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what is the best computer to run sl with

I bought an alienware and it will not run sl, now from what dell has tried i cannot even turn it on..............what is the best computer to run with sl


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People always ask this queston.  And, sadly, they ask the question after they've already purchased a computer. (not all the time but enough that I wonder why they didn't ask before.....you know, do a little research before you jump into something).  I've heard of Alienware computers for years.  They used to be top notch gamers rigs.  The Dell decided that they could market a computer using "Alienware" as a hook.  They put together a mediocre to to good gaming computer and call it top of the line and charge you appropriately.  It's the fact that everyone wants the "best" gaming rig.......but the fact is not many people know what the "best" gaming rig is and Alienware was, for a long time, considered "top of line" for off the shelf gaming computers.  That is not how it all shakes out now though.  I've read the specs on Alienware gaming rigs........they ain't that impressive anymore.  Sure they give you 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM..........the slowest clocked DDRS RAM (they don't mention that).  Sure they give you a big expensive quad core CPU (not at all necessary for a gaming rig...........a dual core is just fine since no game uses more than a single core anyway).  Sure they give you a big name video card.........two or three revisions old (like they might offer an nVidia GTX 290 calling it the latest nVidia has to offer...........yeah about a year and a half ago).  They'll brag about the 800 watt power supply......but fail to tell you that that rating is peak, not sustained (most any power supply on the market rated above 400 watts will endure 800 watts peak for short periods of time).  They'll give you a big 23 inch monitor.......by some manufacturer that is a subsidary of Acer.  The charge you as if what they are offering you is really top of the line.  The hardware is good......but it's not "top of the line" and is often older hardware that the manufacturers are dumping to make room for the real "top of the line" ("top of the line" is a fleeting thing...sometimes only weeks of live expectancy).


You can drop up to $3000 USD on an Alienware computer (more if you opt for a laptop).  You're getting a good computer.  But you can get an equal computer from HP (or, believe it or not, Sonly)  for half that price.  You're paying a whole lot for that "Alienware" brand.  With a little research you can get a very good computer for quite a bit less......one that is truly "top of the line".  You won't normally find that in your local computer store or even on your favorite computer online store.  You'll find it at places that customize a computer for you.  Provide you will upgrade options.  But you have to know what you are buying...........and that requires research.  You need to know what a motherboard is and how it works for your desires out of a computer.  You need to know what I CPU is and how it fits.  You need to know what motherboards match with the CPU's want (that's why off the shelf computers are so seldom a good deal if you are looking at a gaming rig......you can't run an AMD CPU on an Intel motherboard).  You need to know what RAM is, how it's classed, and how the speed is important (you can get 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM that is slower than 4 gigs of DDR 2 RAM......Dell doesn't tell you that).  You need to know that that latest nVidia GTX 480 video card is not any better than a GTX 280 card in the rendering performance (and rendering is critical to good gaming)...........the 480 is two series newer and at the exact same performance level as the 280.  The 280 is substainally cheaper.  What I'm saying is that Dell is ripping you off with the Alienware computer.


You can get a computer with more performance than the Alienware if you have a custom built computer.........about 2/3 the cost.  You can even do better if you build it yourself........about half (or less).  It takes a little research is all.


And for your question.  Simply saying you have an Alienware machine and expecting anyone to be able to help you with any problem you might be having in SL is saying nothing at all.  Your Alienware machine may not be capable of running SL at all for all we know.  You need to provide real specs..........and saying it's an Alienware is not saying a thing that will help anyone help you. 


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The K Computer, built by Fujitsu, currently combines 68544 SPARC64 VIIIfx CPUs, each with eight cores, for a total of 548,352 cores—almost twice as many as any other system in the TOP500. The K Computer is also more powerful than the next five systems on the list combined.

The K Computer’s name draws upon the Japanese word "Kei" for 10^16 (ten quadrillions), representing the system's performance goal of 10 petaflops. RIKEN is the Institute for Physical and Chemical Research. Unlike the Chinese system it displaced from the No. 1 slot and other recent very large system, the K Computer does not use graphics processors or other accelerators. The K Computer is also one of the most energy-efficient systems on the list.]

If you're buying one do you think you could get one for me too?  Honestly, there is no 'best' computer for SL as such.  Get something with >4GB Ram, an nVidia GTX 560 or better and, to be honest, just about any current desktop CPUs


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Hello Jewel. My feeling is that would be better to ask about before you purchase it, but it's ok. Do you get an error message when you try to run the application? If yes, you can edit your post (Options --> Edit). About your question now an easy answer is a system which meets the recommended system requirements, However, we have several examples here with very expensive systems which can't run SL. My suggestion is to try everything in real before to buy. Only this way you can be sure.

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