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Best or even workable Gigabit/Wireless N router

I have yet to find this question answered so I apologize.  I've see all the posts on how to config but nothing about right router to get.  It seems I have Linksys routers that have known problems.  So before I go trapsing off and get another dud would like some suggestions ideally a link to a post that says Thes work.  I tried posting it in an earlier thread but think it got lost somewhere.


Any help would be great!  BTW planning on going Gigabit hardwire for the main connections with Cat6.  Just need wireless for some other devices which will not effect overall performance.

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Re: Best or even workable Gigabit/Wireless N router

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A Linden who I won't name posted this link once. He made the point of saying LL doesn't endorse any particular router, etc, etc, so I will repeat that here:


Basically this charts the # of simultaneous connections various brands of routers can handle. The most problematic ones for SL simply can't handle many connections (and really don't deserve to be called routers).

So you can make some determination about how good a router is for SL by looking at this chart.


For my personal Recommendation, I recently bought a Netgear N300 Wireless Gigabit Router.  (WNR3500L)

It's great. 4 ports +  a built in wireless node.  According to the above chart, it can handle 2048 simultaneous connections, which isn't the biggest, but for the home user, is plenty.

I can run 2 clients, browse the web, have my secondary PC transfer files to my NAS, all simultaneously, with no complaints whatsoever.

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Re: Best or even workable Gigabit/Wireless N router

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I have no complaints about my linksys wrt120 although it doesn't rate very well on the benchmark site.

Despite not having any problems I have enough wireless devices showing up in my house that I am planning to upgrade pretty soon.  The only firm decision I have made so far is to get something that includes the .11ac standard so that I can stay relatively current. 

I'll be following this thread to see what folks say.

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Re: Best or even workable Gigabit/Wireless N router

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My ISP (AT&T UVerse) provides a box that includes a 2Wire WiFi router.  It is basically unusable for SL, if I connect with it, I get 10 - 30 % packet loss.  I've tried using several different 2Wire boxes at different locations, they were also problematic for SL.

 I ran an ethernet cable from the 2Wire box  to my linksys E 1000 router, and now I  can use WiFi with less than about 0.1% packet loss.  My previous linksys did fine with SL too.

So, based on my limited experience:  I will avoid 2Wire hardware, and if I need a new router, I will try a linksys first.