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Second life keeps shutting down my computer after about 5 minutes or so. How can I fix this?

Hi, I log into SL and after a few minutes my computer just shuts down. This just started yesterday. I have 2 cooling fans in my tower and nothing seems to be overheating. This only happens when I try to play SL. Any ideas?

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Your Graphics Card & Viewer are having a tough time playing together. Please edit this post and include the details of your PC, Graphics Card and which viewers you are using. The community will be able to advise you more readily afterwards.

FYI - Do know that no one is sabotaging your viewer to force you to change to a another version. Also - are you getting the Blue Screen of Death type of shutdown or just a PC restart?

You need to make sure that your PC & OS has all their most current updates & patches in place. Also make sure you are using the latest drivers for your video card. The common card links are below [Thanks go to to my daughter for this information]:








Also, make sure if you have a "on the mother board" graphics chip set, that you have the latest hardware and chip set updates from your PC Manufacturer's Support Web Site.



















Hope this helps...


Looking at your comment you have a GeForce 6150SE- nForce 430 GC which is a pretty weak Graphics Card these days. The requirements for SecondLife have been slowly increasing over the years and this card is a 2007 design. Try running SL on the Low Graphics mode for a while then step up the mode till you get to the level that fails. Once you find this level, back it down to the level that works. SL has undergone a lot of changes since 2007 and the more advanced visual features demand more from your GCs. Early implementations of Shaders and GL were not always the most reliable.

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The only way to tell whether something is overheating is to measure it.  It's not good enough to just say that nothing seems to be overheating.  What you are describing is a classic symptom of a computer that is trying to avoid self-destruction.  Go on the Internet and Google "computer temperature software."  There are some good, inexpensive programs -- and some free ones -- that will monitor temperature and will adjust your fan speeds to try and keep the machine cool.  Before you even get the software, though, open the case of the computer now and use a can of air to blow out all the dust bunnies and cat hair.  I do that regularly once every month or two.  It's amazing how much gets in there.  Overheating is serious business, and SL puts a heavy load on your system.  If you don't do something about this now, you will fry your graphics card or worse.

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This is almost certainly not a software issue, but rather a hardware issue.  Some things to check:

  • Make sure nothing is covering or close to anything that looks like a vent or holes in your computer's case.
  • Turn off and open your computer and ensure all fans turn freely.  Use canned air to blast away any dirt, especially in heat sinks and fans.
  • Before closing the computer, turn it on and make sure all fans turn under their own power, especially ones attached to heat sinks.  If any fans aren't turning, you should replace them.

Computers typically will shut down if they overheat, which is most likely why you're seeing this happen when putting the computer under high load.

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If you are using Phoenix Viewer, this is their way of trying to get us all to use Firestorm.  It is causing MAJOR problems to my computer as well, and I am unable to close the programme down and it causes my computer to crash as well.  This has been going on for months now and only with the latest version of Phoenix Viewer - they have done this so we all get sick of it and change to their favourite FIRESTORM - THANKS SECOND LIFE FOR CAUSING SO MANY PROBLEMS FOR EVERYONE - NOT!!!!!!!!!!

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ok well after testing and what I figured out that by tunning my OC down secondlife no longer crashes.  is that your issue?  I don't know, but if your comp is overclocked, tune it down and see if that helps.


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Ok well I've had the same issue.  My whole computer would shut down after being in game for roughtly 20 min.  It also happened when playing Guild Wars 2.  So don't fret it's not a SL thing nor is it any of the viewers. 

I did extensive testing, and I can assure you it's not heat.  My comp runs between 47 and 52C. 

I then thought maybe it was dirty.  cleaned the whole thing out top to bottom inside and out.  Still didn't fix it.

Ran bios, registry cleaner, defraged, disk clean, and updated every single driver.....still no luck.


The answer........the power supply.  I'm running a 750w PSU and it's being drained from the increased graphics demand due to improvements in graphics.  It could be my graphics card, however the specs on the card require only 600W and it runs any other game with no issues, even GW2 now that they fixed some issues.  I also have no problems watching movies or doing every day tasks. 

Get a new power supply, I recommend anything above 800W.  I'm getting a 1020W next paycheck.  It is a cheaper option then upgrading your graphics card and I'll be happy to repost how it worked out around the 25th of this month.

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This was happening to me whenever I used a high graphics program like Second Life or World of Warcraft - wow was it frustrating. After about a year of trying everything, I read a comment on a forum that made me start thinking it might be the power supply. I looked up the specs for my graphics card to see what size power supply was needed and realized mine was way undersized! I think mine was 300 W and the spec said much more than this. So I put in a 750W supply and added a portable computer fan (because the tests I ran showed the card was also overheating) to blow on the card and now my computer hardly ever shuts down (it only happens now if the fan falls over). I suppose since I added both the fan and the power supply at the same time, I can't really be sure which one helped more. But I won't buy another computer without looking at the power supply size and making sure it is big enough for the card.