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Discuss: Twitter OAuth Comes to Second Life

by Linden on ‎03-02-2010 05:53 PM

Please join us in discussing Gisele's post about bringing Twitter OAuth into Second Life.

"While working  on new scripting features, we built a library that allows scripts in  Second Life to talk to Twitter on  our internal prototype platform. We recognized that this could be really  useful to the Second Life community.  And so with the help of residents  Cale Flanagan, Latif Khalifa and Strife Onizuka, we converted it to run  on the current LSL scripting platform."

Read the original post here.

by Honored Resident Babbage Linden
on ‎03-12-2010 08:28 AM

Hi Caerus, the open source LSL code is here:

by Honored Resident Babbage Linden
on ‎03-12-2010 09:10 AM

Hi Gwyn, we have talked about LSL scripts on the blog before, for example the Game of Life, Ray Tracing and Fractal Generation scripts we showed off while launching Mono, some of which were also authored with residents. We just haven't done it in a while.

We wanted to make this available and widely known about as it's useful to residents who don't script, but just want to use Twitter to promote their events, land or products. Yes, you could do this before, but not safely.

I'm glad that we could implement this in script rather than an LSL call: it shows that our scripting platform is powerful enough to allow useful scripted additions. A library HMAC or OAuth call would have a much longer lead time, would require Linden work to fix bugs and increase the surface area of the scripting API, potentially adding security vulnerabilities. The scripted version can be released on XStreet and on the wiki and pulled apart and re-purposed by scripters who can progress much faster than Linden engineers.

I think the idea of a resident showcase blog for scripts is a great idea. The Twitter OAuth library is no more or less than a useful script library for Second Life, there are plenty of others that other residents and scripters would find useful.

by Member LillyBeth Filth
on ‎03-22-2010 02:29 AM

I do.

Facebook Twitter My Space are ALL primitive (Pun intended) 2D versions of SL.

When ppl have a dig at me about SL and how "lame" it is ( non Sl users that is ) I will remind them that they spend hours of their lives in Facebook playing crappy 2D games or worse still "text based" games like Mafia Wars because they are competing against someone on their friends list.. you get email notices saying "Bob has reached the high score in Word Jumble... see if you can beat him!" and of course you go to facebook and spend 2 hours trying to beat Bobs high score because your scores are on full display to everyone else on your friends list and ego is a powerful motivational emotion.

Then add to the fact that already people are paying real money to buy lame 2D graphics like teddies or flowers and birthday cakes to send to their friends on FB..

Finally, the rage is "Cartoon Yourself" were facebook members want to create an avatar to represent themselves.. and theres another avatar type add on were you pay real money to buy clothes and accessories for your 2D non animated avatar....

So given all of the above.. that screams TARGET MARKET to SL... these people are the future residents of SL they just dont know it yet.

Its an obvious move for LL and anyone who is a merchant should also see it as a good thing.. of course with any influx of new members comes not only new customers but new merchants too.