with a new  version of what used to be there, because of the re-roll, a minor  crasher, and SVC-6368. LeTigre will be rolled to a new project; something smaller, with a higher probability of success. The plan is thus:

  • 2010-10-06 08:00: Update BlueSteel with a new version of the same project (release notes coming)
  • 2010-10-06 09:00: Roll LeTigre to a new project (release notes coming)

Bring your questions & comments to the forums.

Deploys for Week 2010-09-27

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎09-27-2010 09:02 PM

The BlueSteel Release Candidate (RC) channel has surived the week, so  we'll be deploying it to the Release channel on Agni tomorrow. Since we  only have one other project in the pipeline right now, we will run it  on both BlueSteel and LeTigre starting Wednesday. The release notes for  that deploy will be available tomorrow, but the big thing is moving to a  new memory allocator, TCMalloc. Here's the plan:

  • 2010-09-28 06:00am: Roll the Release channel on Agni (80% grid roll - release notes)
  • 2010-09-29 08:00am: Roll the BlueSteel and LeTigre RC channels (20% grid roll - release notes pending)

Please bring any questions or comments to the forums.

Deploys for Week 2010-09-20

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎09-20-2010 09:09 PM

Our first Release Candidate (RC) on the BlueSteel channel passed; it  has survived for 6 days without any bugs, so it will be deployed to the  Release channel tomorrow. The Release channel is the "main" channel that  95% of you are on right now. The day after tomorrow we'll then update  BlueSteel to the next Release Candidate.

I mentioned that we will  have up to 3 RC channels running at once (BlueSteel, LeTigre, and  Magnum). These first two projects are our transition projects, and so  they need to be done sequentially. After this next one leaves BlueSteel  we will then be able to start running parallel RCs. Expect to see  LeTigre start to get built out this week and Magnum the week following.

The schedule & info is:

  • 2010-09-21, 6:00am: Deploy 10.9.10 to all of Agni (release notes)
  • 2010-09-22, 8:00am: Roll our next RC project to BlueSteel (release notes coming)

Please take questions & comments to the forums.

First Release Candidate Deploy!

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎09-13-2010 08:11 PM

Remember when I said we were looking to start quickly? Well, the first RC channel is going to be updated tomorrow! Here's the plan:

  • 2010-09-13 7:00a SLT: Roll update to Release Candidate "BlueSteel"

The details of what's going into this RC are here, but it's mostly just server crash fixes that, in the old days, would have gone out as 1.42.1. I'd like to keep the first iteration of this process simple!

Moving forward we will have up to 3 Release Candidate channels (where "channel" just means a group of regions) on Agni: BlueSteel, Magnum, and LeTigre.  Those links will be updated with current information about what's running on them. For the first few releases we'll only be using BlueSteel, but by next month or so all 3 will be up and running.

Some preemptive Q&A:

  • How do I know if I'm in an RC channel?
    • Go to the "Help" -> "About Second Life" menu. Information about your region & simulator host are listed, including channel and version (example). If you see something like: "Second Life RC BlueSteel" then you're in it!
  • Where can I go to try out a Release Candidate if I'm not already in one?
    • We have setup 4 sandboxes for each Release Candidate so that everyone can try out the features in them. Go to the RC-specific wiki pages (linked above) for the SLURL. As mentioned in the wiki, you will need to join the Beta group to visit these regions.
  • Can I volunteer my region to be in an RC channel?
    • Sure! Use this wiki page. To make the shuffling of thousands of regions into RC channels easier, I am only using mainland regions right now. In time, I will pull from that page and include those that wanted to be in the old style pilots.

Also, I'm going to try leaving comments open here instead of duplicating this info on the forums. If this is worse for anyone, please let me know.

New Deploy Process

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎09-08-2010 02:53 PM

Hi Everyone!

It's  not very often that the Release team gets to talk about a daring new  project of our own, but today we do!  Everybody knows there are a ton of  things in Second Life that we'd like to see, or see fixed.  New  features and bug fixes not only should get deployed faster, they need to, in order to ensure that Second Life is the best virtual world  available.  Our new server release process will help us do just that:  release new features and fix bugs faster than ever before.

We've  gone through a few different deploy methods.  Some might remember  shutting down the entire grid every Wednesday to do upgrades--talk about  disruptive.  More recently,  we batched up bug fixes and features over the space of a month, shipped  them to QA, and then deployed everything together.  This plan had some  advantages, but the batching of features caused major headaches.   Specifically, a problem with a single feature in the batch could delay  everything, or cause us to roll it all back even if the other code was  working perfectly.

