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Ghost prim bumper; BumpNTell

If you trip over a prim and you can't find out what it is this script might help.

Drop it into a prim, make the prim physical and move it around.

If the prim bumps against something it will send out particles towards the root prim of the object, it will tell the name, UUID and position of the object, it will tell the owner UUID and name of owner.

The script is a bit spammy and is kinda crude, but it works.

copywrite 'n stuff goes here..

string newname="";
key newkey="";
key oldkey="";
key owner="";
vector newpos=<0,0,0>;

particles (){


    collision(integer num_detected){ //boink has happened
        newname =llDetectedName(0);
        newkey= llDetectedKey(0);

           if (newkey != oldkey) {   //is it a new boink?

            particles();  // send out particles towards the boinked object
//object info
            llSay (0,"Name = " + newname+" | Key = "+ (string)newkey + " | Position = "+ (string)newpos);
// owner info
            llSay(0,"Ownerkey = "+(string)owner+ " | Ownername = "+ (string)llKey2Name(owner)+" secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string)owner + "/about");
            llSleep (0.01);
        llParticleSystem([]);  //kill particles

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