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everytime I sign in the whole screen looks pink in color does anyone know how to reset this

My screen is pink in color is there a reset button to fix this , I have deleted secondlife off my computer and reinstalled it that didn`t work.seems the walls my hair ect is pink please help.

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Two solutions:

1. Go to Preferences >> Graphics and turn of Basic Shaders.  That will disable some other graphics features that you have been enjoying, but will get rid of the pink.

2. Go back to the NVidia site and download Beta driver 304.48 .

If you're curious, here's the problem .....

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This has been asked over and over again, next time before hitting post click on the dozen links your subject line gives you to have your answer.


Some people who have ATI graphics cards are having this problem with the most recent V3 upgrade.  See .   For a quick but temporary solution, go to Preferences >> Graphics and disable Basic Shaders.  For a more permanent solution update the 12.1 Catalyst driver from  or run the AMD driver autodetect tool to update:

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When typing PINK in your question, you should have noticed tons of similar topics.

Time to update your graphics drivers:

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