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How do I switch to advanced mode? I am using Firestorm?

Hi! The SL Viewer was not working so I had to download Firestorm. I cannot switch modes in the loggin screen and Control Alt D does not work. How do I switch to Advanced mode? Thank you!



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Firestorm has no basic mode and comes in advanced mode by default.

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I didn't think Firestorm had a basic mode - I thought it only had the Advanced mode. But I don't really know Firestorm, so I may be wrong. When you log in, can you open your inventory? Can you store landmarks? If so, you are in advanced mode.

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Firestorm is automatically in advanced mode and doesn't have a basic mode if you have other issues the inworld Phoenix/firestorm viewer group is the perfect for getting help with firestorm

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If you want to open the advanced menu at the top then here is some info which is in the preferences options


Preferences - Advanced

  • Font Scaling (UI size slider): Adjust the slider to choose the UI size. NOTE that too high may mean you cannot see all of your UI. This may also “break” some UI elements.
  • Allow Multiple Viewer: Allows you to run multiple instances of Firestorm(may reduce stability and performance).
  • Allow login to other grids: Allows you to use Firestorm on other grids (Not all grids will support Firestorm).
  • Show Advanced Menu: Adds the Advanced menu to the top (menu) bar. (Use at own risk!) May also be achieved with Ctrl-Alt-D.
  • Show Developer Menu: Adds the Develop menu to the top (menu) bar. (Use at own risk!) May also be achieved with Ctrl-Alt-Q.
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There is no advanced button on the login screen.

When you are inworld, go to "me" > preferences > advanced > enable advanced menu > enable developer menu.

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In firestorm go to world, then show more, then advanced, it will enable the advanced menu button on your toolbar.