Our new release  plan lets us deliver code more quickly and in smaller batches.  It puts  an emphasis on QA right at the development level, where it’s likely to  be more effective than bulk testing after the developers have moved on  to other things.  Additionally we get to pilot a few features  simultaneously and only deploy the ones that are most ready, avoiding  rollbacks.  Here is how the new plan works:

  1. Development teams create a feature or bug fix.
    These  teams now have their own dedicated QA people to help get the feature /  bug fix to a production level of quality.  This happens before the code  leaves their hands, and depending on the nature of the change, it might  involve a Beta run, similar to Display Names.
  2. The code is put on a Release Candidate channel on Agni.
    We  will have a set of “Release Candidate” (RC) channels, split amongst  Agni mainland regions, where we pilot different projects simultaneously. If a bug is discovered in an RC channel it will either get fixed and  re-rolled, or replaced with another project, depending on the situation.
  3. Pick a Release Candidate for production and do rolling restart.
    Every  Monday we will look at the RC channels.  The most important project  that has gone 6+ days without needing a bug fix or update will be chosen  to be rolled to the remainder of the grid.  That rolling restart will  happen weekly, on Tuesday mornings.

This  process will help us get new features and bugs out on a near-weekly  basis, which, in turn, will get the things everyone has been waiting to  see on to the grid faster.

The  plan is already in the works, and will be starting in the next couple  weeks.  As always, deploy updates will be posted to the Status Blog, and specific information about what's in each RC and what's going to production will be explained in the Release Forum.

To discuss this new process, join me in the forums.

Server 1.42 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎08-16-2010 02:05 PM

Hi guys!

Server 1.42 is on it's way.  With it come many bug  fixes and some code aimed at making region crossings/TPs less of a  burden to the sim.  All the details are in the release notes. The schedule for the deploy has been on the Status Blog for some time, and is:

  • 2010-08-18, 7:00am: 20% grid pilot
  • 2010-08-25, 7:00am: Full grid roll

As is our custom, if your region is down for more than 30 minutes on one of these days, please comment or IM me with the region name and I will take a look.

Please take any questions & commments to the discussion page.

Pilot regions:  https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions
Note that 20% of simulators means that we will pick regions that opt-in via that wiki page, and other random regions to get 20% of the grid.

Server 1.40.4 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎07-14-2010 05:08 PM

We're back with another installment of 1.40.4.  We have fixes for the  inventory and performance issues that caused the rollback of 1.40.2.   After learning a nice lesson from last roll, we will be having a full  length (and then some) pilot to ensure that this one sticks .

Here's the schedule:

  • 2010-07-20, Tuesday, 7a: 20% pilot roll
  • 2010-07-28, Wednesday, 7a: Rolling Restart for the rest of  the grid

As always, if your region is down more than 30 minutes on the day of a  roll, post here and I will look into it.

Please direct all discsusion to the aptly named Discussion Page.

Pilot regions:  https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions
Note that 20% of simulators means that we will pick regions that   opt-in via that wiki page, and other random regions to  get 20% of the grid.

Server 1.40.2 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎06-28-2010 01:30 PM

Server 1.40.2 is the new and improved 1.40, containing bug fixes that prompted the rollback of 1.40.0 two weeks ago; see the Release Notes for more detail.  We will have a condensed pilot period of 2 days which should be plenty of time to see if there are any remaining issues.  Here's the schedule:

  • 2010-06-29, 7a: Pilot to 20% of simulators
  • 2010-07-01, 7a: Full deploy to remaining simulators

As is standard, regions should be down no longer than 30 minutes.  I've got my eye on region downtime throughout the roll, but if you are having problems accessing your region around either deploy time, feel free to post on the forums and we'll take a look.

Please bring any questions to the discussion page.

Details on pilot rolls: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions.
Note that 20% of simulators means that we will pick regions that opt-in on that wiki page, and other random regions up to 20% of the grid.

Server 1.40 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎06-15-2010 10:55 PM

2010-06-17 11:09: 1.40 will be rolled back on all sims due to a number of  bugs found during the pilot.  This is temporary until we can  fix these issues.

