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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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Peggy Paperdoll wrote:

I own my router (and my modem too).  My router is a Linksys and I just got it about a month has both a network name (it doesn't say "Linksys" like the ones I've had in the past did) and a passcode for wireless connections.  It's defaulted to secure instead of wide open like the older routers.  And yes that is a good thing.....configuring routers used to be a real pain in the butt (but I suffered through that pain to lock the routers down every time).  The nice thing about this router is that I have a setup up disk that is copied to a flash drive so I can easily add another computer......and change the name and passcode at will.

I always changed the "admin" password when I replaced my router or had to reset it to factory defaults.  I hated doing that so I'm happy now that I don't have to do it (well, I still have to change passcodes but it's easy now Smiley Happy ).

I hated setting up Linksys routers!  They used to be the most stubborn, un-intuitive, cantankerous pains in the butt for me to set up.  What would take me an hour to do with a Linksys I could accomplish in 10 minutes with a Belkin.   It's nice to know they have simplified things.

But back to the subject at hand, Torley used to have a video on this subject that I can no longer find.  It appears to have been replaced with another video.  In that original video he had the statistics bar up as he played with his Bandwidth settings.  He did state that it was a very unscientific video and that he himself did not really understand the subject.  But it was interesting to note that in that video when he maxed his bandwidth settings out there was a drop in his Frames Per Second.  And Torley has a pretty dang nice computer. 

As far as general advice to people, always opt for the best connection you can get. 

On a final note, I think sometimes people get confused as to what is meant by  a wireless connection.  I'm not even sure the exact correct terms to use sometimes.  Connecting over wireless to your modem is different than connecting to your ISP with a wireless modem. I do know someone who uses wireless internet to connect to SL, but it sure is laggy.

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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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Use your max bandwidth to the Maximum ( 10000 kbps)  by default  .

If you use other programs connected to internet , set a lower value  to share your connection between second life and the other program .

That s all .


Everything else is wrong 


Test 1 : i have an internet connect with 800 kbp /seconds  ( it s my router who tells it , and it s a bit lower when i test with speedtes ) 

i set the max badnwidth to 100 kbps :

i verify with the statistic tools control+shift+1 my bandwidth displayed inside second life

Results :

the connection is capped  , the textures takes awfully long time to display

the FPS are high , but who cares ? everything is either grey (textures ), either invisibles (alpha , meshes, scupts)  !!! What is the goal to have a high display who doesn t display anything ?

Test 2 : 

i set max bandwidth to 10000 kbps

i verify with the statistic tools control+shift+1 my bandwidth displayed inside second life

Results :

You think it will be 800 kbps ( the absolute max of my  internet connection ) but it s wrong .

The bandwidth displayed in the statistics window goes around 1700 kbps !

I guess that these bandwidth inside second life is a bandwidth of uncompressed datas . But the datas  between SL and my viewer may be   sometimes compressed .

My FPS fall of course . But only while it loads  . And who cares ?  It s temporary , and after some seconds my FPS go back to the normal value .  It s normal that more your viewer  has to load from the nework  in a short time , more your viewer  needs to work and process these datas  and takes some time . But it s its job . Don t busy your CPU with your viewer if  your viewer is lazy 


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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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Peggy Paperdoll wrote:

It's not patently false.  Most home routers ...

Yes, now that you changed the wording from "All" to "Most" I can agree. Smiley Happy  There are still plenty of consumer routers that do *not* have wireless. (I should know, that's the only kind I buy!)

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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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There is lots of different information floating around SL about what the Max Bandwidth should be. Few understand what it actually does. Even fewer are aware there is a gotcha in the viewer code just now.

See: Understanding the Maximum Bandwidth Option in the Second Life™ Viewer to understand what the setting affects.

In general the safe settings range is 500 to 1,500kbps. There is a UDP gotcha that can fail when you set Max B over 1,900. The Phoenix/Firestorom team has an article on that problem in their wiki and an SL JIRA item.

Another factor in the equation is the SL server. You and the server need to stay close to the same communication rates. The further apart those rates get the more likely one or the other will time out and fail the connection. So, the 500 to 1,500 range is a good setting to stay close to lightly and heavily loaded servers.

There is only one way to find your best Max B... experiement. There is no one setting that works best for all systems and certainly not for all locations. Also, don't expect to set it and forget it. The net is changing over from IPv4 to IPv6. That changeover started in earnest this year. See: Happy World IPv6 Day. This means it is VERY likely some piece of hardware between you and SL will change everyday.

Whenever you suddenly see things rezzing slow, figure something in the network or the SL server has changed. Try another region. If it is slow too, consider changing your Max B. Consider reseting your model, router, and computer. Above all remember that everything may change in the next hour or 24 hours. So, if you do NOTHING it may fix itself and start rezzing normally.


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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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I'm running at a max bandwidth setting of 5000 for over a year now. My connection speed is 20000. Absolutely no issues.

I noticed that the servers deliver around 1500 with rare peaks above. I checked my fps with different settings too, but there is no influence on fps. (for me) I can set bandwidth to 10000 it makes no difference. At 1000 no noticeable difference although textures should load slower. But I cant check it with a stopwatch. Smiley Happy

So I assume if you have enough bandwidth this setting is meaningless, as long as it's set high enough.

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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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On your wrt54g router.... Not an *official* position but my personal recommendation is to use something better.
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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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I'll vouche for that.  I had a wrt54G router.  I believe it was the router I had when I first joined SL (that is over 6 1/2 years ago.....just to show how old the router is and it was not new when I joined).  It worked fine for me back then with my old ATI 9250 video card with 256 onboard VRAM........I lagged a bit.  Smiley Happy  I upped my graphics to some nVidia card (I really don't remember exacty what the card was..........something like a 6600GT I believe).  My graphics improved but I still lagged if more than about 8 or 10 avatars were in my area.  Then I upgraded to another Linksys router and suddenly I was not lagging much at all (some wireless N model that I can't for the life of me remember).  Routers do make a difference......and that is my point of this post.

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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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I don't have lag my FPS and everything else is usually very fast. It's just it takes a long time to rez things a lot. Also, since my mom updated the firmware or something recently, I haven't been getting kicked off in a few days now. This is a good sign.

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Re: What Should My Max Bandwidth Be?

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My speedtest results say I have a download speed of 1.85 mbps, so I set my bandwidth to 800

i still have loads of packet loss, no matter what I do. I switched from wireless/wifi to a wired lan, i cleared out my cache and everything, switched off modem and router, waited a bit for it to cool down and restarted. Still having trouble, and I keep getting logged out. 


My broadband speed varies through the day, and there is nothing i can do about it right now. any help?


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