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Viewer halts...

The problem, viewer (LLV3) freezes for ten to twenty seconds and my hard drive goes wild.  After the ten to twenty seconds I “come back to life” and everything is fine.  It would not be so bad if I would be standing in the same spot as when it started, but, if I am walking I have now run over everyone in my path, or, I have walked off the top of a building, or,  walked into an area that has one of those things that ejects you.  When I come “back to life” there is no telling where I will be.
Is there some setting that will stop this from happening?  I use Imprudence most of the time and am only playing with V3 for now, and I never have this problem with Imprudence.

I am running an AMD Dual-Core CPU running at 3 GHz and an nVidia GTX 550 Ti w/1G memory.
My connection is Cable and fast enough to keep 4 gamers going at one time, and this happens even when I am the only one in the house online.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Viewer halts...

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Is it possible your hard drive is having issues? Maybe defrag it some.

But here is a Tutorial on Letting your graphics card do the heavy lifting you may find helpful or loook into the posibility your hard drive is having a hard time

Try to set this up maybe

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Re: Viewer halts...

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Teagan Tobias wrote:

...My connection is Cable and fast enough to keep 4 gamers...

No idea what that means but 'rubber banding' and general freezes are almost always (99%+) due to connection issues or weak graphics card.  Assuming you have updated the 550 drivers it almost certainly not that; which leaves the internet connection ...

Cable [to your house] yes?  But how do you connect to the modem?  If you're using a wireless connection that's the most likely suspect but as you've covered everything else pretty sensibly I suspect this will be a harder one to track down.

What are your ping and packet loss on the statistics bar?

Occam's Razor (House version): the simplest explanation is invariably ... someone screwed up.
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Re: Viewer halts...

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@ Dilbert
Thanks for the link but it did not help, in fact went the other way.

@ Peter
Wired connection to Linksys router, router to house cable modem.
Have tested speed many times and have always been pleased.  Don't remember the speed exactly at the moment, just remember it was excellent.
In skybox at 4000m, Ping Sim around 100-120, Packet Loss 0.000%
Went to a busy sim and ping went to 500-1000 with loss still 0.0%
Right after a TP back to skybox, ping back to 100-200 but loss at 6 % for several seconds and then back to 0.0%
Standing still in skybox, ping 100-150, loss 0%, FPS 12.
Imprudence in same skybox FPS over 100.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Viewer halts...

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Dilbert's information is really old. As you found some of those settings actually slow you down now.

To wring the bugs out of your connection run through these tests: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection. read through it and see if there is anything you don't already know. Also, test speed and ping to and actual SL server. You can open Viewer Help-About and get a server URL or IP address.

You will find that a lagging region will distort your ping numbers and possibly spike your lost packets, which I suspect were not so much lost as never sent.

Rubber banding is almost always a connection or lagging server issue.

You can get a couple of free programs to watch what is going on. CPU-Z and GPU-Z will show you what is happening. I use System Explorer, another free program, to watch what each CPU is doing and to watch the SL program's memory consumption.

If you have a memory leak problem, you may be seeing your system thrashing the hard drive as it pages memory in and out. System Explorer will show that in Performance as Page Faults. 

Something is not right. I use the Dev Viewer and I'm not seeing the rubber banding you are seeing. 

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Re: Viewer halts...

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I know what rubber banding is and what I am seeing is not that.  Everything stops for 10 to 20 seconds and when it starts again it does not toss me back, I am where I ended up when I could not see what was happening.  I run people over, I walk off the end of things, no telling where I will end up.
And as for memory leaks, I thought that was a program problem, not a system problem(?).
But thanks for the info, some things to look at.