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How are ratings done ?

I have always wondered when you are doing a search for clubs like 80's how they get in the top spots ~ someone told me it was based on traffic, but makes me wonder then how a brand new club ~ one that no one has heard of ~ make it to the #4 spot?  And I hope it isnt because of traffic because there is absolutely no way over 3,000 people came to that club in an hour ~ anyone know?

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Re: How are ratings done ?

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It's all an incredible mystery to me, and the formula changed recently too as LL moved to a Google-based system, so all bets are off.  There is a lot of disussion going on about the issue at  You might want to take a look and join in as appropriate. You might also want to look at

BTW, this isn't really a scripting question, so it doesn't fit in this forum.  If you want to get broader discussion, I suggest posting it in the General Forum.

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Re: How are ratings done ?

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some of the things that have factored in before (some may not be as large a factor any more)




parcel age (changing names may be bad, changing owners was know to be bad at one time)

number of relevant named objects (may need to be set to show in search)

number of keyword matches

number of objects set for sale

sim type (homestead/void are not listed, mature/adult may be filtered)

there may be other factors I've missed

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