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I have a New Laptop the HP Dv7-6135Dx

I have a New Laptop and after calling LL support they say it is not compatable with Second life but when I look at the Specs I am withen Range of the specs.

Here is the page with My laptop Specs


Please help Me!

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Your graphics card may be too weak to run the latest versions of the official viewer:

"The AMD Radeon HD 6490M (sometimes also still called ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6490) is a laptop graphics card for entry level to middle class notebooks. It is based on the Seymore-XT chip and therefore features the UVD 3 video decoder. Compared to the slower HD 6470M, the 6490M offers optional fast GDDR5 graphics memory. The GDDR5 versions are clocked with 700 ord 750MHz, the DDR3 version features a higher 800MHz core clock, but should be slower due to the slower graphics memory."


You may try to run an older viewer or a third party viewer such as Phoenix:



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Exactly what kind of help do you expect?  If LL support says that the computer is not compatible with SL, they ought to know.  The written specs are not up to date with the demands of the current V3 viewer.  There are also factors that cannot be addressed easily in those specs, such as the problem that many laptops have in running SL from a chipset rather than a discrete graphics card.  SL's support staff is aware of these limitations.

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