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how do u turn off just music and not the sound. plz help

some one plz help me, i need to turn off music so i can hear my avatar, but i just want the music off, not the sound plz help.

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In your preferences on your "Sound and media" tab make sure the "Streaming music" and "Medea" are unchecked.  You might also make sure "Allow media to auto-play" is disabled too (but I believe it will be with the streaming and media disabled. anyway).

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Hello tymas and welcome to SL Forums. The easiest way (asssuming that you use the official Viewer 3) is to click the stop button on the top right corner of your monitor. This way you stop the stream but no the sounds. When you want music again you click again the same button. That's all.

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pfft, everyone missed the obvious!

Just click the little music note icon to turn off the parcel audio stream.  All other sounds, such as ambient wind, sound effects, and UI notices remain unaffected.

You can also click the Mute button next to the Music slider to turn off that channel.  Hover your cursor over the speaker icon to expand the channel list.

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1.  Clicl Ctrl + P tpo get to your preferences
2.  Click on the"Sound & Media" tab.
3.  Uncheck to enable streaming media or slide your slider to the left.

I hope this helps!


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Look at the extreme upper right corner of your screen, where the sound controls are.  Click to open the Sound Control panel and then adjust the Music slider all the way to the left.

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