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Anyone having problems with AT&T DSL DNS server Issues with Second Life? (Windows 7)

I had a strange problem with AT&T last week.  I installed SL after reinstalling my main computer and when i would use it, suddenly the DNS server would die, killing internet for all the computers on the whole network..  (3 total).  Once i managed to track down ithe issue i changed the DNS server to a public DNS to fix the issue, but its the first time this is ever happened to me -.-

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You may recall that last week there were widespread DNS problems that blocked some residents from logging in for most of a day.  AT&T's servers could be your problem, of course, but it's just as likely that you were one of the thousands who were caught by whatever that larger bug was.  In any case, the easiest solution is do do exactly what you have done... add Google's public DNS servers to the list in your machine, along with any other servers that you can find.   Your computer will simply scroll down the list until it finds one that works.

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Yes and I manually switched to Google's Public DNS servers ages ago. &

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