Server 1.40 will be piloting this week and deploying in full next week; apologies for the late notice.  The big ticket item in this release is the new version of the Havok physics engine (version 7).  This has been a very complex piece of software to plug into our system, and has spent much time baking in QA.  Still, if you are part of the pilot and notice any physics bugs, please file a Jira to let us know.

The schedule for the roll is going to be:

  • 2010-06-16 7a: 20% sim pilot roll
  • 2010-06-23 7a: 100% remaining sim roll

More information on Server 1.40 can be found in the Beta  Release Notes.

Regions should be down no more than 30 minutes; if your region doesn't come back up in that time, leave the region name in the forums and I will investigate.

For more  information, comments, and updates,  visit the Discussion Page.

Details on pilot rolls: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions

Server 1.38.6 Deploy (emergency)

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎05-21-2010 05:02 PM

We have an important internal tool update that needs to be pushed out to all the simulators.  The schedule for the rolling restart is as follows:

  • 2010-05-25, 7a - 12p: Pilot sims (20%)
  • 2010-05-26, 7a - 12p: Remaining sims (80%)

Regions should be down no more than 30  minutes.  If yours is down longer than that, please leave a comment with the region name and we'll look into it.

For more   information, comments, and updates, visit the Discussion Page.

  Details on pilot  rolls: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions

Hello everyone,

Today, the Second Life Viewer 1.23.5 Release Candidate was deprecated.  It is important to note that this deprecation impacts only the Release Candidate version of Viewer 1.23.5, and that we will continue to support the official Viewer 1.23.5 Release.  If you are still running the 1.23.5 release Candidate, you will see the 'Viewer  Update Required' splash on your login screen.  If you click 'Login' before the login screen fully loads, then you will be prompted to complete the required update during the login process.  Both of these paths will take you to the official Viewer 1.23.5 release.

During the development of Second Life Viewer 2, you may have noticed that we made a small change to the way early releases were handled.  Instead of calling the Viewer 2 early releases "Release Candidates," as was done with the 1.xx Viewers, we began using the term "Beta" to more accurately  represent these early releases.  If you were among those who installed  and tested one or more Viewer 2 Betas, then you might have noticed that we did not  release a Viewer 2 Release Candidate; Viewer 2 stayed in the Beta channel all the way up to the final release.  Now, in keeping with the Viewer Support policy stated in T's March 9th, 2009 blog post, we're now supporting the last two official Viewer releases (2.0.1 and 1.23.5) and the most recent Viewer 2.0.1 Beta.  Also in line with Linden Lab's stated policy, we will be deprecating Viewer 1.22.11 on June 1.

We are always grateful for your help testing upcoming releases, whether they be Release Candidates or Betas.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to working with you on Viewer 2.1!

Kindest Regards,

Dessie  Linden

Note:  If you experience any difficulty downloading the official Viewer 1.23.5 release, you may get it via the following links:

          Windows installer     |     Mac installer     |     Linux installer

Server 1.38.4 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎05-03-2010 05:00 PM

The schedule for the rolling  restart is thus:

  • 2010-05-05, 7a - 12p: Pilot sims (20%)
  • 2010-05-06, 7a - 12p: Remaining    sims (80%)

Regions should be down no more than 30   minutes.  If yours is down longer than that, please leave a comment    with the region name and we'll look into it.

For more  information,  comments, and updates, visit the Discussion   Page.

  Details on pilot  rolls: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions

Server 1.38.1 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎04-12-2010 02:57 PM

The schedule for the rolling restart is thus:

  • 2010-04-14,  7a - 12p: Pilot sims (20%)
  • 2010-04-21, 7a - 12p: Remaining   sims (80%)

Regions should be down no more than 30  minutes.  If yours is down longer than that, please leave a comment   with the region name and we'll look into it.

For more information,  comments, and updates, visit the Discussion  Page.

  Details on pilot rolls: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions

Server 1.38.0 Deploy

by Honored Resident Lil Linden on ‎03-29-2010 02:31 PM

Update: The full sim roll will be rescheled due to a bug found in the pilot.  See the discussion page for more details.

The schedule for the rolling restart is thus:

  • 2010-03-30, 7a - 12p: Pilot sims (20%)
  • TBD: Remaining  sims (80%)

Regions should be down no more than 30 minutes.  If yours is down longer than that, please leave a comment  with the region name and we'll look into it.

For more information, comments, and updates, visit the Discussion Page.

  Details on pilot rolls: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Agni_Pilot_Regions