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Profile photo won't change.

I recently changed my main profile photo and it seems to have changed IN my profile, but it won't change in the sidebar or as the chat icon.

Is anyone else having this issue?  This was edited days ago so I've relogged a few times since then and even tried to change it to the new photo AGAIN and made sure I saved it.  Yet... everyone is still seeing the old one.... tho I see it if I open my actual profile webpage.

Needin some help!  Thanks Smiley Happy

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OK folks I figured it out. Apparently even though SL says you can use .jpg, .png, or .gif files they lied. I reformated my profile pic to a .png file and it uploaded in all the areas where it would appear. Even in the chat. So just change the format to .png and you should be all set.

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For what it's worth, I have had a version of that problem since I joined SL in 2007. I have to change a profile pic two or three times before the new one finally sticks. It's done that with every viewer I've used, so I figure it's just one of those fun, undocumented "features" of SL. (I know nothing about sidebar or chat icon pics, since I'm not using V2, but my guess is that those would do the same thing for me.)

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Someone else did say the same thing yesterday on http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/I-added-a-new-picture-to-my-profile-but-it-wont-show-up... but hasn`t come back to say if it is fixed yet.

If you 2 have found a new bug, I would suggest creating a JIRA for it....There should be a link to Bug Reporting in the Help menu inworld.