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How good is AMD Radeon HD 7310 for SL? I'm looking forward to run at least high graphics

Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a new computer. And I was wondering if  AMD Radeon HD 7310 is good enough to play Second Life with high graphics at least, with decent FPS. I have a  AMD Radeon HD 3400 at the moment, I can play SL with high graphics but i have to turn them down in most places. So my point is, is AMD Radeon HD 7310 good enough to decently play SL?


Thank you!

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This is an integrated card with limited specification and performance. I doubt it would run any decent games at high graphics settings let alone Second Life. When choosing an AMD card, the first number relates to the series and the next two its position within the series. the lower the number, the more basic entry level the card is so 7310 is quite close to the bottom.

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It does very well if you have at least 4 gig of memory..  I do not see a lag though i did tweak some of the settings down from high to medium.  

Though The default settings work just fine.... I have no issue running it even when there are more than 6 people around me and objects moving.   Though if you really want the eye candy then make sure to go into your bios and set the memory for the video to 512mb (by default it will auto-set) it at 256mb.