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How do I activate a group tag?

I'm very confused. I've joined shop groups to use lucky chairs/boards and to get updates on their items, but when I return  to the store it says I must activate a group tag.  I've tried to rejoin the group but it won't allow me to do that.

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Right click yourself, choose My Goups. In the new window, righ click the group and choosse Active.

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Irene has given you the right answer, but here is a little additional information.

You may belong to up to 42 groups.  At any one time, you can have any one, or none, of these groups "active".  Active means that the group is shown in boldfface type in your groups list, and that the group tag is shown in the name balloon over your head.  Many activities, such as getting a group gift at a store or rezzing objects on group-owned land, require you to have a particular group active.

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