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attachments are pink! help

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Hello, my friends attachments, like clothing and "furry" legs, are pink on login. What can they do and what caused this? They havent been in SL for a few months and had a hard time logging into Phoenix Viewer. They updated and tried logging in, got in, and attachments are stuck as pink. They tried rebaking, clearing cache, relogging. Also, they see other peoples attachments as pink.


more info: thier computers graphics card drivers aren't available anymore, they cant find them. have an older computer.

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Re: attachments are pink! help

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Is this problem solved already? I suspect that Phoenix support could answer it quickly... or were it posted on the Viewer forum here, somebody would recognize it. To me, it sounds suspiciously like "highlight transparent" (Control-Alt-T) were stuck on, since many attachments contain alpha textures, but that setting should be cleared between logins, so that doesn't fit.  On the other hand, viewers use that weird pink color to highlight other things (as it does with World / Show / Beacons). If that's the problem, completely removing (or moving) the account-specific settings files from the friend's PC should fix it.

Maybe a screenshot?