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Second LIfe Viewer 2

I really miss the way the older viewer was set up.  It made things so much easier to edit your profile, build, change appearance, Now it's too confusing, it's muddled and I for one just don't like the new viewer... Bring back the pie menu for when clicking on the avatar, and make it easier to edit the profile, along with everything else from the old viewer.

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Re: Second LIfe Viewer 2

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/me does miss the pie oh so ver much... yes, you had multiple levels and sometimes menus were inconsistent (ok I didn't like that), but the clickable area was nice and big, and positional, so it was quick to fly through once you learned it.....

not so with the new list menus that are tiny and require high precision to get the item you want,

even though the new ons are slightly smaller, they're solid and block out the scene.... which breaks immersion... the old pie was big but mostly transparent and because you went through it so fast transient, where the new ones require more focus and precision and time....

just one of many examples of how we've gone from being actors in our own play, to being audience in the new viewer paradigm.

- Farewell to your ports and good luck to you all
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Re: Second LIfe Viewer 2

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Use a TPV, problem solved. 'Course, you'll get other problems but that's the beauty of choice. You can pick the crap you want to deal with.