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How do I remove the Info: spam that is rolling up on my screen?

My cat decided to nap on my keyboard when I was away,  when I came back there is this spam rolling up the screen all starting with   Info:     It tells me fps's, unused channles, everything but I have no idea how to turn it off, please help!

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LOL....  Don't you love cats?

Your cat turned on one of the diagnostic consoles.  If you open your Advanced (CTRL+Alt+D) or Develop (CTRL+Alt + Q) menu, you'll see a selection right at the top. (I can't tell you whether it's on Advanced or Develop, because different viewers put them in different places.)  You'll have to open the submenu and see which one of the diagnostic displays has a check mark next to it.  UNcheck it and the display will go away.

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Your cat turned on the debug console.

If the Advanced menu is not showing press Ctrl-alt-shift-D. Go to, Advanced > Show Develop Menu. Then Develop > Consoles >Debug Console

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(Cats will just sleep anywhere )

"ctrl" "shift" "4" will remove this from your window - it's one of the console windows.

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