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why my screen keep blinking

The screen keep blinking and got worse if i use my mouse to click

what can i do to solve the problem

it is very unhealthy for eyes

and it is very annoying

cuz i can barely type properly in world becaue of the blink

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When you ask a tech question include information about your computer. Our answers are different depending on which computer and video card. If the viewer will at least show the login screen, get the info from the viewer's Help-About... and paste that into your post with your question. To add your info to an existing question use OPTIONS->EDIT. It’s in the upper right of your post.

Make sure your video driver is up to date.

Before logging in open Preferences and set your Graphics Settings to LOW. Then login. If that doesn't fix it, come back here. If it does, start turning your graphics settings up until you run into the problem then back off.

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At a guess it's because your graphics card can't cope with SL and is being overloaded/overheated.  It is probably about to destroy itself in an expensive manner.  If your computer is a laptop it may well take a lot of other critical systems with it.

Switch it off.  Give it an hour or so to cool down.

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Make sure that your video cable has a tight connection and no loose wires. Does it blink when you are not in Second Life?