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CoolVL Viewer

Hello all, i've got a recommendation from one my friend to use CoolVL Viewer as alternative for Phoenix. Web page of viewer offers nice features and, as firend said me, working mesh support.

At this point i'm a bit confused... I'd really like to use non-V2 based viewer with mesh support, but, i've not found this viewer in 3rd-party viewers list and i'm a bit afraid to use that.

As i can see, it's set ups over installed Snowglobe Viewer...

My questions is:

Does it safe to use this viewer? Someone already used it?

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Re: CoolVL Viewer

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I'm using it and it works very well.

Henri Beauchamp, the developer of Cool VL, is a longtime SL resident who has contributed many patches to the official LL viewers over the years and also works with other third-party viewer developers on bug fixes and features. His Cool viewers have been around for a long time and I've never had any issues with them.

There's another thread here where people discuss Cool VL as well.

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Re: CoolVL Viewer

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There's generally a risk with using third party viewers. However, Henri seems to be about as honest and honorable as it gets with TPV makers.

Why Cool VL Viewer is not on the TPV directory has been explained by Henri himself: Bottom line is that the TPV agreement contains a few paragraphs that hold TPV vendors liable for things they have little or no control over, so Henri refused to sign it. The viewer is still TPV policy compliant, and as such legitimate to use on the grid.

Btw, kudos for Henri for successfully backporting mesh.

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Re: CoolVL Viewer

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I have used it quite a bit, and found it to be very fast and stable for the most part. I haven't had a chance to try his new mesh branch, but I intend to when I've the time.

Henri is very security and privacy minded, and has pointedly refused to add in some features supported by other TPV's (I don't always agree with his reasoning, I respect his principles) and has a long track record of putting out some excellent code for the viewer.

that same security mindedness has also kept him out of the TPV directory, and the full reasoning can be found linked from his site... I actually agree with a large part of it myself.

I've trusted it enough to run on accounts with access to to large amounts of cash, and never been burned.... If that's not a shining recommendation I don't know what is.


I have NOT to date reviewed his code myself, but have relied on the reviews of people who have, and whom I trust. take that as you will.

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Re: CoolVL Viewer

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Cool VL complies with the TPV policy.

"Whether or not a viewer developer chooses to self-certify by applying for listing in the directory, all viewers connecting to Second Life must comply with the Policy on Third-Party Viewers; listing in the directory is not a requirement."


The Cool VL Viewer is TPV policy compliant. Please see its TPV TOS.

Currently this is probably the best way to see mesh if you want the classic V1 UI. See it in action



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