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What do you think? How does this one stand up to SL?

I am considering this computer and I was hoping for opinions on how it may hold up to SL?  Thanks in advance!  






General Information
Release Date (mm-dd-yyyy) 10-26-2012
Series ProBook
Model Number ProBook 4540s
Color - Lid Brushed Aluminum
Color - Base Silver
Color - Keyboard Black
Platform Notebook PC
Operating System
Operating System
Startup Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
CPU Brand Intel
CPU Core Quad-Core
CPU Type Core i7
CPU Speed 3612QM (2.1GHz)
Turbo Boost Speed Up to 3.1GHz
Smart Cache 6MB
FSB 5 GT/s
CPU Main Features
Total Memory 8GB
Memory Speed DDR3-1333
Form Factor 204-pin SO-DIMM
Memory Configuration
Memory Slots (Total) 2
Hard Drive
HD Capacity 750GB
HD Interface SATA
HD RPM 7,200 RPM
HD Configuration
Multimedia Drives
Optical Drive SuperMulti DVDRW
Optical Drive Specifications SuperMulti Double Layer DVDRW Drive
Screen Size 15.6"
Display Type Full HD Anti-glare LED-backlit LCD
Resolution 1366x768
Widescreen Yes
Webcam Yes
Webcam Features
Video Memory 1GB
LAN Gigabit LAN
LAN Data Transfer Rate 10/100/1000Mbps
WLAN Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
Wireless Technology

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Re: What do you think? How does this one stand up to SL?

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you wont get the best performance from SL with it.. 99% of all laptops don't have the graphics or computing power to run SL. That one either has an integrated HD 300 or HD 4000 card.. neither has any punch. personally i would get a refurbished Desktop that can be upgraded. If your laptop overheats you can't do much with it, and they do overheat from SL. Desktops rarely overheat.

I have never understood why people think Laptops and notebooks are acceptable to use for gaming. I realize SL isn't a game but it has the same graphics usage as one.

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Re: What do you think? How does this one stand up to SL?

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No mention of any dedicated or otherwise GPU. Smiley Surprised That means Drake is right and your machine obviously only has some lousy Intel onboard graphics. Smiley Mad

Hands off that crap! If in any way possible get a decent desktop machine, it's soooo  so so much better for much less money. And don't buy any brand but configure your own machine from a mailorder site.

If you really must have lappy gor for something different: MSI GE or GT, Asus G series or order from a small specialist shop like Sager or whatever the equivalent is in your country. Wouldn't really recommend anything else.

If you have too much money and desperately want something made in USA you can also go for Alienware (Dell) crap. Very shiny and battleship styled and almost as nice as the MSI and Asus lappies. They are too expensive for what you get but should be able to handle SL within the laptop limitations.

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Re: What do you think? How does this one stand up to SL?

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Actually, Drake, SL is a real resource-hog and demands better graphics than most "games".  Some mediocre cards will cope with quite demanding games adequately but struggle with SL due to the unoptimized nature of most content.

I have lost count of the number of times I've heard folk belly-ache that their computer can "fly" in games and yet SL reduces them to a crawl!

To the OP:

The simplest answer is that if it doesn't have dedicated non-mobile graphics (and frankly better be nVidia still), it is really not much use for SL be it a desktop or a Lappy.  Notebooks? Don't make me laugh!Smiley LOL


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Re: What do you think? How does this one stand up to SL?

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Actually, Ayesha, laptops and notebooks are generally considered to be the same. At least in many non-english speaking countries the term notebook has kinda replaced laptop. And there are some laptops very well-suited to run SL. Of course within limits and with quite a steep pricetag applied to them. Many gamers these days are tired of lugging their mega rigs to lan parties and instead making use of a fancy gaming lappy.

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Re: What do you think? How does this one stand up to SL?

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To offer a different perspective, I think you can run SL fairly passably with many laptops. I'll say right off you will not get the same level of performance with it that you would a desktop, but you can run it ok. I recently purchased a HP laptop--17.3 inch, Pentium i3, 4 GB ram and it runs SL on mid level quality at a pretty good frame rate. It was running it at the higher mid quality until the "latest improved" updates, but even with that the quality is good. BTW--I also use wireless!

Again, you're not going to get ultra performance, but this laptop (Got it at BestBuy for $450 on sale) runs it pretty well. I think a big part of that is it uses Intel 3000 integrated graphics. While this isn't comparable with a high end video card, it is a fairly nice upgrade performance wise over the 2000 and 2500 series. I beleive they have a Intel 4000 series out now, have yet to see it but would imagine its even better.

I wouldnt go with a Mac personally. I think SL runs better on PC machines.

My best advice, get one and try it out, if it sucks return it. I think its not bad and a very convienient option for me when I'm on SL and my desktop is not available.